Making A Fanny Pack Chic Has Never Been Easier

One of the coolest accessories in 2022 is probably something you used to make fun of moms and dads for wearing at the theme park. Naturally, the fanny pack is back in full swing, making a huge fashion statement. Costume designer and celebrity stylist Ebony Brown tells Nylon that fanny packs were never meant to be cool and, in fact, "were made for dads who just needed something more than a wallet but would never dare carry a purse." Now, however, they're fashionable, and we love it.

The reawakening of fanny packs started back in 2018, with designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci coming back with their own renditions. Then, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jaden Smith began rocking the trend. In 2020, Lululemon even released itsĀ Everywhere Belt Bag, though it didn't go viral until 2021 when a user posted a TikTok of them trying out the bag. Due to the power of TikTok, this bag has become a cult favorite and is literally sold out everywhere (via SFGate). Since then, fanny packs have steadily been on the rise once more. If you're looking to try out the fanny pack trend but aren't sure where to start, here are five ways the cool girls are making fanny packs chic in 2022.

Classic around the waist

The traditional way to style a fanny pack is around your waist. You don't have to look like your dad in the '80s when you try out the look! This style is still chic in 2022 when paired with the correct clothing. Rather than styling your fanny pack with athletic clothing, style it with street-wear-inspired clothing. Some pieces we have seen celebrities rock their fanny packs with include denim, midi skirts, oversized button-downs, and plaid pants (via The Cut).

Across the chest

The newest "cool girl" way to wear the fanny pack is across the chest like you would a crossbody. Instead of the pack being on the hip, as with a crossbody, the pack will stop in the middle of your chest. This is a surefire way to stay on trend if you are not ready to break into wearing your fanny pack traditionally. Fanny packs across the chest are also secure, as they are close to the body, so don't doubt a classier fanny pack style for a night out at the club (via Kipling).

As a pop of color

If you are looking to add a pop of color to your "plain jane" look, fanny packs are a way to do it! There are plenty of silhouettes and colors of fanny packs out there. Back in 2018, Caro Daur was seen rocking a red Gucci belt bag with an all-black look (via Purse Blog). This added a whole new level of fashion to the look. Adding small pops of color to a basic outfit can take your outfit from good to great.

Attached to a belt

Fanny packs and belts are becoming more like synonyms in 2022. Those who prefer more luxurious things are even considering fanny packs as "belt bags." Even in the 1994 Chanel fashion show, their luxe fanny pack was referred to as a "belt bag" (via Garage). In fact, many designers are even adding little fanny packs to their classic belts. Gucci's GG Marmont Belt Bag is one of many being produced by luxury designer brands. These brands are not only staying on trend but also adding to the functionality of their pieces. I mean, who wouldn't love their wallet being always attached to their body?

With a dress

Fanny packs are for all occasions in 2022! With so many varieties of fanny packs coming out, it is easy to find fancier ones to go with even the frilliest dress. Fanny packs are iconic for making a formal outfit more fun. A fanny pack around the waist can also help give a loose dress more shape (via The Nomi's Niche). If you add a fanny pack to your favorite dress, it is sure to elevate your look to a whole new level of chic.