Why You Should Incorporate Rosehip Oil Into Your Skincare Routine

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There's something so magical and mysterious when looking into a rose. So it is no surprise that the illustrious flower offers many skin healing properties. Not to be confused with rose oil, rosehip oil is made from the fruit and seed of the flower, whereas rose oil is an essential oil extracted from the flower petals (via Well+Good). Due to its vitamin-rich formula, rosehip oil delivers a plethora of benefits with a lightweight buoyancy suitable for even the most sensitive of users.


When British royalty Kate Middleton declared it her skin savior during her 2015 pregnancy, sales are reported to have increased to one bottle purchased every 20 seconds (via Glamour Magazine). Express also noted that the Duchess of Cambridge used the all-natural oil to combat wrinkles, prevent stretchmarks, and enhance an all-over glow while carrying Princess Charlotte. We're here to tell you that this is one celebrity-endorsed product that truly does deliver. Here's what you can expect after incorporating rosehip oil into your skincare routine.

It's full of fatty acids that can give relief to acne-prone skin

Though it's an oil by definition, that does not mean it isn't an excellent ally for acne-prone skin. Because it's loaded with fatty acids, including oleic, palmitic, linoleic, and gamma linoleic, it helps to soothe inflamed skin while providing non-greasy hydration (via Dr. Jennifer Linder, Cosmetic Dermatology). Omega-6 star linoleic acid, in particular, was proven to significantly decrease acne lesions after 10 weeks (via Acta Dermato-Venereologica). Additionally, oleic oil, one of your skin's natural oils, was found to be low in people with acne-prone skin, and rosehip oil has one of the best ratios of linoleic to oleic acids to counterbalance this offset (via Lab Muffin).


It should be noted that these fatty acids typically only have a shelf life of about three months. However, Kate Middleton's brand of choice, Trilogy, has developed a formula that doesn't expire for three years! Their Rosehip Antioxidant+ award-winning face oil is blended with superantioxidants from tomatoes, cranberries, and açai to improve skin tone and increase skin elasticity. With a five-star rating, reviewers claim to have higher levels of brightness, smoothness, and overall glow.

It's packed with vitamins and antioxidants that combat signs of aging and dark spots

According to Dr. Axe, co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, rosehip oil contains rich sources of vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are antioxidants and help to fade dark spots, minimize scars and fine lines, and hydrate dry or itchy skin. Antioxidants also prevent the formation of free radicals and encourage the skin to repair itself by reducing inflammation (via the Dermstore). Vitamin C, a beauty lover's ride-or-die, has been proven to boost collagen, heal hyperpigmentation, and treat infections. Vitamin A, in conjunction with the plumping fatty acids, protects the skin from age spots and sun damage while also improving skin texture.


Skincare expert and founder of beauty brand Monastery, Athena Hewett shares that rosehip oil also acts as an astringent by absorbing other oils around it, again making it an incredible product for acne-prone skin with overactive pores (via The Thirty). The diversely rich botanical has a magic ability to work with and enhance any skin type. Use this must-have glow-inducing oil after your toner and before moisturizing.