The Fall Dress Trends That Will Take Over Your Autumnal Wardrobe

The fall season is quickly approaching, so it's time to think about how to style your outfits. This is the time of year when you may start feeling the transition into chilly weather. This may make it feel like it's tricky to dress for the season, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, there are so many options when it comes to the kind of outfits you can create for the change. You can even get creative with some garments that may feel limited to other times of the year. Many people may feel that dresses are limited to summertime only, but they are certainly versatile garments for any season. Dresses offer up a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and layering opportunities.

As new trends continue to emerge, you'll find yourself with many options of dresses made in different materials and styles to fit just about each one. Even outside of what's trending, you're sure to find a dress you can wear to fit your own personal style. When it comes to layering with tops underneath, cardigans on top, different colors, and looking good with shoes of your choice, it makes it the perfect garment to style this fall (via BuzzFeed).

Warm knits

Knits are nothing new for the colder weather, but this is what makes them a timeless classic. Today, you'll find knit dresses in short, midi, and maxi lengths, often in form-fitting wear. They offer comfort, warmth, and versatility for a night out for a fancy dinner or even a chill night in with your friends. Because of its variability, there are so many options for daytime and nighttime looks as the weather goes through its warm-to-cold transitions (via Refinery29).


To bare or not to bare is the question when it comes to deciding whether or not to sport a cutout dress. If you like more risqué fashion, this is the style for you. You may be thinking that cutouts are more suitable for summer because of their, well, cutouts — but that is what makes it so perfect for the fall. It offers the perfect opportunity to blend a summer feel with a fall look. For example, you can find a long sleeve dress with some cutouts integrated into it to get both the design and the warmth. Additionally, a dress with a cutout side seam and a polo top underneath, layered with a long coat or a blazer, would also be a perfect combination (via The Wall Street Journal).

Patchwork patterns

Tap into the retro-inspired trend with something a little more unique such as the patchwork dress. You can find this cute style in a variety of colors, tones, and moods. Use bright colors to fulfill your maximalist dreams, or opt for something moody and more neutral to fit into the autumnal mode. There is truly something for everyone. This style displays a clash of colors and patterns that still work perfectly well together, similar to that of a cozy quilt. There's nothing better than a cozy feel in the fall (via Today).

Cottage prairie

Calling all cottagecore girlies! This is your time to shine. Cottagecore dresses, also known as prairie dresses, have quickly risen in popularity. So much so that they are also becoming a staple in many people's closets. Its puffy sleeves, midi length, and variety of prints or colors can give you that perfect effortless fall look. It's a beautiful dress to wear as you embrace everything about fall: connecting with nature, baking delicious pastries, and welcoming all the cozy vibes (via The Everygirl).


You can't go wrong with a sweater dress as it starts to get colder. This style of dress keeps things simple. It is stylish, comfortable, and casual — and of course, it is also warm. The great thing about the sweater dress is its convenience. It's perfect for the days when you may not have enough time for full outfit glam, but you still want to look good and be comfortable. Additionally, you can find them in a variety of materials. Go for something softer like cashmere, a simple fleece dress, or wool knit styles (via PRiME Women).