Which Zodiac Signs Are Least Compatible With Virgo?

Nobody is choosier in life and love than those born under the sign of Virgo. Devoted and determined, there's little that can stand in the way of this earth sign once they've set their mind to something. However, don't believe all the rumors you hear about Virgo, especially the ones about them being prudish and difficult to please. While they might seem fussy to the outside observer, there's no sign more loving and loyal than Virgo. "[Virgos] are not walking, talking computers. They have hearts warmer than people suspect, and emotions that can thunder with feeling, even if they don't care to rent a billboard to advertise it," astrologer Linda Goodman explains in her book "Sun Signs." Goodman goes on to explain that Virgo sees the beauty in truth, and with that comes the full, unapologetic expression of who each person is–flaws and all.

And in her subsequent sophomore novel "Love Signs" –– Goodman expands on her idea of what love looks like expressed from a Virgo point-of-view. She explains that to Virgos, the act of loving another person means to completely surrender control, adding that for Virgo, true love is a "mystery they prefer not to solve" if they can help it. However, surrendering control doesn't mean compromising boundaries; and there are some things that even a patient and understanding Virgo can't tolerate.

Curious to know which signs don't make the cut? Keep scrolling to read which signs Virgo is least compatible with, according to astrologers.

Virgo and Libra relationship compatibility

Some signs clash due to differences in personality, while others feel like tragic star–crossed lovers. This is the case with Virgo and Libra. There's no denying the attraction between these two, as they both have a love of good company and excellent conversation. And while this pairing feels like a no–brainer at first glance, there's potential for friction as well. As InStyle explains, Virgo and Libra are semi-sextile to each other, which can cause miscommunication and tension between them over long periods of time. And while it's easy enough for Virgo and Libra to see where the other is coming from, getting them to agree on something is much tougher. For those reasons (and more), the stars say that these two signs are better off staying friends.

In their book, "Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships," astrologers Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox explain that the true mismatch between Virgo and Libra isn't their attraction but rather in key lifestyle differences. "Virgo tends to label Libra a lightweight who won't stick to any one goal, pegging them as lofty dreamers who, despite their signature productivity, never seem happy with what they achieve." In fact, it's rare for these two signs to get past the early stages of dating, as both are focused on their goals and don't like to waste their time. Typically, these two will see that their differences are too bothersome to deal with and decide to mutually part ways.

Virgo and Sagittarius relationship compatibility

Sure, these two might not be the worst zodiac couple out there, but Virgo and Sagittarius definitely aren't a matchmaker's dream pairing. For starters, it's rare you'll even find these two running in the same social circles. "Virgo is used to managing the more mundane aspects of life and keeping things just so, and Sagittarius, the jester of the zodiac, comes and upsets that balance," astrologer and psychic Rev. Rtina Garbis tells Bustle. And along with their conflicting elemental energy causing them to approach life and love from two different perspectives, they also have drastically different goals in life, which can make planning for the future difficult for these two.

Likewise, Virgo isn't exactly keen on Sagittarius' more reckless and carefree approach to life. Fiery and freedom-seeking by nature, there's a reason that Sagittarius gets stereotyped as the hardest zodiac sign to pin down in a relationship. They're just having fun and seeing where things will go. Meanwhile, faithful and forward-thinking Virgo prefers to date with a plan (via Allure), which can lead to the spark quickly fizzling out between these two. "Sagittarius and Virgo do tend to approach life in contrasting ways," write Starsky and Cox, "Virgo deliberates everything and Sagittarius jumps into experiences." In fact, there's a very good chance that Sagittarius already knows they're too wild for Virgo and, sensing that, Virgo isn't as go-with-the-flow, may decide to bow out early and avoid further complications.

Virgo and Aquarius relationship compatibility

It's not that these two don't have anything in common; in fact, of all the signs in the zodiac, Aquarius is probably the best equipped to keep up with Virgo's rapid-fire thoughts and communication style. And the attraction doesn't stop there. "I will say, I feel like Virgo's fussiness and attention to detail is an unconventional turn-on for Aquarius, despite their differences, the same way Virgo admires Aquarius's brilliant mind," astrologer Valeria Mesa tells Elite Daily. However, the true test of this relationship often comes to a head when it comes to how these two approach communicating their feelings.

On the one hand, Virgos are slow to fall in love but very open and honest once you have their trust. And on the other hand, Aquarius' are just less likely to express what's on their mind without some serious poking and prodding (via PureWow). This can drive Virgo a little crazy trying to win their attention. "For Virgo, being in a close relationship with Aquarius takes on the dynamic that [Virgo] must conform to a certain program in order to be promoted from casual fling to forever thing," writes Starsky and Cox in their book "Cosmic Coupling." In the end, these two can work if Aquarius learns to express what they're feeling in the moment and Virgo can learn to let go of control, but don't count on it.