How Does A Capricorn Show Love In Relationships?

Capricorns aren't known for being the romantic type, but that doesn't mean they're all business. Shrewd and discerning, Capricorn is the least likely to fall head-over-heels in love after one date or even believe in love at first sight. The disciplined taskmaster of the zodiac, Capricorn understands that romance and intimacy aren't promised; it's something you have to work for. "[Capricorn] may seem cold and distant, in actuality, they crave love and a permanent attachment. They want to be taken by storm –– an emotional storm of such great upheaval that they experience the profound ecstasy they so deeply yearn for," astrologer Morris C. Goodman writes in his book, "Astrology and Sexual Analysis."

Surprised to hear that this stubborn earth sign is a secret romantic? Don't be –– Capricorns are very good at playing it cool until they're ready to make a serious commitment. And while it's true that Capricorns tend to pair best with earth and water signs, good luck telling this headstrong sign who to fall in love with. According to PrepScholar, Capricorns are among the most persistent and ambitious signs. So, if a Capricorn has set their sights on someone romantically, it'll take more than a few words to dissuade them from their pursuit. They'll do just about anything to win the attention of their chosen muse, and when they give you their heart, you can be sure it's authentic and genuine.

Capricorns are cautious but loyal romantic partners

Capricorns view dating and relationships as a very serious endeavor, meaning they'll be looking for a commitment rather than settling into a situationship. Because they're so focused on making a good impression it can take them a bit of time to loosen up with a new partner. For some, this might read as disinterest –– when in reality, Capricorns like to keep their guard up until things become official. "[Capricorn] rarely leaps into business or marriage unless they're prepared financially for the former and emotionally for the latter," astrologer Linda Goodman writes in "Sun Signs." She goes on to explain that once smitten, Capricorns will dedicate themselves to pouring their extra time, attention, and affection into their partner.

Capricorns will love you to death if you let them. They tend to wear their heart on their sleeve once their feelings are out there, but don't play with their feelings. Although they might seem cold and emotionless on the surface, Capricorns are actually very fearful of rejection and will take things very personally if they feel as though they've failed as a romantic partner (via Trusted Psychic Mediums). When Capricorns feel scorned by the person they loved, they'll retreat back into themselves and build a wall up around their heart. So, the best way to show your affection is to verbalize your appreciation for all the little things they do for you. They might play it off as no big deal, but know that they're touched that you noticed.

Capricorns like to take the lead in their relationships

One of the many reasons that Capricorn has trouble in relationships is their slow and steady approach to courtship. They tend to take the lead and set the tone for their partnerships, establishing a sense of mutual respect. Even in our modern world with dating apps and hook-up culture, don't expect a Capricorn to take a casual approach to love. Capricorns like to take their time to plan things out first. "Secretly, the Capricorn soul longs to abandon duty but is resigned to the knowledge that sheer idealism is impractical –– and spontaneous enthusiasm can never replace experience," astrologer Linda Goodman writes in her book "Love Signs." However, with this natural leadership ability can come some issues of control. 

Proud and solitary, it's difficult for this earth sign to allow others to see them in a vulnerable state. In her book "Astrology for Lovers," author Liz Greene describes the unique challenge that Capricorn faces when looking for love. "Relationships aren't easy for Capricorn. If you ever have a chance to scratch the surface of Capricorn, you'll find a secret romantic, but romanticism is almost never allowed to dictate decision–making." Because they perform best when they're the ones calling the shots, it can be difficult for this earth sign to learn to share control in their partnership. This means when a Capricorn is truly smitten with you, not only will they include you in their future plans –– and may even let you call the shots.

Capricorns make their loved ones their main priority

One of the most common stereotypes associated with Capricorn is that they're workaholics with no time for extracurriculars like dating. However, that's only partially true: while they don't like to fill their schedule with casual flings and hookups, Capricorns are the serial monogamists of the zodiac. They're always looking to the future and considering how every choice and decision will impact their long–term goals. And when they fall in love with that special someone, they will do everything in their power to shift their current priorities to accommodate the new person in their life, according to Horoscope.

They hold themselves to an incredibly high standard as an individual, and that same devotion extends to anyone who is lucky enough to know them on a personal level. "Capricorns in love will surprise many who know them — if they are genuinely in love, you can expect to see actions you never expected from them," astrologer Ariana Fox tells Bustle. You'll know for sure that you've got a Capricorn wrapped around your finger when they start asking to spend time with you, defer to your plans or interest, and support your ambitions in the same way they do their own. Their expectations for romance are sky-high, which means if they're putting you on a pedestal, there's a good chance they think you're the one!