The Surefire Sign That It's Time To Toss Your Makeup Brushes

While doing your makeup can be a relaxing and creative process for many, taking care of your makeup brushes can be tedious. It also can be confusing to know when it's time to say goodbye to them. Even though we all would want our makeup brushes to last us for years, there comes a time when you need to toss them in the trash. Knowing when the time is up on your makeup brushes can be confusing as it is hard to pinpoint their exact expiration date.


Depending on your usage, you'll want to ensure you're keeping an eye on your makeup brushes. Dermatologist Dr. Melissa Piliang tells Cleveland Clinic, "How often you should wash your brushes depends on what you're using. Any products that you use around your eyes should be washed every two weeks, even if it's a dry product like eye shadow or eyeliner because the eyes are more prone to infection." So while it can be tedious to clean or toss your makeup brushes, ensuring they are still healthy and safe is essential to proper makeup application and health safety.

When to throw away your makeup brushes

Even the most hygienic makeup lovers have to say goodbye to their makeup brushes at some point. IT Cosmetics suggests replacing your makeup brushes when the bristles are falling out or are very stiff, the handle is starting to deteriorate, the hairs are starting to look frayed, or the makeup brushes are no longer working like they used to. While cleaning your makeup brushes can help remedy some of these situations, once they start to occur despite constant cleaning, it is time to toss them.


The Skin Spot also suggests that, while each makeup brush will depend on how often you use it, synthetic fiber brushes can typically last up to a year if you wash them twice a week. On the other hand, makeup sponges can typically last up to around three months. In general, makeup brushes that have been around for longer than a year should automatically be replaced. Eye brushes should be replaced sooner as your eye is a sensitive area for infections.

So while your wallet may not be happy with constantly replacing your makeup brushes, it's in your best interest to toss them. Worn-out makeup brushes are not only going to give you splotchy application, but it makes you prone to bacteria and infections.


How to take care of your makeup brushes

Although there's no way to keep a makeup brush forever, there are steps to ensure it lasts the maximum amount of time. The simplest way you can extend the life of your makeup brushes (and other tools) is by giving them a weekly wash. Makeup suggests taking one day out of the week to clean your brushes with a brush cleaner and letting them dry out flat. When leaving your makeup brushes to dry, ensure they are lying flat or with your bristles facing down. You want to avoid them from standing upright as the water can make its way down and affect the fly that holds the bristles and handle together.


The American Academy of Dermatology Association suggests first rinsing your makeup brushes with water to remove excess makeup. Using your brush cleaner, give your makeup brushes a lather in a bowl or on the back of your hand. Rinse out your brush with water until the water runs clear. Once you've squeezed out the excess water, you can leave them to dry.

Keeping your makeup brushes clean and in top shape is the only way to ensure they can last you a little bit longer. However, once they've lost their shape and firmness, it's time to toss them for good.