Get In On The Fruit Art Nail Trend With These Design Inspos

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Each season, we love to challenge ourselves to explore all the hottest nail art trends. For instance, we enjoy DIY daisy print nails for an adorable floral look and the dopamine nail trend when we want to boost our moods with some vibrant nail designs and colors. Social media is an excellent source of inspiration whenever we want to discover new nail trends and ideas; Instagram is a go-to destination for finding new nail designs to experiment with, as are TikTok and Pinterest.


One exciting nail trend we see on social media looks good enough to eat: fruit nail art. More than 88,000 posts popped up when we searched #fruitnails on Instagram, and many videos came up on TikTok, too. We understand why so many people want to try this tasty trend — it looks delicious! But there are thousands of types of fruit to consider, so you may not know where to start when experimenting with fruit-inspired nail designs. Here are some fantastic options to serve as nail inspiration as you start exploring.

You can't go wrong with playful cherry nails

Cherry designs are arguably the most popular type of fruit-inspired nail art, as over a hundred thousand posts pop up for #cherrynails on Instagram. Since cherries have a relatively simple and recognizable shape — essentially two pinkish-red dots connected by slim green lines — these graphics are versatile options for nail art. For some looks, a single cherry bunch is the focal point of the design (via Instagram). Other times, you'll find multiple petite cherry designs on one fingernail. We've even found cherry nail art mixed with French manicures. The cherry-style options are endless, so have fun with them!


As long as you're willing to invest in the proper materials, creating cherry nail art isn't too advanced. A YouTube tutorial by Paulina's Passions shows one easy way to paint cherries on your nails, starting with a white coat as your background. Next, use a nail art tool to make two dots next to each other with red nail polish. With green polish on an ultra-slim nail art brush, paint a stem to connect the dots and add a little green leaf shape. If you want to make your cherries more realistic and detailed, use a tiny nail art tool to add mini white dots to the red cherries. Once the polish is dry, secure your design with a top coat and you'll be finished.

Watermelon nails are fun and refreshing

We can't think of any fruit as light and refreshing as watermelon, so why not rock that sweet, summery vibe on your nails? An excellent aspect of watermelon-inspired nails is that there are different ways to go about the design. Of course, there are emoji-looking mini-watermelon nail designs that you can achieve by going to a nail salon, studying moderately advanced tutorials, or purchasing decals. But there's another, easier way to make your nails look like actual watermelons, and it's a spin on a French manicure that involves pink, green, and black nail polish.


Anyone who wants to discover the steps for creating this look can learn from the technique used in a YouTube tutorial by Prettypolishes. The first step is putting a strip of tape on your nail, covering the tip. Next, apply two layers of hot pink polish to the exposed nail and then remove the tape. Then, fill in the unpainted tip of your nail with light green polish. When both colors are dry, use a slim white nail polish brush to add a skinny white line between the pink and green. After that, use a petite nail art tool to add your little black dots, which serve as the watermelon's seeds. By that point, your nails should look like watermelon slices, so once you're done and the polish is dry, simply add a layer of top coat.


Go bold with banana nail art

If you like upbeat yellow nails, why not flaunt a fruit-inspired variation with a banana nail design? While you can achieve this look through stickers or by visiting your local nail salon, you can also recreate it at home. And there's an easier way to rock this style than trying to carefully paint inside the lines to produce a yellow banana on your nail. We found a banana nail art design on Instagram that made us understand a more doable way to create the look. First, paint your entire nail in yellow polish. Then, use a black nail art pen to outline basic banana shapes on your nails. Finally, follow the banana outline with a black line inside to complete the banana graphic. Your yellow background will automatically fill in the shapes, gracing your nails with a fun, monochrome banana print!


Of course, you'll need reliable yellow nail polish for this design, such as the OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana Nail Lacquer, available for around $12. You'll additionally need a black nail art pen to draw your banana shapes. The Ardell Play Pen Art Pen sells for less than $10, plus comes in a number of other colors to further all your fruit designs.

Embrace your sour side with citrus-inspired nails

If you prefer citrus over sweeter fruits and berries, you're in luck, because there are a plethora of design options for citrus-inspired nail art. To start, why not opt for a sour yet bright lemon nail look? These vivid yellow nail designs are ultra-eye-catching thanks to the vibrant hue. Or, if you prefer green, try exploring lime nail art. And, of course, we can't forget about orange nail art for all the orange enthusiasts.


Anyone who wants to create lemon-inspired nail designs should start by purchasing a yellow nail art pen. Yellow Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are available for around $5 on Amazon and can help you effortlessly create your lemon shapes. Or, if you want a specific shade to create lime graphics, the Duri Nail Polish in NYC Apply Envy is Amazon's Choice of lime-green polishes and is available for around $10. You can easily apply this polish in the shape of limes with a nail art brush such as the Winstonia Super Fine Nail Art Brush Set, also available on Amazon for about $10. Or, use those nail art brushes to paint oranges with the China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners in the shade Orange Knockout, selling at Ulta for less than $9.


Get some sweet strawberry nail art

You didn't think we forgot about strawberries, did you? Strawberry nail art is super cute and stylish, and the red hue makes the sweet design appropriate for any time of the year. However, unless you're a professional, attempting to create strawberries on your nails could be somewhat challenging since these fruits have such specific shapes and details. With that said, decals are your best bet for achieving this cutesy look.


The DemiSHOP Cute Kawaii Strawberry Nail Stickers and Decals are Amazon's Choice, and it's no wonder, as they sell for only around $6 and aren't too difficult to apply. These convenient nail stickers will help you flaunt strawberry-inspired nails without any struggle, and they have an impressive rating of over 4 stars.

The Jmeowio 10 Sheets Strawberry Nail Art Stickers have earned the Amazon's Choice label, too, and offer plenty of variety for fruit lovers. Featuring both strawberries and other fruits, you can buy these nail art stickers for about $6 on Amazon. So, which fruit art nail design are you going to try first?