How To Dress To Impress For A Baby Shower

Baby showers are, without a doubt, sweet and joyous occasions. A baby shower, per Flo Health, is a family event where expectant parents' nearest and dearest come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a newborn. Modern baby shower celebrations include presenting the parents-to-be with practical gifts to help them prepare for their new child, munching on light refreshments, and playing games. A pre-baby party shower is traditionally planned and hosted by a close friend or family member, and the mom-to-be should be kept in the loop but out of the heavy-lifting tasks until the day of the shower, celebrity party planner Liza Utter says in her blog. "It doesn't matter how cute your party favors are — if the mother-to-be is uncomfortable or not happy, then the party is a bust."


Ultimately, the point is to make the expectant couple feel as supported and comfortable as possible as they transition into parenthood. But that doesn't mean you can't bring your personal A-game, as well! If this is your first time hosting or attending a baby shower, remember that you don't have to be the lady of the hour to dazzle the crowd with your look. If you want to make this celebration as cheery as it should be, dressing your part to add a sense of occasion to the event is crucial. Here are some styling tips to help you look gorgeous and festive for a baby shower.

Outdoor baby showers

For an outdoor baby shower hosted in a backyard or any location that's potentially grassy or slippery, ditch the heels and go for the comfortable flats option, Mom Loves Best advises. Slide on a pair of strappy sandals, comfortable wedges, or elegant ballerina flats, and you'll be more than able to walk around with ease and confidence. As for the rest of your outfit, for a casual, cheerful event like a baby shower, House of Harper suggests floral or pastel prints, lightweight fabrics, and layering in case of a breeze. To hit all these notes, you can't go wrong with a flowy summer dress with a cheerful pop of color. It can be a flowery maxi dress with a breathable silhouette to help you go about your duties in style, or an airy sundress that enhances your feminine form and gives off the girl-next-door vibe.


For versatility and a youthful feel, you can also pull in lazy girl outfits like rompers, knitted co-ords, or cute overalls. To emphasize your ensemble, throw on a pair of statement danglers or shiny hoops and a delicate neck chain. And to round out your minimalist outdoor look, carry a compact baguette handbag, a patterned tote, or a beaded clutch.

Indoor baby showers

If a baby shower takes place indoors, be it at your house or someone else's, you can dress as you would for any respectable house party. To stay appropriate at a cozy house gathering, avoid overly dressy, skin-tight outfits and unnecessarily high heels that might stand out or affect your movement around the house, Outfit Trends advises. Instead, choose flat footwear and loose-fitting outfits for maximum comfort. Fashion Gone Rogue recommends wearing chic and simple items that allow more mobility like boyfriend jeans and a classy crop top. Skirt-and-blouse, camisole-and-pants, and tee-and-midi skirt also count among safe combos.


For something that oozes understated sexiness, an off-the-shoulder dress or a slip dress that moves fluidly can be flirty without looking garish. Accessory-wise, colorful statement earrings and a snug choker necklace will always be a welcome sight. To complete your look, put on a stylish gender-neutral denim jacket or a lightweight duster. No matter what you wear, try not to go over the top and overshadow the true star of the celebration.

Virtual baby showers

The opposite of an in-person baby shower is a virtual baby shower, which simply means it happens online, per WebBabyShower. A smart, flexible, and cost-effective way to include everyone, a digital baby shower can take place on any video chat platform like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, or Skype. No matter how far the expectant couple's nearest and dearest are, they can join the parents-to-be in celebrating the upcoming arrival of a bundle of joy via an online get-together. All you need to do as a host is to pick a theme, send out invites, and schedule shower games. And since a virtual party lacks the tactile experience that brings everyone together, you'll have to take your dressing game up a notch to restore a festive vibe to the party.


Because you'll mostly be seen from the waist up, focus on the upper half of your ensemble. The key to making yourself seen on the screen is to steer clear of dark colors, Lands' End advises. Instead, opt for vibrant, visible hues like reds, whites, and golds. Don't be afraid to put on sparkly fabrics like sequins, polished cotton, and lamé, because they add more festivity to the long-distance occasion. And opt for a visible neckline that won't leave you looking too bare-shouldered on screen.

High tea baby showers

If fancy styling is your cup of tea, a high tea baby shower is your opportunity to show people how invested you are in your choice of outfit. A high tea baby shower is simply a baby shower that takes place in a high tea setting. A British tradition, a high tea features tea served with a tier of tasteful scones, petits fours, and dainty tea sandwiches, alongside more hearty fare such as meat, fish, and egg dishes, per TeaTime Magazine. As a party theme, it is, essentially, a fancy setting to enjoy a light meal. And as Style Your Occasion points out, high tea often has an expensive and formal vibe about it. Therefore, this is not the occasion to flaunt your gaudy crop top and ripped jeans.


To dress your part at a high tea while feeling comfortable enough to dine to your heart's content, Style Your Occasion recommends conservative options such as elegant midi and maxi dresses, pantsuits, or blouse-with-pants combos. An equally stylish option that fits all body types is a knee-length wrap dress, which flatters the waist and bust while taking attention away from your belly bulges. To pull off a Kate Middleton look, don't be shy to throw on a fascinator or a Scottish tam hat and faux vintage jewelry.

Your own baby shower

If you're a mom-to-be attending your own baby shower, here's what you can do to dress up your baby bump. Being with child makes loose, curve-friendly pieces with breathable fabrics your best friends, Forbes points out. But since this party is about you and your baby, there's no need to hide your bump with a big coat or oversized tee. You can wear a fitted sheath dress to flaunt your growing baby belly or a flowy maxi dress to make yourself comfortable.


While comfort is key, don't forget to accessorize. As stylist Liz Teich tells Verywell Family, it's a "great way to feel like yourself when none of your regular clothes fit." And as many women report having fuller and thicker hair during pregnancy (via Made for Mums), there is no reason why you shouldn't decorate your mane to make it stand out. You may, for instance, wrap a velvet scarf over your ponytail, add sparkling barrettes to your partings, or even adorn your head with a floral crown. After all, you're the shower's VIP!

In the end, a baby shower is the opportunity to gather loved ones around, share the joy, and show support to one another. No matter your role, dressing to impress shows your appreciation for the new parents' milestone.