Your Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces

Long gone are the days when a single necklace is all there is to add a touch of style to your neck. Make no mistake, a one-piece necklace suffices to draw attention to your neck, complement your outfit, and amp up your whole look. But sporting a layered necklace – a set of necklaces that make up a casually glamorous neckline stack, is like painting a vibrant, well-thought-out graffiti on a plain wall.

Mixing and matching necklaces to create a cohesive look is also a subtle approach to engaging with your persona and panache. You can pick out multiple necklaces of different shapes and sizes from your jewelry box and combine them for an ultimately customized style, or simply get yourself a layered necklace sold in a single clasp. How many necklaces to style or the variety of lengths you employ are a matter of choice and personal taste, Monica Vinader points out. It can be a two-strand stack for a streamlined look, or more than two if you're in the mood to go bold and make a fashion statement. No matter your choice, adorning your neckline with a layered necklace is a surefire way to create a signature look that you can call your own, per Onecklace. Styling a layered necklace is no walk in the park. Nevertheless, we have several tips below to get you started on your mixing and matching game.

Combine necklaces of various lengths

The first key to achieving a sophisticated cascade of layers is to combine necklaces of different lengths, probably two inches apart from each other, Simple & Dainty recommends. Aesthetics aside, various lengths ensure that the pieces don't tangle into a clump. For example, a choker that's 14 or 16 inches in length will make a great pair with a charm necklace that's 18 inches long. If your necklaces are of the same length but with different widths, you can use a removable extender to add extra length to a necklace. 

While you can play around with as many necklaces as you want, designer Alyssa Sutter suggests starting with a two-strand combo, adding that each chain should be close in thickness. Another tip is to mix items with different textures in order to give the overall look depth and contrast. Add a pendant or gemstone for a pop of color and texture to round off your neckline combo. If your stacked necklaces get tangled, lay them down flat and carefully untangle the knots with a straight object like a chopstick or a needle.

Use the neckline of your shirt to boost your necklaces

To best showcase your cascading necklaces, choose a top that can act as a frame for your jewelry, per Bonito Jewelry. The neckline of your top should be able to complement your jewelry. For instance, a dark-colored V-neck top that reveals a little of your chest area makes it easy for your gold, crystal, or diamond jewelry to stand out as well as showcase your layering skill. Meanwhile, an opera necklace that's 28 to 36 inches long will sit well on a boat neck, alongside a matinee necklace and a princess neckline. Another way to go bold yet safe with a layered look is to use a linear lariat necklace that usually measures between 30 and 50 inches, Happy Jewelers advises. Decorative in a sleek and easy-to-wear way, a long-line lariat necklace is a stunning accompaniment to a choker worn over a turtleneck or a plunging V-neck top. A lariat necklace can come in various designs that look stunning on any top.

To make sure you have a variety of necklaces that you can layer with any outfit to lend an interesting, fashionable touch to your ensemble, build a substantial collection of necklaces of various lengths, materials, and designs. A dazzling stack of layered necklaces not only gives you ample opportunities to embrace your individuality and experiment with aesthetics, but it also makes your overall get-up more interesting and purposeful.