The Perfect Type Of Engagement Ring For Each Zodiac Sign

So, it's finally happened — you've found the one. There's possibly no better feeling in the world than when you and your partner begin to discuss the big topic — that's right, marriage. It's an important conversation signifying that both of you as a couple are ready to embark on a future side by side. But just as you and your significant other will live out your days together, so will you and the ring on your finger.

Choosing the right engagement ring is a huge deal. The dream dress that looks like it should be on an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress," the Pinterest-worthy wedding cake, the tuxedo you had designed for your dog's appearance — these are all just brush strokes in the ethereal portrait of your wedding. At the end of the day, it's your engagement and wedding rings that you'll have for the rest of your life as tangible evidence of your undying love for another human.

To ensure that your love for your bling will be as everlasting as your love for your partner, try basing your engagement ring design on your zodiac sign. "Finding the right engagement ring is based on one's personality," diamond and jewelry expert David Steinmetz tells InStyle. So since our zodiac signs define the root of who we are, they can inspire our ring styles to withstand the test of time. Take a look at the engagement rings that could be the perfect match for your sign.


If you're a Capricorn, you've likely been up since 4 a.m., are on your third shot of espresso, and you're reading this article in between Zoom meetings as your five diplomas hang on the wall in the background. You've been drinking coffee since you were 6 and have had your roadmap to success in life sketched out since pre-school. Capricorns are the perfectionists and no-nonsense diligent workers of the zodiac, per Horoscope. Since you're a bit closed off and don't let others in easily, finding your perfect match is absolutely something to be celebrated.

Engagement ring company Clean Origin notes that because Capricorns are structured, sophisticated, and practical, choosing an engagement ring that reflects tradition may be a great choice for you. For example, when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton — a Capricorn — he chose to ask for her hand by using his late mother Princess Diana's engagement ring. The choice was controversial and daring, but because of Capricorn's unwavering loyalty and love for family, this was the perfect option for her. Classic and vintage designs are sure to have a Capricorn's old soul swooning.

To really grasp the classic and vintage royal style, we recommend Brilliant Earth's Reina Diamond Engagement Ring. It is old-fashioned yet modern, and delivers the clean but detailed hardworking craftsmanship that is to die for in a Capricorn's eyes.


As an Aquarius, you're the one always inviting your friends to the hip new boho-chic coffee shop on the corner. You're the one figuring out how to make that leftover banana peel from lunch work as a piece of art to express your desire for the good of humanity. You absolutely loved that indie film about mimes that nobody else understood. Your ideas are out-of-the-box and zany, yet somehow genius. Aquarians are society members of their own universe, per Co-Star. As such, you need a ring that is just as unique as you are.

As noted by engagement ring company Tacori, Aquarians are well suited to "quirky and unusual" things, and an engagement ring should be no different. In fact, this is great news as far as what's trending right now. "I think the perspective has shifted. The value of a ring doesn't have to solely come from a set of rules determined by the jewelry industry — cut, clarity, carat, and color being the common ones," jewelry marketing manager Sriya Karumanchi tells Who What Wear. "The value is rooted in what you hold in the piece."

A fantastic engagement ring choice for an Aquarius would be the Mark Henry Solstice Alexandrite and Moonstone Ring. This design is nothing like your typical engagement style. It offers moonstone embedded in a bursting sun setting that's available in silver or gold — a piece that truly embodies the whimsical, iridescent vibrations that call to Aquarius.


After waking up at noon, you grab a bag of chips and light up some musky patchouli incense. You come up with a list of the 35 most creative ways to style an infinity scarf, and then fantasize about your ideas going viral. In fact, dreamland sounds like an even better place to get caught up in your own imaginary world, so it's back to sleep you go. But not before taking some time to worry about your bestie's job interview she has today — you're even more concerned about it than she is. If you're a Pisces, this probably sounds familiar.

Pisces are creative, empathetic, and also a bit more psychic than any other sign (via Horoscope). As far as your sense of style goes, Pisces tend to gravitate towards the more dream-like, mystical, and ethereal side of fashions, per Exemplore. Typical of your water sign nature, Pisces should be thought of in the types of accessories and colors that you may catch a glimpse of on an otherworldly nautical mermaid. Pearls, seashells, and aquamarine stones will send a Pisces off far away to the transcendental lands of their deepest thoughts and dreams.

Ken & Dana Design's Julie engagement ring is exactly what could bring a Pisces back down to earth. The waves, designed in sapphires, are truly hypnotic and captivating while fitting beautifully into the water-loving soul of the Pisces.


As an Aries, you are the one likely dismissing every other ring on the list and coming up with a game plan to make sure yours is better. You're already strategizing ultimate wedding blueprints and Googling the top-rated wedding cake vendors in your region before the engagement has even happened. You're angrily fuming at the thought of someone beating you at all things wedding, all while searching for the stress ball your therapist recommended you squeeze when needed. 

Aries' sense of style is thought to be just as striking and minimalistic, as noted by The Zodiac Style. Intense and passionate colors, like red, are likely at the forefront of your wardrobe. According to Tacori, Aries are bold, outspoken, and always one step ahead. You live life on your own terms, so it's only natural that your engagement ring is something as far from traditional as you can imagine.

Our top engagement ring pick for an Aries lies with the Flora Ring by Gemvara. This ruby stunner ignites all of those hot and steamy fires deep down in the heart of an Aries, all while keeping things untraditional and minimal-bold.


How was that herbal tea concocted of freshly foraged sprigs from your garden this morning, Taurus? Yes, we know all about your love for plants and nature, you are an earth sign after all. Right now you're probably nestled in a luxurious $300 cashmere blanket while working at home, because you perform best in the comfort of your independence. While you feel utter joy at the thought of cuddling up with a book by the toasty fireplace, you also tend to get lost in your love for the finer things in life.

Stubborn as a bull by nature, Taurus are fixed signs. This means you thrive on stability (via Co-Star). Thus, it only makes sense that a Taurus will be drawn to a meticulously forged design for an engagement ring — one that puts quality over quantity. As noted by The Zodiac Style, Taurus are exceedingly fond of fashion pieces that are built to last. In other words, an investment piece is the name of the game here.

Since your zodiac birthstone is a sapphire, Taurus, incorporating that into your ring is a fantastic choice. The H.L. Gross & Bro. Jewelers Verragio Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring features impeccable detailing and craftsmanship that would leave any Taurus gushing.


We're glad we caught your attention, Gemini, we know that's a hard thing to do. As you're switching between the 46 open tabs on your internet browser, you're probably chatting up a storm on the phone with your friend — hands dynamically flailing around as you're speaking. Your energy levels are unmatched, and we're a bit jealous of how well you can get the job done when you decide to actually focus on one project. If you've met the person who can handle the force of nature such as yourself, thinking about an engagement ring is a must.

As a jack of all trades, Geminis are known to have a bit of knowledge on just about anything, per Co-Star. Your charisma is what makes you both loved and hated throughout the zodiac, so your twin personality gets the best and worst of both worlds. In fact, according to Clean Origin, choosing a ring design that can match the varied nature of a Gemini could be the key to finding your perfect style.

Vrai's Toi et Moi Ring may be exactly what a Gemini needs. The ring features two different stones in alternate shapes, so this is ideal for the double-sided Gemini. Because you're a mutable sign that thrives on change and adaptation, having to choose just one style of ring sounds dull to you. So why not think outside the box with two?


It's okay, Cancer, really. You can stop worrying about your sister's dying rosemary plant and your grandfather's poodle's surgery at noon. Take some time to think about yourself every now and again, especially when you start talking about something major with your beau. We know you're the therapist of the zodiac, but sometimes the comfort you need is looking after yourself instead of others.

According to The Times of India, Cancer's hyper emotional sense can be one of their biggest downfalls. But if you've found the one person that can help balance that out — likely a fellow empathy-driven water sign — congratulations! As someone who may be a bit on the self-conscious side, per The Zodiac Style, it may seem rather intimidating to select a flashy diamond engagement ring. Sticking to something that allows you to feel comfortable underneath the surface of your hard and protective outer shell is going to be key.

The design of a three-stone engagement ring is said to represent the trinity of your partnership, including friendship, love, and fidelity, according to Zales. Rings connected to such symbolic, faithful, and sentimental aspects go directly hand-in-hand with Cancer's cosmic makeup and tendencies. Carat & Co.'s Simply Bridal Three-Stone Engagement Ring perfectly intertwines three gorgeous stones that could appeal to any big-hearted Cancer.


"Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Naomi Campbell?" These are the words of praise that affirmation-loving Leos need to hear in order to thrive. It doesn't matter if it's 8:05 in the morning or 30 minutes past midnight after sweating your booty off at a pop concert; you still look remarkable while your inner glow shines bright from sun up to sun down. Leos are the Beyoncé of their friend group and everyone knows it. You have a ring light set up at your desk with a mirror next to it so you can be camera ready for any incoming Zoom calls. As such, we fully expect to be shopping for new sunglasses just to catch a glimpse at your blinding engagement ring.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, Leos are a bit dramatic, but you can dish it out as much as you can take it, per Today. You have a way of making others feel special with your kind-hearted nature — a skill not many other signs have. Therefore, you deserve the engagement ring of your dreams. Leo style is vivacious and aims to turn heads (via The Zodiac Style).

You need a ring that's as fierce and strong as you are, so you should choose one that resembles the Tacori Emerald Three-Stone Ring. This engagement ring is settled in the lap of luxury, ensuring all eyes are focused you.


As a Virgo, you're most likely working on a spreadsheet detailing the itinerary for your upcoming holiday trip. Hearing your phone buzz, you reach over to read a text. Your hand is probably trembling with disgust as your dad spells out "your" instead of "you're" in his message. Wait, is that a hairline scratch on the screen? It's time — yet again — to write another formally worded email to Apple with bullet points listing exactly what they can do to improve their products.

Virgos are all about the details (via Co-Star). You're the ones who are going to catch every tiny, miniscule imperfection that nobody else could even see without a magnifying glass. In fact, according to The Zodiac Style, details are what make up a Virgo's wildly ravishing sense of fashion. You're known for always being ahead of the game due to your keen eye, so picking up on trends before they actually even happen is your specialty. And yes, you guessed it — a ring that can satisfy your love of intricacies is going to be your best match, Virgo.

Our style choice for the detail-obsessed Virgo is the Brilliant Earth Alvadora Diamond Bridal Set. The brand describes the piece as incorporating an "intricate halo of geometric lattice work and scintillating diamond accents," tying the piece together for a design you can appreciate for the rest of your life.


Libra, you probably spent a lot of time deciding if you should even read this article — adding more ideas to your engagement ring Pinterest board just sounds so stressful, right? As if it wasn't already cohesively designed by color to present a pleasing aesthetic for your followers. In the end, you open the article to take a peek because you wouldn't want to cause your fiancé-to-be any grief by not having options.

We understand the difficulty of making a decision, dear Libra. But the good news is, once you fall in love with a fashion piece, you're likely never to get tired of it. "It is a rare Libra indeed who allows themselves to be led by impulse," astrologer Amy Zerner tells Glamour. "If it appears they're acting on impulse, you can bet that a lifetime of consideration preceded that apparently impulsive act." She adds, "Consistencies that are beautiful and elegant are soothing to Libras," so it's important to really take your time deciding on your engagement ring.

According to The Zodiac Style, Libras adore using fashion to express their creative sides. Because of your passion for beauty and aesthetics, we recommend the Clean Origin Pela Vintage Ring. The detailing in this piece will satisfy the perfectionist in any Libra. Meanwhile, the art deco-style ring will dress up any outfit with a touch of elegance.


Admittedly, we're a bit glad we can't catch a glimpse of your currently smoldering, otherworldly gaze that would likely reach the very depths of our souls, Scorpio. You're probably sitting in your Victorian-goth inspired living room as the sun pierces in with only a tiny sliver of light extending onto the wall — which is adorned with Van Gogh's Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette in a black frame, of course.

As noted by Exemplore, Scorpio fashion is dark, intense, and your wardrobe probably consists of a lot of black leather. But this isn't because you're mean, Scorpio. In fact, Scorpio is thought to be the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. You're actually quite sensitive and very emotionally aware, per Horoscope. You wear your heart on your sleeve and your tough exterior is your shield against people hurting you — which you're very prone to. As such, a ring that represents the mystery and allure of all things Scorpio is going to be ideal for you.

Our engagement ring style choice for you, Scorpio, is the Camellia Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring Set. The velvety-rich emerald green gives off the dark and mystic vibes that Scorpio adores, while the art deco design gently plays with some gothic hints for a hauntingly mesmerizing ring.


Sorry Sagittarius, we know sitting out on the patio sipping on the Brunello di Montalcino you picked up the last time you were in Tuscany isn't quite the same as being there, but don't worry — you'll be back out on your world adventures soon enough. We think it's fantastic that you've likely got your nose stuck in the latest self-improvement philosophy book that hit shelves last week. But seriously, you've got to stop hitting the decline button when your boss is calling you.

Sagittarians are the adventurous, compassionate, talented, fearless rebels we all need as best friends (via The Times of India). You're not one to follow rules and you stray far from authority figures, but not in a malicious way. Your independence comes before all else. Fashion for you is no different. You're the one willing to take risks with glitter, sequins, and vibrant colors, per The Zodiac Style. Because of your jet-setting lifestyle, selecting a ring that will withstand all of your adventures while still commanding attention will be a perfect fit for you.

We absolutely love the Jared Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring for a Sagittarius. The protective bezel design is a necessity for someone always on the move — worrying about unsecured diamonds is the last thing you need on your next hiking trip in the misty mountains of New Zealand. The classic circle shape symbolizes your desire for connection, philosophy, and timeless beauty.