30 Halloween-Inspired Tattoos That Will Look Scary Good All Year Long

The ending of summer, for many, is a sorrowful time of the year. Pools are closing down, your favorite ice cream shop around the corner is wrapping things up for the season, kids are woefully returning back to school, and the energy in the air is just different. However, there are many of us that live for this time of year and the new season to come — the season officially dubbed as spooky season. Fall energy is everywhere right now, and spooky season lovers wouldn't have it any other way.

For those who have a true passion for all things Halloween, why should you only have a month or two out of the year for celebration? Halloween is a lifestyle for many people, per Halloween-Lifestyle, so finding a way to commemorate your favorite time of year is a great way to stay connected to spooky season all year long. In fact, a tattoo is a perfect way to do this, as tattoos are a beautiful and aesthetic way to express yourself to the world. Not only that, but each time you see your tattoo, you will be instantly reminded of a time that brings you the most joy and happiness compared to any other.

To help out, we've broken down a list of the perfect Halloween-inspired tattoos that are stunning enough to look good no matter if it's May or October, and we pulled pieces based on their uniqueness, originality, shading and line work, and color palettes. Whether you're into minimalist black and white tattoos or vibrant blasts of color, there's sure to be a piece in the mix calling your name.

Keep it cute

Who says spooky season can't be cute, too? This adorable ghost is a fun way to add a touch of innocence back into the season for all things scary, and it's definitely a piece that won't have people questioning what your favorite holiday is. In fact, tattoo artist @ktrantattoos on Instagram is known for her cute-as-can-be cartoon-inspired tattoos, and we just can't get enough.

Bold hues for the richness of an ominous moment

One of the most visual aspects of Halloween is the color palette. Tattoos with vibrant shades of purples, oranges, greens, yellows, and black are a sensational way to capture a spooky vibe. Looking like a haunted dream from one of your favorite old shows, @tattoos_by_austin on Instagram fantastically captures all the spooky energy you could ask for.

Broomstick ride

Extremities are perfect places for long tattoo pieces, so a broomstick on a leg or an arm is a really visually appealing choice. "Every witch needs her broom," tattoo artist @Maddyz_design shares on Instagram, and we totally agree! She fully nailed this concept, and her tiny line work is both breathtaking and impressive.

Elements of fall

Most people who love Halloween tend to love autumn just as much, so incorporating fall elements like autumn leaves makes for a lovely Halloween-slash-fall twist. Done by @squidinktattoo_ on Instagram, this pumpkin and leaf piece appears as if the artist reached outside and grabbed the most exquisite fall shades of orange and red and applied them to a tattoo.

Homage to ancient Egypt

Movies like "The Mummy" helped mummies to stamp their signature on all things scary, so it's only natural that mummy tattoos are both beautiful and terrifying. @Bexpriesttattoos on Instagram shows no mercy when asked to complete a compelling work of art, and this sphynx mummy piece is proof of just that.

Subtle movie hints

Any spooky movie buff will know the little details that make these terrifying films so special, just like this "deadly nightshade" tattoo, which was inspired by "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The work of @deviousnik on Instagram resembles the movie version to a T, so this is the perfect little hint to show off to other Tim Burton lovers.

Halloween vixens

Halloween's leading ladies are some of the most iconic and sexy characters in history: Elvira, Vampira, Morticia Addams, and Lily Munster all would make beautiful tattoo odes to these spooky queens. This Vampira tattoo created by @tattoosbyjaclyn on Instagram is some of the best work we've seen: smooth lines, deep and bold black tones, and riveting shadows make this piece wickedly delicious.

Bat collar bones

Collar bone tattoos can be subtle or dramatic, and these unique bats meet somewhere right in the middle. The heart-shaped body of the bat adds an extra fun balance to the design while reeling in extra points for creativity. @Catladytattooist on Instagram is the talented artist responsible for this piece, and we give her two thumbs up on the spookiness scale.

Intricate fine details

For those who love all things detailed, this Halloween masterpiece will have you scoping out tiny new and stunning details with every glance. Tattoo artist @angeloparente on Instagram has so far accumulated over twenty-thousand Instagram likes for this design, and, well, it's pretty obvious why! A true work of art such as this piece is built to stun all year long.

Toil and trouble

A cauldron is a classic symbol for any witchy vibe, and the added details of plants and bats in this piece bring a fresh and interesting artistic perspective to a traditional cauldron. Seattle-based tattoo artist @inkdbyjasmine on Instagram was asked to come up with an idea for a spooky cauldron, and this impressive piece was her result — we love it!

Turn your favorite cartoon into a Halloween masterpiece

Whether it's anime, Disney cartoons, or animated shows, taking your favorite and throwing in some Halloween elements will allow you to have your perfect season and your perfect cartoon characters all in one; what's not to love? @Theatattoos on Instagram really nailed the grainy look of '80s anime classic "Kiki's Delivery Service" here.

Feminine touches

Halloween has many ties with witches, who were historically mostly connected to women. "Witchy vibes" are usually alluringly feminine, and tattoos are no different. Canadian tattoo artist @scragpie on Instagram understood the assignment on this piece: she beautifully meshes together two worlds — one that's spooky and one that's enticing — to create a design that is witchy, fierce, and feminine.

Sexy spiderweb sternum

If you really want to bring out the sexiness of the season, try a sternum tattoo. This spiderweb is the ultimate combination of both sexy and spooky, and Canadian tattoo shop @legalpics executed everything about this perfectly (via Instagram). The placement, the lining, the design, and the small heart in the center are all touches that come together to bring us a truly captivating tattoo.

Spooky tricks and treats

Love other holidays, too? Halloween tattoos that play up the fun candy theme can switch up the classic Valentine's Day hearts in a more sinister way. Or, these may be what you wish the candy hearts on Valentine's Day looked like, but either way, this design is brilliant. @Cocosparkleink on Instagram does a wonderful job here of combining two beloved holidays.

Black cat magic

What is Halloween without black cats? Seen in everything from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" to "Hocus Pocus" to "Sailor Moon," black cats can be thought of as one of the most traditional symbols of Halloween, and they definitely deserve their respect as such. Completed by @starseed_ink on Instagram, this simple design is sophisticated but eerie; plus, the line details add a creative cartoon art perspective to the piece.

Ode to The Shining

Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation of "The Shining" by Stephen King forever imprinted the words "here's Johnny" into our Halloween-loving hearts. Over 40 years after its release, it still remains a spooky classic that re-airs during October every year. This tattoo offers movie hints that only those who have seen the movie would understand — a cool way to say you love "The Shining" with some mystery. We give this Italian tattoo artist, @fede_spd, major props on this one (via Instagram).

Black and white drawing

There's something about black and white — especially when it pertains to spooky things — that simply makes a piece of art timeless. Skulls, pumpkins, and fall leaves mingling together are a seamless combination for a gorgeous design. Plus, as a Salem, Massachusetts-based tattoo artist, you could say @mattwmurray on Instagram knows a thing or two about Halloween.

Minimalist haunted house

Minimalist designs can be just as complex and well-done as more intricate ones. This piece focuses on simple lines, shapes, and silhouettes, which casts a dark and ghostly essence. Tattoo artist @haleyy.mccann shares, "Spooky season is just around the corner, I'm so excited!" (via Instagram).

Needless to say, we're totally with her!

Creepy portraits

If you've ever visited a haunted house attraction, you likely noticed the old, weathered, gothic- designed ghost portraits as part of the decor. Victorian aspects can make any old portrait look twistedly elegant, but using an unearthly subject as the focus will take your tattoo to the next level. @Math.dark.art on Instagram knew exactly how to bring this piece to life — or should we say to death?

Neon colors

Not all Halloween-themed colors have to be dark and shadowy. @Theartsyalien reminds us on Instagram that neon colors can encapsulate a whole new meaning to spooky vibes — not to mention how entrancing these colors could look under black lights. This design is giving Lisa Frank vibes while taking on a bold step out of traditional Halloween.

Everything all in a small package

"Every day is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us," writes tattoo artist @tattoosbylinda on Instagram, and we agree. Small tattoos that pack a strong punch are a very cool way to go; adding multiple elements such as jack-o-lanterns, witches' hats, crescent moons, fog, and bats with deep shadows and grays is a splendidly chilling idea.

The best afterlife ever

A24 studios brought us the 2017 film "A Ghost Story," which took us on a melancholic perspective of a sheeted ghost's afterlife. This spook-tacular tattoo embraces the opposite notion; this ghost appears to be living his best afterlife. @Leahrose_tattoo on Instagram designed this guy camera-ready and prepared for his next Halloween adventure.

Pumpkin lava lamp

Presenting another piece by @leahrose_tattoo on Instagram, we can see the design elements here working to make something fabulous. And let's face it: this tattoo is just plain cool! While we wish there was such a thing as a lava lamp that swirls little pumpkins around in colorful liquid, it may currently only exist in art. But hey, it makes for a wicked tattoo.

Spooky tarot card

The way this tattoo by @nergent on Instagram shows off small aspects that all play off of each other is arguably the most beautiful thing about it. The moon quite literally comes alive by being half-on and half-off of the card, while spiderwebs, candy corns, and stars balance the rest of the piece.

Vintage horror comics

Movies are not the only media art form that embraces the beauty of Halloween. Comic books have long celebrated classic eerie characters such as Dracula and Frankenstein. This particular piece by @lotustattoostudio on Instagram pays a nod to comic book styles of the past with its own individual take, and we think you'll agree that the artistry here is top-notch.

Headless horsewoman

We've all heard of the headless horseman, but what about a headless horsewoman? One of the tattoo artists at @bluebirdtattoostudio of Hanover, Pennsylvania, created just that (via Instagram). We love the creepy fresh idea of the woman having a pumpkin for a head, and her Victorian-style clothing makes it all the spookier.

All-seeing crystal ball

Our list couldn't be complete without a magic crystal ball tattoo, and this spine-chilling graveyard scene depicted inside the ball is both original and aesthetic. The white lining details really show off that dead-of-night glow, while what can be interpreted as an iron vine base allows the crystal ball to rest gently and majestically in its clutches. Hats off to @katherinejarretattoo on Instagram for creating such a lovely design!

Floral accents

Adding flowers to anything spooky can create a needed balance for those who don't want to be too scary. This tattoo artist beautifully intertwines the magic of nature with the magic of the Halloween season. Tattoo artist @inky_kimi writes on her Instagram, "Loved using all these beautiful colours on Lucy's tattoo this morning!" And we couldn't agree more — this incredible color palette gives spooky season lovers something to swoon over.

Haunting realistic portrait

If you're not much into cartoon pieces, this design of a more realistic uncanny portrait may inspire you. The eyes seem to come alive off of the skin, and the black and white vs. color contrast gives a distinctive voice to the piece. On top of that, tattoo artist @evin.p.tattoos notes that this piece is only half healed in this photo — we can't even imagine how incredible it will look when fully healed (via Instagram).

Embellished planchette

Traditional planchette tattoos can be found high and low, but @oracletattooshop's design really adds a frightful enchantment that is just so pleasing to look at (via Instagram). The embellishments on the piece truly capture the magic and spirit of all things spooky season, and we love the black and gray combo that commands the attention of anyone scoping out this to-die-for design.