When You Stand Up Straight, This Is What Happens To Your Body And Mind

Body image-wise, most of us are more obsessed with our weight and body shape than anything else. When we pump irons, our main goals are usually to sweat, tone our muscles, and shed some pounds. Improving posture, on the other hand, isn't many gym-goers' top priority. That's why, even if they have a great body, some people commit basic posture faults like standing with their bottom protruding out or standing with their pelvic tucked in. Bad standing habits, if not identified and worked on, can cause muscle tension and give you neck and back aches, In Touch NYC points out.


To alleviate muscle discomfort, you need to practice good standing posture. For example, standing with your neck straight, your abdomen pulled in, and your shoulders parallel with the hips can help remedy your standing posture and increase your flexibility, per the U.K. NHS. Here are the benefits for your body and mind when you make standing straight your second nature.

Benefits of a good posture to your body

According to theĀ Mayo Clinic, a good standing posture is when you stand straight with your shoulder pulled back until the chest opens. Your head should be kept in line with your body, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your stomach should be tucked in. You shouldn't lock your knees since doing so strains the spine and damages the lower back's natural curvature. Let your arms dangle at your sides naturally and distribute your weight evenly on the soles of your feet.


Not only does standing straight give you the tall and elegant posture of a ballerina, but it also has massive benefits for your health. Per Teignmouth Chiropractic, a straight standing posture helps reduce back pain and neck pain, minimizing spinal misalignments. Another surprising fact about standing straight is that it helps you burn calories and lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Just by practicing the right standing posture, you can burn up to 350 calories throughout the course of a day. Consistently maintaining a straight posture helps to build strong abdominal and low back muscles, as well as helps you breathe better by allowing the thoracic area of the spine to fully extend.

Standing up straight has massive benefits for your mind

Aside from physical benefits, standing straight also does your mind and brain great favors. Chiropractor Vikki Petersen tells Byrdie that standing straight facilitates blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the brain. Therefore, standing straight sharpens your thinking, enhances your focus, and boosts your overall brain health. Another unexpected benefit of a straight posture is that it lifts your mood. Barrington Orthopedic Specialists claims that your mood can influence your posture and your posture can impact your mood. Standing or sitting upright elevates your mood and slash stress, while walking slumped or sitting in a hunched posture might diminish your energy and sap your mood. Therefore, try altering your posture the next time you feel your mood slipping and expect a mood lift as a result.


Many of us have poor standing and sitting habits that affect our posture and muscles. However, by being mindful of your posture during everyday activities and practicing body awareness exercises such as yoga and ballet, you can strengthen your core, alleviate stiffness, and improve your posture.