How To Master Seductive, Scorpio Style

The Universe truly knew what it was doing when it lined up Scorpio season with fall and Halloween. Representing death, rebirth, and transformation, this sign rules over autumn, a time when leaves fall to the ground in a beautiful orange and red cessation. So as we enter spooky season, it seems fitting to take style tips from the mysterious and alluring Scorpio.


Scorpios have a raw intensity and magnetism that make them the most enigmatic person in the room (via Astrograph). As a deeply perceptive water sign, Scorpios have a way of intensely connecting with others and powerfully asserting their will. They can speak volumes without saying a word at all. The presence of a Scorpio is always felt and is all-encompassing. Scorpio icons whose closets we'd love to raid include Kendall Jenner, SZA, Tracee Ellis Ross, Willow Smith, and Lorde, just to name a few. Use these styling tips to channel their seductive and tantalizing Scorpio energy.

Make black your statement color

Nothing says dark and mysterious like black head to toe. Scorpios embody the allure of the unknown and keep you guessing for more. Wearing black can be an easy out when looking for something to wear, but when channeling Scorpio energy, choose statement pieces that will make heads turn. Try dark dresses with cutouts or structural elements that add dimension and complexity to your look. River Island's Bralette Cutout Blazer Dress is both sexy and sultry for the fearless power woman.


Scorpios thrive off intensity, so choose powerful silhouettes or play with textures that elevate to what would otherwise be a basic outfit. Layering your all-black look with different fabrics, sheers, and leathers can also turn up the dial on sexy in true Scorpio fashion. Aim to kill by pairing knee-high patented leather boots with a sexy black dress. BP's Everlee Over The Knee Boot is detailed with a square flared heel and pointed toe that wants all eyes on you. Don't shy away from wearing dark outfits that feel sexy, seductive, and captivating.

Don't be afraid to show skin

No one does sensuality like a Scorpio. They don't actually need to show any skin to make you feel their magnetism, but they also have no problem showing off their body when the time is right. Showing skin also doesn't mean showing cleavage or wearing short skirts, though there's nothing wrong with that either. Scorpio energy is more complex and deeper than that, though. They want to show a little to leave a lot more to the imagination.


Showing skin in a demure area can be just as seductive as showing off your assets. Opt for an open-back dress like scorpion queen Tracee Ellis Ross shown above in a dress that says she is ready for the over-the-shoulder sultry pose. Jluxlabel's Empress Bodycon Midi Dress, available at Nordstrom, places two straps over the back, with the open back extending all the way to the waistline. Who doesn't love a sexy back in a black dress? Regardless of what you have on, Scorpios are all about the energy they bring into a room. Remembering that you are the vortex of power and persuasion is the perfect dress accessory.