Bring The Spark Back To Your Dating Life With These Astrology Tips

Ever feel like you're a different person in love than you are in the rest of your life? There's a chance your birth chart is to blame. Love can be complicated and with the rise in popularity around both dating apps and astrology, it's no surprise so many people are counting on the stars to play matchmaker. In "Astrology for Lovers," author Liz Greene writes that the birth chart is a symbolic portrait of the person you are and the person you're meant to become. She explains that the energy and feelings that make up every person –– the emotions, drives, desires, fantasies, dreams, conflicts, and more –– can be found within the birth chart and often act as a magnet to attract people of similar substance into your life.

Astrological compatibility is a mix of all placements –– still there are some planets in your birth chart that can give you a clearer insight into how you act in romantic relationships or even what you look for in a partner. "I think a couple's birth chart reading is a very illuminating, fun, and intimate thing to do together," astrologer Kasandra Martinez tells The Zoe Report. "The process can help you better understand each other as individuals, but also put your relationship strengths and challenges into perspective." If you want to get the full look at your compatibility with another person, the stars might hold the key. 

Keep reading to find out how astrology can help you keep things steamy in your next relationship.

The Moon Relationship

One of the first places astrologers recommend looking to test your romantic compatibility with another person is your moon sign. Your sun sign might be your main sign, but it's the moon that holds all your secrets and emotional desires. "The moon [relates to] how we care, our emotions, our sensitivities, and our home," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. "The moon is the part of ourselves that is felt deep within, that we cannot easily express." Think of your moon sign as a way of visualizing and expressing the side of yourself that not everyone gets to see. 

In synastry, your moon sign reveals what you need in a relationship in order to feel safe and open to express yourself. And it's not uncommon to be attracted to someone who has a different lunar energy than your own chart. "We are more likely to be drawn to people who fulfill, complement, or balance the needs of our moon sign," astrologer Lara Newell-Barrette tells Elite Daily. It represents how we receive and reflect the light around us –– as well as the types of people who are more easily able to tease the softer side out of us.

The Mercury Relationship

Mercury might have a pretty notorious reputation in astrology thanks to its frequent retrograde motion. However, there's a lot your Mercury sign can reveal about your love life and your romantic communication style. "In your birth chart, Mercury is your mind: It shows how you think, speak, write ~ basically, how you interpret AND express meaning," astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond tells HerCampus. Bond goes on to explain how couples can use their Mercury signs to better understand how the other person expresses themselves, as well as what styles of communication might turn them off to listening.

Communication is a make-or-break deal when it comes to relationships, and Mercury reflects how we perceive the world around us. Synastry aspects dealing with Mercury can show how you and a potential partner communicate. In his book "Horoscope Symbols," astrologer Robert Hand explains that Mercury in the birth chart explains that Mercury is not symbolic of language or the written word as a final product, but rather it represents the process each individual uses to express themselves. "Language allows us to close the gap between us and others –– to transmit to others some understanding of our personal map of reality."

The Mars Relationship

In synastry, Mars can represent the areas of life where a person is more likely to act on passion and impulse, as well as highlighting how a person might express their sexual desires. This concept is best explained in the book "Planets in Love," where astrologer John Townley outlines how Mars' pioneering and passionate Mars represents the drive that allows us to act on our desires. Townley explains that Mars in a fire or air sign will have an easier time expressing this side of themselves than someone with their Mars in a water or earth sign. So, understanding the difference between you and your partner's Mars placements can be the key to turning up the heat in your relationship.

However, there's more to Mars's energy than raw sex appeal and passion. It can also indicate how we react when tensions get high and how we express our anger when we feel pushed too far. "Being the counterpart of the receptive energy of Venus, Mars is that reactive, raw energy with which we defend ourselves when the times call for it," astrologer Narayana Montúfar tells Refinery29. For these reasons, Mars holds the key to keeping a relationship both physically and emotionally fulfilling. And understanding both sides of how Mars energy is expressed will give you the tools to better navigate both the steamy nights and the blow-up fights in your relationship.

The Venus Relationship

Venus is the planet of romance and influences all things beauty and pleasure (especially shared with others). Anything dealing with long-term partnerships, marriage, and romance can find its influence in Venus. Venus can show more than who or what you're attracted to, according to Indastro. Venus also governs our senses, which would lead to telling us something about how we express things like adoration, devotion, loyalty, and more — all of which are crucial for building a long-lasting relationship. Exploring how your Venus interacts with another person's birth chart can offer helpful insight into whether you're a pair that's built to last or if it's just another passing fling.

Of course, you'll want to look at both your Venus paired with your partner's Venus sign for sexual compatibility; but you should also make a point to compare your Venus with their other personal planets like their Sun, Moon, and Mars as well. These aspects between two people's charts can inform how you show adoration, what you value in another person, and of course, your flirting style (via Shape). It's important to note that Venus can also show you where to attract things in life –– including money, material goods, and opportunities (via Horoscope). Therefore, having complimentary Venus placements with a potential partner can be both a symbol of affection and attraction to one another, as well as a sign that your partnership could be potentially lucrative for the pair of you.

The Juno Relationship

In the birth chart, the asteroid Juno represents how your relationship story might unfold. By looking at what sign your Juno falls in, you can find what type of romantic partner you are, as well as the type of person you attract. In their book, "Asteroid Goddesses," astrologers Douglas Bloch and Demetra George explore the role that the asteroid Juno can help you grow in love and learn how to foster healthier romantic partnerships. "In synastry, Juno is the primary indicator of compatibility and karmic connection," write Bloch and George, "It represents the emotional and psychological needs that motivate us to seek marital union."

Named after the goddess of marriage and guardian of the feminine, Juno is most often looked at by astrologers as an indicator of long–term romantic compatibility and commitment. "Juno's energy speaks to relationships built on equality, support, and deep intimacy," astrologer Corina Crysler tells Well+Good. "This love manifests when we are ready to receive the love that we need, and not necessarily the love that we think we want." Whatever sign Juno occupies in your natal wheel shows the energy that will be prominent in the chart of your soulmate. For example, if your Juno is transiting through Leo, your soulmate will likely be someone brave, courageous, creative, and prideful.