Which Sign Is An Aries Most Compatible With?

They say confidence is one of the sexist things anyone can have –– so is it any wonder why everyone seems to think Aries are so damn hot? Falling in love with Aries is an incredible experience that might make you feel like you're in a romance novel, but getting to the point of exclusivity with Aries is not as easy as people think. "With Aries, there's no lack of passion. And no lack of romance either. You must appreciate the romance and play to it. Too much realism kills their fire, and too much routine crushes his spirit," astrologer Liz Greene writes in her book "Astrology for Lovers." The trick isn't capturing an Aries's attention –– it's keeping it for long enough time to build a relationship that will last. Truly, it takes someone dynamic, alluring, and absolutely unique to steal the heart of this fire sign.

Still, for all their expectations to feel like the center of your universe, Aries will gladly give their partner the same level of adoration in return. So you'll never find yourself wondering whether or not you've hit it off with this forward fire sign. They love to shower their partner with gifts, compliments, attention, and affection. "To the Aries soul, love is a necessity of life. Love is synonymous with existence itself," astrologer Linda Goodman writes in her book "Love Signs." Goodman goes on to explain that among Aries' best qualities in love are heart-tugging innocence, blind faith, and raw courage in the power that love holds.

Aries and Libra relationship compatibility

Talk about a power couple; there's something special about the relationship between these two zodiac signs that goes beyond surface-level attraction. Aries and Libra share elemental and planetary compatibility, which is why they can't seem to get enough of each other. "Aries and Libra have the potential to be great together as Venus rules Libra, the planet of love, and Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet connected to sex, passions, and desires. With this combination of Venus and Mars, the two planets of love and attraction are at constant play," astrologer Leslie Hale tells Bustle. No wonder these two always seem to get hot and heavy with one another!

However, for all the spark between them, their sister sign status can cause things to get impassioned between Aries and Libra. When each of these signs feels as though they've got the answer, it's difficult to get them to see a different perspective. "Oftentimes, sister signs may not get along, but it's usually because one sister is expressing what the other sister feels they can't," astrologer Astrodim tells POPSUGAR. "There might be misunderstandings between sister signs at first, but it's possible for there to be some compromise." The good news is that for all their differences, sister signs have more in common than not. So, if both Aries and Libra can learn to communicate more openly, this relationship is one that will push them both to be their best selves.

Aries and Scorpio relationship compatibility

At first glance, it might not seem like these two have anything in common. Aries is a fire sign that likes to live life on an impulse, while Scorpio is a water sign who prefers to play it cool. However, both of these charmers have a secret soft side that dreams of finding that special someone. In fact, Scorpio and Aries are both hardworking, passionate, and determined signs that won't stop until they get what they want. And although Aries might be turned off initially by Scorpio's slow approach to courtship –– the shared energy of their planetary ruler Mars draws them to one another. "Because Aries is such a highly emotional and passionate sign, they need the challenge of an equally passionate and strong partner," astrologer Carole Golden writes in "The Seductive Art of Astrology."

Still, it can't all be sunshine and make–out sessions. Both Aries and Scorpio are prone to jealousy in relationships, and because of this, things can get contentious in their relationship if feelings aren't addressed. However, as astrologer Sydney Omarr explains in her book "The Astrological Guide to Love & Romance," Aries would always rather be in a relationship that sparks big feelings rather than feel indifference. "Scorpio provides the right physiological mystery to make Aries fall for them time and time again," explains Omarr. And although the battles between the two of you might get a bit explosive, both of these signs love big and forgive bigger, so long as you're honest about what's in your heart.

Aries and Sagittarius relationship compatibility

When it comes to near-perfect matches, it's hard to find a better fit than Aries and Saggitarius. These two free-thinking fire signs will have no trouble imagining what a dream life together might look like. And while other signs are turned off by Sagittarius' aloof and carefree approach to dating, bold and confident Aries loves the chase (via Today). Because Sagittarians love to wander and need their freedom, it's important for Aries to avoid overwhelming Sagittarius with too many over-the-top displays of love and affection early in the talking stages. Still, the patience pays off when these two finally make it official.

Although Aries likes to put up a front that they're too cool to be bothered by anything, it's important to remember there's a vulnerable and romantic soul hiding behind that swagger and machismo (via AstroStyle). As a lover and a friend, Aries is direct and likes to lead with honesty, which is something that Sagittarius values more than anything in a partner. "This relationship is based on a mutual respect and a reciprocal of the talent and skills the other brings to the table," astrologers Starsky and Cox write in their book "Cosmic Coupling: The Sextrology of Relationships." A relationship between Aries and Sagittarius opens up a world of possibilities, and they love to fire each other up. In addition, they each understand the importance of being faithful and loyal to the people in their lives.