The Print Trends That Are Going To Be All Over Your Fall Clothing

Minimalists, beware. This fall, prints will reign supreme. Prints and patterns are a year-round closet staple, but they undeniably take a new turn in fall. Perhaps the biggest difference is color. During fall, prints often take a darker approach, but they remain far from subtle. Unlike the prints we often see during spring and summer, statement colors are not the main focus. Instead, the print itself makes the statement.

This fall, we're expecting to see rich neutral hues and jewel tones, such as caramels, berries, chocolates, blacks, and blues incorporated in our prints, according to Liz Lange, CEO and creative director of Figue (via The Zoe Report). These tones are more prominent than ever on classic prints. One great thing about this fall's hottest prints is that they truly are classic and have been around for decades. This means that it's easy to shop sustainability while staying on trend, as you can often find these printed pieces at your local thrift shop or on Depop.

If you're looking to grow your collection or build a fall wardrobe from the ground up, prints are a must. Here are a few of the key prints to look for.

Fall blooms

Florals for fall? Actually groundbreaking. After all, florals are not just for spring anymore. Moody florals with dark undertones are all the rage this fall season. Fashion designer Tanya Taylor tellsĀ The Zoe Report that she believes fall florals are more based on foliage rather than bouquets. Fall foliage includes all of the beautiful undertones we love to see in our fall wardrobes. Even if you find a summer dress with fall colors, it's easy to layer with tights or a sweater to make it appropriate for fall.

Walk on the wild side

It's a jungle out there! Animal print was a hit on this year's runways and we can definitely see why (via PatternBank). From leopard skin to zebra stripes, animal prints have always been in style, but this fall we are considering it as basically a new neutral. The neutral, yet eye-popping patterns are great to pair with your favorite fall basics like black turtlenecks and cute booties. One consistent animal print-staple piece is the leopard midi skirt we've seen year after year on everyone from Kate Middleton to Jessica Biel.

Who let the hounds out?

Houndstooth is a preppy staple print that is trending heavily for the fall season. This originally yarn-dyed print has woven its way onto some of the biggest fashion runways in the world. Since the late 1950s after being used in a collection by Christian Dior, it seems that every major fashion house has taken its turn using the print (via Our Everyday Life). Today, we see the houndstooth pattern both printed and woven on items from blazers to hats.

Preppy plaid

Another preppy print to incorporate into your fall wardrobe is classic plaid. Once only seen on school uniforms, plaid has become a staple in the fashion season. This fall, the trend is bigger than ever due to the rise of the dark academia aesthetic. Chanel used plaid on tweed in many of their fall fashion runway looks. Plus, who can forget Burberry? Burberry and plaid seem simultaneous at this point. Burberry's classic plaid print has proven time and time again that plaid will truly never go out of style.

Patch me up

The patchwork trend has been around the block this summer, as it has been seen on many celebrities, most recently Winnie Harlow (via Getty Images). This cool print trend is continuing into the fall season. Patchwork was once frowned upon in society, but now all of the it-girls can't get enough, which is proof that trends are ever-evolving. Whether in dresses, tops, or even denim, patched-up prints are set up to be huge this fall.