The Fall Hair Trend That Will Have You Twinning With Your PSL

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While the expensive brunette trend reigned supreme in winter 2021, this spring and summer were all about copper hair. The best thing about copper was that you could choose the right shade to flatter your skin tone. "Most skin tones are going to do well with copper because copper can swing in different directions," Amanda Moore, a colorist at Gem House Salon in New York City, tells Allure. That's the versatility of the red-brown color inspired by the metal itself. Supermodel Kendall Jenner and Blackpink's Jennie chose this beautiful hue to prove it.

Fall is a welcoming change from the sweltering heat of the summer, and we're so ready for the changing color of leaves, boots season, and Halloween movies. Some of us wait all summer long for fall for our favorite Starbucks drink, the cult classic pumpkin spice latte (PSL). In fact, fans of pumpkin spice also look forward to candles, hand soaps, and snacks. Now, you can extend your love to pumpkin spice hair because it's the hottest trend this autumn.

People are already obsessed with the warm, spicy color, with Meredith Connors, stylist and head of education at ColorDesign, telling Byrdie, "Undertones of copper, gold, and warm browns are available in all different levels of darkness or lightness, allowing pumpkin spice hair to appeal to everyone any time of year." Now, this warm shade of red is here to stay.

Pumpkin spice hair looks amazing on everyone

While most of us weren't born with red hair, we can find the perfect transitional color from one season to another with pumpkin spice hair. "This winter is all about burnt copper and brandished red tones," Mark DeBolt, co-owner and master colorist at New York's Mark Ryan Salon, tells Allure. DeBolt adds that this shade of red is deeper and earthier while still looking natural. It's not about going all orange; rather, this delicious color can be a combination of "bold tones that include ginger, cinnamon, and chestnut," according to Karissa Schaudt, a colorist at Chicago's Maxine Salon. She adds, "Each of these shades can be interpreted as pumpkin spice or blended together to make one very rich tone." Your hair will look as good as PSL tastes, and you can even get a manicure to match your hair.

Still, consider your skin tone before diving into the PSL hair trend. On this, Matrix Style Link celebrity colorist George Papanikolas tells Glamour, "Copper and orange tones are better for fair skin tones, while honey and ambers work best with darker skin tones." Ask your colorist for a customized shade that looks good on you. Instead of getting one color all over, try getting highlights or lowlights to perfectly blend the color into your base color to look more natural and radiant.

How to care for your PSL-inspired hair

Red hair can look gorgeous on everyone if you choose the right shade, but unfortunately, it can be hard to maintain, so it's important to give it extra TLC. In fact, celebrity colorist Marco Pelusi told our sister site The List, "Manufacturers recommend 48 hours, after a color service, to wait to shampoo — and I say, why not make it an even 72 hours? Prolong the shampoo, and prolong the life of the color." Switch over to cold water to wash your hair as warm water makes color fade faster, and you want to maintain the vibrancy of your hair for longer.

"Reds and coppers are the hardest color to permanently get out of your hair while ironically also being the hardest to keep vibrant," colorist and creative director of goodDYEyoung Brian O'Connor tells Glamour. To maintain the rich hues of the fall-inspired color, you'll need regular touch-ups so that the color stays rich and bright. You can also invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. For instance, we love the Celeb Luxury Colorwash Color Depositing Shampoo and Celeb Luxury Colorwash Color Depositing Conditioner with bond rebuilder in Fire Opal Copper. It deposits color and strengthens your hair bonds every time you wash and condition it. "Love this stuff!" a reviewer raved on Amazon. "Every time I wash my hair with this, I always get asked if I got my hair done again. I got the fire opal color for my red hair." And it has over 17,000 likes to prove it. Now, you can wear your PSL-inspired hair with confidence.