Here's How November's Full Beaver Moon Will Affect You

Another month –- another full moon. Although these lunar events might seem rather mundane at this point, November's full Beaver Moon in Taurus is an extra special one. A full moon occurs when the moon — ruler of your emotions and shadow self — forms an opposition with the sun –- the ruler of your heart and ego. This monthly cosmic connection always brings energetic clashes and emotional clarity. And this November, the full Beaver Moon is both a total lunar eclipse and the final eclipse of the year, bringing a dramatic end to the 2022 eclipse season that has been turning your life upside down this year, per Almanac. Eclipses are fated astrological events that activate the lunar nodes of the moon –- also known as the Nodes of Fate -– which means you can count on major changes and unexpected revelations when eclipses cross your path.

Although lunar eclipses tend to be wild and unpredictable in nature, they're nothing to fear. As professional astrologer and author Lisa Stardust writes for TODAY, working with the moon's natural phases can be a great way to guide your creative path, work with your energy, and align your life with the cosmos. Full Moons are a time of reflection, reconsideration, and release; they represent an opportunity to sit in the fullness of your life and appreciate all you've accomplished and where you're headed next. And because the November full moon is the final lunation in the Taurus x Scorpio eclipse season –- you can expect plenty of emotions, revelations, and long overdue endings (via Space).

Why is it called the Beaver Moon?

Every month the full moon graces the night sky, dazzling everyone who manages to catch a glimpse of her beauty. Along with having their own unique energy, these monthly full moons also each have their own special name as well. The November full moon is annually known as the Frost Moon or the Beaver Moon because it marks the time when beavers begin to store up for the winter and prepare for their long hibernation period, per Farmers' Almanac. In astrology, this lunation marks a similar time when the collective energy is focused on tying up loose ends and getting things finished ahead of the colder, less active winter months.

Since this Beaver Moon is a full moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus, the energy is particularly good for indulging in the finer things, a self-care night, or a full moon ritual to help clear out any stale energy you're still holding onto. As professional astrologer Dalanah tells Elite Daily, the moon is exalted in Taurus which brings an overall peaceful and stable foundation to explore your feelings. "From the new moon you're building, it's getting bigger and bigger," explains Dalanah. "Then the full moon is that culmination point when everything is full and you can see the fruits of your endeavors happening." So, if you're curious to know what cycles you might be closing during this full moon –- look back to your horoscope for the new moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that occurred at the end of October.

What to expect from November's full moon

Along with the over-achieving eclipse energy, the full moon on November 8, 2022, in Taurus is setting the stage for a cosmic stand-off between several key planets in the night sky. And with the added energy of the eclipse, you can expect the shifts headed your way to have some lasting implications for your life. As astrologers Guttman and Johnson write in "Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers," the axis that an eclipse cycle occurs on can show you which major themes the collective will be addressing. Eclipses across the Taurus x Scorpio axis shine the spotlight on themes surrounding finances, personal values, security, and growth, per astrologer April Elliott Kent.

As the sun sets up shop in the sign of Scorpio, it will be joined by Mercury, the planet of communication and Venus, the planet of romance. This blend of energy will give you a boost of confidence to express what has been weighing on your heart and verbalize what you need in order to move forward. On the opposite end of things, the full moon will join forces with rebellious Uranus, which has been retrograde since the end of August. These planets together will strengthen the urge you've been feeling to go against the grain and rethink the path forward toward achieving your goals. The final piece of the puzzle occurs when Saturn in Aquarius forms a square aspect to both the sun and moon, acting as the final push you need to make a decision between the two paths laid out before you (via Astro-Seek).

What does the Beaver Moon mean for each zodiac sign?

Since the full moon is happening at 16 degrees of Taurus, the fixed signs — Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio — will be most impacted, per CHANI. A lunar eclipse is a lot like a full moon, except it's about a thousand times more intense. So, anyone with major placements in the sign of Cancer will also be majorly impacted by this lunation as well. If you're curious to know how the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will affect you on an individual level, you'll want to grab a copy of your birth chart and find where Taurus and Scorpio influence the planets and houses in your birth chart. Any place where an eclipse touches your natal chart will show where significant changes have happened.

No matter your sign, everyone will feel the change in the air in the week or so leading up to the full moon -– so it might help to plan how you'll cure your post-eclipse hangover sooner rather than later. According to the experts at Astrology, full moon hangover symptoms can include interrupted sleep patterns, increased moodiness, and feeling like you're in a fog. So, be sure to get plenty of rest and allow yourself to feel your feelings during this lunar cycle. And while it's on your mind, don't forget to mark your calendar for the final full moon of 2022, the December Cold Moon in Gemini occurring on December 7 (via People).