Why 666 Is A Misunderstood Number In Numerology

If you find yourself looking at the refrigerator at 11:11 or seeing license plates with 444, the Universe may be trying to tell you something. We like to think that we live in a world of coincidences, but some things are just divinely coordinated. In the occult world of astrology and numerology, receiving signs in the form of numbers is a highly respected and normalized practice. With the western world becoming increasingly accepting of spirituality, more and more people are becoming aware of angel numbers making an appearance in their reality.

According to Sage Goddess, seeing repeated numbers and patterns are cosmic codes that can represent divine messages that the universe is sending your way. In ancient times, numbers carried a deeply magical meaning similar to astrology, where your birthdate is reduced to finding your life path meaning and destiny (via Numerology). The number six, for example, represents harmony, the home, and nurturing responsibility (via Affinity Numerology). Yet the western world has created a largely false fear around it, causing panic anytime 666 appears. If you encounter this number repeatedly, it could be a message of great love, not fear.

It represents good luck in many cultures

Despite its terrifying connotation in the western Christian world, the number six happens to be a number of luck in many cultures. For example, in China, the number six is pronounced: "liu," sounding the same as the word smooth, giving it the connotation of fortune because "everything will go smoothly" (via China Travel). It also represents happiness and prosperity in China, where many business owners display the number in their shops for good luck (via Housing). We might be missing out on some unclaimed fortune in the states with our unfounded fear surrounding the number.

Similarly to the misunderstood "Devil" card in the tarot deck, which calls for a release of attachments, low vibrational energies, and addiction, the number six has gotten a lot of heat while being misinterpreted. While being shunned by traditional Christians as the "mark of the beast," modern-day spiritualists say the repeated angel number brings messages of love, peace, and harmony.

It's an angel number bringing great peace

If the number six keeps finding its way to you, spiritualists say this is a good omen, not a bad one. In numerology, six represents perfect order, love, and harmony and is linked to the sign Libra, shown as the balancing scales (via My Today's Horoscope). When you see this number, your angels and guides want you to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. You are also being asked to look at where you need balance in your life or areas that could use harmonizing or an enhancement of love.

According to Jaliessa Sipress, astrologer for Cosmopolitan, seeing this number is a signal to readjust past worry, knowing that the Universe is divinely guiding you down the right path. By continuing to fixate on your problems, you will only magnify them, continuing to create more blockages in your life. When you see 666, you are being called to slow down, smell the roses, and focus on the areas of love and beauty in your life. This is also a reminder that prosperity is on its way to you, and you are creating an exquisite life that thrives on harmony, peace, and perfect balance. Good things are coming to you, so ditch the fear. This is your sign that bountiful abundance is closer than you think.