How To Incorporate Classic Mohair Into Your Wardrobe

If you're looking to add loose knits to your wardrobe this fall, look no further than classic mohair. One of the oldest fabric textiles in the world, mohair has been used for clothing for centuries (via ISUIT). In the 1990s, the mohair trend initially took off, reaching its peak popularity. With Y2K fashion back in full swing, it's no surprise that mohair is back in a big way, too. 

Mohair is a soft, silk-like textile made from the wool of Angora goats (via MasterClass). It is often referred to as the "diamond fiber" due to both how shiny and exclusive it is. The fiber is not only beautiful but also often quite expensive due to its luxury factors, including its softness, elasticity, and crease resistance (via SewPort). Over the years, we have seen the fabric used in a variety of ways to make some of our favorite wardrobe pieces, and now there is no better time to begin including these mohair pieces in your outfits.

The colorful cardigan

Mohair cardigans are a classic staple to add to your wardrobe. They can not only keep you warm but also add a new element to your outfit. You can easily about carrying around a jacket all day when you have your mohair cardigan. In the early 2000s, colorful mohair cardigans were all the rage. Today, we see the same trend worn by our favorite stars, including Rihanna and Korean popstar IU. What's more, you can casually wear them paired with a tank and slouchy joggers or wide-leg pants (via MasterClass).

A monochrome look

Monochrome mohair looks are a great way to incorporate classic mohair into your wardrobe. Whether you choose two mohair pieces or just one to create your monochrome outfit, you are sure to stun. Style muse Emma Chamberlain even posed in a two-piece mohair set in midsummer on Instagram, proving that mohair doesn't have to just be for winter. Mohair suits are also a great, more professional way to rock a monochrome look.

The statement top

If you have scrolled Pinterest or Instagram in the past year, you most likely have come across a mohair statement top. Often detailed with colorful patterns, cinches, and crops, these tops are straight out of a '90s magazine. Many times these tops are knitted by hand, but Saint Laurent, Marni, and Loewe recently hopped on the trend. Dua Lipa is one expert at styling mohair statement tops, as she was seen effortlessly rocking a pink mohair crop top back in 2019 (via the Daily Mail).

Oversized sweaters

The oversized sweater trend is here to stay. Try incorporating mohair into your wardrobe with an oversized mohair sweater. Oversized sweaters have been seen on our favorite street style stars styled with bike shorts, miniskirts, and, sometimes, no bottoms at all. These looks are great for transitioning into fall because of this versatility. Take a page from Ariana Grande's playbook this fall and throw on that mohair sweater that is 10 times too big (via Worn On TV).

Fuzzy hats

From bucket hats to beanies to bonnets, mohair hats are a trend we cannot seem to resist. If you're looking to hop on the mohair train, hats are an easy way to start. Mohair hats are both functional and fashionable, as they are lightweight and fluffy but still warm and windproof, according to professional knitter Mirella Moments. While brands like Dries Van Noten are currently selling some best-selling mohair headwear, it is also common to find handmade mohair pieces from small businesses. You can even make mohair hats yourself!