The 3 Zodiac Signs You Can Always Count On To Be Responsible

Are you the type of person people can count on –– or would your friends call you a flake? According to the experts, the cosmos have a major influence over why we find some people more trustworthy and responsible than others. But, of course, being considered responsible goes beyond the small stuff, like showing up on time, keeping your promises, and following through on your word. As executive leadership coach Dina Smith explained to Harvard Business Review, people who others deem responsible have a few shared qualities among them: the ability to examine one's assumptions, a commitment to fairness, and the willingness to accept accountability for their actions.


And according to astrologers, there's a cosmic reason for why some signs find it easier than others to be responsible. "Astrology is reflective of ourselves in context to the world around us," astrologer Samylda Charles tells Refinery29. "It can show through its symbolism where we fit, why we fit, and what we can do to fully embrace that." It's no secret that some people are more responsible than others, but have you ever wondered how astrology influences the way each zodiac sign expresses itself? We've consulted the stars and the experts for the answers. Keep scrolling to see who stands out among their peers as the most responsible zodiac signs.


It should come as no surprise that Capricorn tops the list of most responsible zodiac signs. And while you should always be careful to indulge in astrological stereotypes, this is one that tends to ring relatively true across the board. As the experts at L'OFFICIEL explain it, earth signs, by and large, tend to be the most responsible of the zodiac elements. However, there's something special about Capricorn that makes them stand out among the rest as someone who can get the job done. Responsibility isn't just about follow-through; it's about owning up to your mistakes as well. And despite what you might have heard through the rumor–mill, Capricorn is actually very good at admitting when they've missed the mark. "More than just being a great planner ... [Capricorn] is willing to take serious accountability for their actions whenever the moment calls for it," astrologer Stefanie Iris Weiss tells Well+Good.


And if you're curious about the astrological energy that makes Capricorn so responsible, look no further than its planetary ruler, Saturn. In astrology, Saturn represents the areas of life where we feel restricted and where we may feel delays or roadblocks. And as astrologer Brittany Beringer–Tobing explains it, Saturn's planet's slow-moving pace emphasizes the importance of focus and hard work, placing an emphasis on persistence and patience (via POPSUGAR). This means that of all the signs in the zodiac, Capricorn has the best understanding of how the universe works to reward people for taking their time to do things the right way.


Don't believe everything you hear about Scorpio's selfishness –– although they might seem intimidating, they actually have a secret nurturing side. Though it's not as overt as their fellow water signs in expressing their emotional side, they are steadfastly loyal and always keep their word. Astrologer Linda Goodman explains this best in her book, "Sun Signs" where she advises anyone questioning Scorpio's ability to follow through on their promises to "... Listen to some of the grateful people who have been on the receiving end of [Scorpios] wise counsel and generosity" to see the true nature of this sign. So, while they might act aloof and uninterested on the surface, if a Scorpio is committed to someone or something, they stick with it.


Although many might not think of Scorpio as responsible in a traditional sense, Scorpio is the master of taking power back from people or situations that seek to harm or destroy. And with this hidden power, Scorpios tend to take it upon themselves to keep everyone (themselves included) accountable. "[Scorpio] can create within themselves a source of power which enables them to overcome all obstacles. When the best side of their nature is developed, they are resourceful, kind-hearted, and courteous," astrologer Theodor Laurence writes in "The Foundation Book of Astrology." For these reasons, people tend to look up to Scorpio as an unconventional role model who leads others by example.


This one might surprise you, but it really shouldn't. Although many see Leo as the sign that tends to steal the spotlight, there's more than meets the eye with this vivacious fire sign. For starters, Leo is a fixed sign –– so they're just as stubborn and determined to get their way as any Taurus or Aquarius might be. As astrologers Derek and Julia Parker write in their book "Life Signs: An Astrological Guide For The Way We Live," Leo's organizational skills are nearly unmatched, and they have a tendency to become fully invested in any project they touch. "They have the capacity to work extremely hard, and when they are in charge of others, they will expect an equally high standard of effort." It never occurs to Leo that they won't be the leader; it just comes that naturally to them.


Leos understand they have a reputation to live up to, and they're not looking to disappoint. And while their pride might make you think the opposite, this fire sign is actually very aware of what others think of them. As the team at Sanctuary Astrology writes in their book "What's Your Sign? A Guide to Astrology for the Cosmically Curious," Leo does their best work when they feel others are watching them, and they love to champion and cheer on their co-workers and peers to do their best. Loyalty runs deep with them, and you can always count on Leo to keep their word when they make a promise.