Which Sign Is A Leo Most Compatible With?

Leos are the royalty of the zodiac, and anyone dating them should be honored, if you ask them. It's no secret that Leos love the limelight, thrive off attention, and radiate positivity. These lions are always buzzing with a natural glow and gleam confidence. Ruled by the Sun, Leos have a dazzling energy and are almost always extroverts (via Stars Like You). Their vitality and warmth are felt the second they walk into a room and naturally attracts the eyes of others. Think Barack Obama, Angela Basset, and Jennifer Lopez. These children of the sun have no problem being in the limelight and also require a worthy partner.


Though many like to pin Leos as self-absorbed and ego-centric, they fail to realize the lions' biggest superpower. Leos rule the heart chakra and operate from a place of deep compassion and empathy for others (via Astrology). Their innate magnetism stems from a burning passion to love others and share their pleasures. So who exactly is worthy of the crowned felines?

Aries and sagittarius

Leos is a fixed fire sign, meaning they pair great with other star signs under the same element. Professional astrologer Donna Page told Women's Health that fire signs have a mutual understanding because of their need to live a fast-paced inspirational life with an exciting passion. If anyone knows what this means, it's the first fire sign of the zodiac — Aries. Leos need a partner that can keep up with their exuberance and vibrancy. Aries have a childlike energy and innocence that mutually keeps up with and inspires Leo, while Leos have a motivating prowess that Aries find sexy and stimulating.


If there's anyone that can catch Leo's eye without trying — it's Sagittarius. The mutable fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius represents blazing adventure, higher knowledge, and sexy intellectualism (via Astrology Zone). When a Leo meets a Sagittarius, they know they've met their match as the life of the party and are turned on by the challenge to live life faster. Sagittarians offer a reality-bending free spirit that excites Leo, while Leos present a magnanimity and warm soul Sagittarius can't resist. Expert astrologists at AstroTalk give this pairing an impressive 96% love compatibility rating.


Outside of the fire signs, there is another star sign that catches the nobel eye of a Leo. Equally self-assured and poised is the water-bearing Aquarius. Despite being represented as the forward-looking water-bearer, Aquarius is an air sign (via Café Astrology). The water dispensed from the vessel represents cleansing the past and creating a spiritually opened fresh start. Aquarians have a unique perspective on life with a cool, carefree energy unprovoked by haters, traditionalists, and outdated mentalities. Think Meg Thee Stallion, Ellen Degeneres, and Paris Hilton. If anyone appreciates their unbothered swagger, it's Leo.


Leo and Aquarius are sister signs, meaning they sit opposite each other on the astrology wheel and share a modality — in this instance, being a fixed sign (via Yahoo). This makes them a very complimentary pairing. Aquarius offers strong belief systems and a unique style Leos find admirable and attractive, while Leos present an untouchable energy that Aquarians find transcendent. There are many factors that contribute to romantic compatibility, including the synastry of moon, mars, mercury, and venus signs. Sun signs only offer one layer, though incredibly pervasive to the pairing of two people.