How To Style Summer's Most Unexpected Pant Trend Into Fall

Time to put the leather and corduroy to the side because a new fall pant trend is taking over. Crochet pants are the latest trend to hit our social media feeds for the fall season, and there's no doubt they will be everywhere.


Even though crochet used to be attached to bohemian fashion only, it has rebranded to become a wearable print no matter your style. The rise of crochet has partially been due to the rise of retro styles of previous eras. However, it is also due to its connotation to home, warmth, and familiarity. As Joseph Altuzarra tells Harper's Bazaar, "I think everyone is looking for pieces that they relate to on an emotional level, things that feel like more than just product. I personally respond to pieces that feel like they are one-of-a-kind, unique finds, pieces that are made by hand." The uniqueness and specialness that come with crochet have made it more than just another texture to fill our wardrobe.


Although crochet pants made their splash in the summer, there's no reason why you can't wear them in the fall season as well. With a few changes, crochet pants will be your favorite fall-season item. Not only are they a comfortable alternative to jeans or leather, but they are chic crochet prints that will make any outfit chic.

Crochet pants, crochet tops

While it can be intimidating to wear crochet as one of the main pieces of your outfit, there's no better way to wear it than from head to toe. Crochet sets have already made waves in the stores, and with the fall season fast approaching, you can expect to see them with long sleeves and wide legs.


The easiest way to style your crochet pants is with a matching crochet top. Like @tanjascrochet shows, a green sweater vest crochet top is the perfect combination for green crochet pants. This fall-approved look is the best way to show off the crochet knit detailing and all of its uniqueness.

On the other hand, if you aren't keen on a full-scale matching ensemble, there are various ways you can break it apart. For example, @lbcdl shows how just styling your crochet pants with a draping crochet cardigan is a great way to show off the needlework of your pants. This look also lets you be more flexible with your shirt.

While there are different variations for crochet sets, you want to ensure that the outfit will help keep you warm and comfortable throughout the fall season.


Pair it with a casual top

While a full crochet outfit is a fun way to show off your needlework, it's not for everyone. If you want to balance out your look for a more casual everyday sensibility, style your crochet pants with a casual blouse or top.


Following @perrinejusy's look, style neutral-colored crochet pants with a red ribbed halter top to add some contrast to your outfit. This matchup helps add casual flare to your look without taking away from the crochet detail. Pairing a simple top with your pants is also the best way that you can deal with changing climates during the fall season.

@flissnoakes also shares how a simple evening blouse can be the perfect pair for your crochet pants. Pairing your crochet pants with a casual blouse can add a touch of sophistication to your look and upgrade your pants. Adding in a blouse is one way that you can also take your crochet pants from a daytime casual item into the night.

Whether you go for a blouse or top, pairing your crochet pants with any of these casual items is the best way you can feel comfortable and chic.


Layer up with a blazer

When it comes to the fall season, there's no denying that outerwear is key to any look. One of the most popular outerwear pieces to have on hand for the fall is a good blazer. While traditionally, blazers have been linked to workwear attire, they serve as the perfect piece for any look. When styling them along with your crochet pants, you can turn a typical bohemian piece into a chic and detailed item.


There are many ways you can add a blazer to your crochet outfit. For example, Maria Tilve styled her brown khaki blazer with crispy white crochet pants and a bandeau-style white top. Adding that touch of difference, even as a neutral, adds a feel of sophistication to your look.

Another way to style a blazer with crochet pants was shown on Kylie Jenner back in 2021. The entrepreneur went with monochrome cream crochet pants and a cream blazer. Jenner's look is the best way to showcase your crochet pants as a chic, professional ensemble.

While these are two very distinct ways to use a blazer, there's no doubt that a blazer is the perfect fall addition to go along with your crochet pants.

Grab a graphic t-shirt

The best part of crochet pants is their level of comfort and ease. Another item that's also comfortable is a good graphic t-shirt. While these tees aren't always deemed the chicest of pieces, they can be when paired with the right bottoms. Pairing one with your crochet pants can be a great, relaxed street-style look.


Chloé Trobois and Julia Havens show us how a good graphic t-shirt and crochet pants can make the perfect outfit for errands. Both content creators decided to pair their crochet pants with vibrant graphic t-shirts that help contrast the crochet needlework. When using a graphic tee, you can simply pick out your favorite one. An additional way of styling your t-shirt is by coordinating the color of your shirt with your crochet pants for a semi-monochromatic look.

While this pairing might be the most casual way to style your crochet pants, it's the chicest way to do it when you are in a hurry.

Style it with a white button-up

Sometimes the best option is the simplest and most classic. The white button-up top is one of the most versatile basic pieces you can have in your wardrobe. Its simplicity and minimalism fit into any style and outfit. When pairing it with crochet pants, you can create any desired look.


Lauren Valli shows how a white button-up paired with different colored crochet pants can make this casual piece into a chic item. White button-ups can help add sophistication to crochet pants, which are more relaxed and casual. Following Valli's lead, opt for a neutral combination to ensure both pieces are complimenting each other.

On the other hand, @myblueberrynightsblog decided to go for a monochrome look that will naturally complement each other very well. The all-white button-up and crochet pants look is the perfect summer look to take into the fall season. Besides the crisp white color that will stand out on a gloomy fall day, the all-white look is the easiest way to create a look that looks much more expensive than it is. The beauty behind a monochrome white look is the fact that you can pair it well with any accessory and create a subtly statement look.