The Fall Knitwear Trends You Need To Know About

We all know that knitwear is a must-have for any fall season. There's nothing quite like cozying up inside your favorite knit sweater on a rainy fall day. Thankfully, a new fashion season also brings in a new way to wear your favorite knits. Like other trends, knitwear is getting remixed this season. These new types of knitwear are perfect if you want to bring some of the fall vibes into your wardrobe.

Fashion stylist Denise Caldwell tells USA Today, "You can wear it to lounge around the house or if you need to run a quick errand, you have some knitwear on that makes you feel good and like you got dressed with minimal effort." Because knitwear is such a versatile piece, it makes it perfect for those days when you need to dress up but don't want to waste energy or time putting an outfit together. With these knitwear trends, you can ensure your fall season is filled with cozy chicness.

1. Printed knits

One of the most creative ways you can style your knitwear this fall season is by adding printed and graphic knits. Wearing a graphic or printed knit can be the perfect way to add a statement piece to your outfit without sacrificing comfort. Etro Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear's show is an example of how you can use a printed knit sweater to elevate your fall look. Mixing in prints in any outfit lets you better express your sense of style than perhaps a neutral one could. These printed knit sweaters are also a good reminder of the retro fashion that is coming back in full force.

Another example of using both graphic and printed knit sweaters would be the Anna Sui Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show. At this show, Sui showcased knits in different types of designs, from tops to sweaters in graphics and prints. Sui also used prints and graphic knits in combination with matching prints to create a monochromatic statement look. This makes printed/graphic knits the most comfortable way to turn heads in the fall.

2. Head-to-toe knit sets

If choosing just one knit is too much, the good news is that head-to-toe knits will be on trend for fall. Because knits are so beloved, wearing a completely knit outfit is bound to be one of the most popular outfits to wear this fall season. 

Whether you wear a knitted dress, knit a matching set, or layering different knit pieces, wearing a head-to-toe knit is the perfect way to sport this fabric to its maximum. Gigi Ji, head of the brand and business development of Kokolu, tells Life & Style, "We're seeing a huge rise in popularity in layered knit looks throughout the fashion world this year. Knit matching sets are perfect for winter. They're warm and easy to wear. I recommend trying a set in a bold color like fuschia, which has been quite popular recently." Wearing one cohesive element throughout your outfit also serves as a great way to create an outfit that looks much more expensive than it might be. 

Having a knit set also helps with practicality as it eliminates the decision-making process. Simply grab your knit set, and you are ready to go. Vogue's Executive Fashion Director, Rickie De Sole, explains, "For me, the ease of a structured knitwear set fulfills my desire to look put-together and simultaneously comfortable." Having a matching knit look is the perfect way to show off your knit with little fuss.

3. Glamourous knits

Just because you want to be cozy doesn't mean you can't dress up as well. A well-known fact about 2022 trends is that they are mixing practicality with style. Just because you opt for a comfortable design or fabric doesn't mean it can't also be a chic piece. For Fall 2022, this concept is brought into our knits. 

Lindsey Smecker, principal of ESP TrendLab, tells TZR all about this fusion of dressed-up and casual, "Return of glamour with embellished knitwear with sequins, pearls, crystals, or feather details." Smecker mentions this is part of an "elevated loungewear" trend that we have picked up in recent years. 

Adding sequins, metallics, and other statement aspects to our knitwear is part of this notion of 'dopamine dressing' that we picked up during the lockdown portion of the pandemic. Because we spent much of our time in these comfortable styles, there's no reason why we can't keep wearing them moving forward. Heather Gramston, head of womenswear buying at Browns, tells Refinery29, "Dressing up has evolved post-lockdown, and after months of wearing exclusively loungewear, these fashion knits, and bras perfectly bridge the gap between being sexy and comfortable while not compromising on style." So instead of saving those fancy knits for the holiday season, bring them out for the fall season for an extra glimmer.

4. Crochet knits

With the recent boom in DIY fashion, crochet knits are the newest pieces you need in your fall wardrobe. Adding a bit of crochet to your knits adds a point of interest and color to your outfits that give you something different than your typical knit cardigan. 

Part of the appeal of crochet knits comes from the public's need to have items that are more personal and warm. Since fashion is becoming more about one's personality, people are looking for items that feel like home to them and give the sense of something more human. Designer Joseph Altuzarra tells Harper's Bazaar, "I think everyone is looking for pieces that they relate to on an emotional level, things that feel like more than just product. I personally respond to pieces that feel like they are one-of-a-kind, unique finds, pieces that are made by hand."

Although crochet has a stigma around it that reminds people of a boho-era fashion, there are plenty of ways to make crochet chic for fall. Looking at Altuzarra's Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear show, you can see exactly how Joseph Altuzarra took this personal sentiment of crochet and made it high-fashion. One way you can incorporate more crochet into your fall look is by having it detailed in jackets or cardigans for a small, dainty touch of this beloved new trend.

5. Extra chunky and oversized knits

Nothing says fall season more than an extra oversized knit. If we have seen anything in recent times about fashion trends, it's that the bigger the piece, the better. Oversized and chunky knits have recently hit the runways and stores in exaggerated volumes and caused a stir in the industry. One example of a designer that took chunky sweaters to a whole new level was Simone Rocha. At the Simone Rocha Fall 2021 Ready-To-Wear show, the designer showed oversized chunky knit sweaters belted. By belting an oversized chunky sweater, you can create a shape out of a huge sweater.

Although these larger-than-life chunky sweaters may seem like too much for the ordinary day, there are plenty of ways to style them practically. The Whistles Oversized Chunky Sweater is the perfect solution how to incorporate this trend without feeling like you are drowning in fabric. With almost all of their pieces sold out, this specific piece creates an oversized look but retains its shape. All of these oversized chunky knits can be styled with over-baggy items for a complete '90s style or with a tighter bottom to create a balance.