The Best Way To Soften Brand New, Stiff Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be very tricky. It's challenging for denim wearers to get the magic combination of jeans that can hold you in all the right places while being comfortable enough to wear all day. Denim is a material that can be very rigid. According to Gathering Thread, "Denim is naturally a stiff material, but when it is not treated, it can be very uncomfortable." With so many styles of denim to choose from, it's essential to find just the right pair to give you confidence and comfort. In addition, sometimes our tried-and-true jeans can lose their luster, becoming stiff and over-worn. Don't throw them out before trying some at-home softening remedies.

No matter which pair of jeans you are trying to breathe life into, there are ways to keep them soft if they are well-worn or to get them soft if you've just purchased them. Many people believe you need harsh chemicals to achieve the comfort of a soft pair of jeans, but we've found some solutions to keep your favorite pair or turn your new jeans into your softest ones.

The pre-treating and washing process

In most cases, you can soften your jeans with items in your home. To start, you'll need a couple of ingredients depending on how you'd like to go about treating your jeans. The ingredients you'll need vary from white vinegar to dish soap and fabric softener to hydrogen peroxide (via Sewing Feed). To treat your clothes, you can use a couple of approaches.

First, begin by turning your jeans inside out and carefully removing the manufacturer's tag. Our Everyday Life also mentions, "Use a washing machine to soften your jeans. Turn the water on to lukewarm or cold to avoid shrinkage. Add fabric softener, white vinegar, and a pair of clean sneakers to your load." If you don't want to add sneakers, try a few small tennis balls. The sneakers and tennis balls will act as beaters for your jeans (via Real Simple). Wash on the longest setting to soften your jeans effectively. If you don't have vinegar, you can choose between adding salt or baking soda to the washing machine (via Sewing Feed). Still not soft enough? Gathering Thread advises using sandpaper on the jeans before washing. Make sure they are inside out for this tactic, and feel free to apply the sandpaper to the inside of the fabric. No matter the process you choose, your jeans will soften in the pre-washing and washing process.

Drying and softening your jeans

After you pre-treat and wash your jeans, many experts recommend giving them a final rinse before air drying. Once you've done this last rinse, let the jeans air dry halfway, then put them in the dryer. Throw in about six dryer sheets with them and dry on low heat to prevent them from stiffening again (via Our Everyday Life). Others recommend letting your jeans air dry completely for ultimately soft denim (via Sewing Feed). No matter how you approach the at-home jean softening tactics, you should feel a difference the very next time you put them on.

Overall, jeans are an incredible wardrobe staple. Whether you've had the perfect pair for years or just found your new favorites, softening them at home is pretty easy, natural, and effective. So, if you are plagued by stiff denim, grab your at-home ingredients, soak, wash, and dry your way to ultimate denim comfort.