How To Style Platform Boots This Fall

Platform boots are the iconic foundation many a '90s grunge look has been built upon, and this fall, they're back, baby. Unlike traditional high heels or stilettos, these high-rise boots are made for walking. They offer better balance and are less detrimental to the balls of your feet than other high-heeled options, according to Bartlett Foot Center, all while still looking elevated (literally) and fiercely fashionable.

If you're new to platforms, they can feel a little intimidating to style at first. However, once you get the hang of it, the looks you can pull off are endless. And fall boot season is the perfect time to start experimenting. If you're ready to try out some edgier (and more comfortable) alternatives to standard heels, here are five inspiring looks to get your creative juices flowing. Pick your favorite 'fit, tweak it to suit your personality, and you'll be rocking the platform boot trend just like Gigi Hadid and Keke Palmer (via Page Six) in no time.

Keep it classic with jeans and a hoodie

If you're just starting out with platforms, reach for what you're already comfortable with. A pair of casual cropped, cuffed, and/or ripped jeans and a cozy sweater or hoodie take on a new edge when paired with low-platform combat boots. You'll be just as comfortable as you would be in chucks or slipper boots, but you'll feel like a whole new you who takes zero nonsense from anyone. Replace the hoodie with a sweater, a cropped version, or even a long-sleeved tee shirt. Just keep the vibe casual. You want to look like you're barely trying at all, even if you're secretly trying pretty hard (via Instagram).

Embrace the darkness and go grunge

Halloween season is the perfect time to toy with going full grunge. Turn to '90s fashion icon Fiona Apple (via Nylon) or TikTok user @Vera_pun27 as you piece together your perfectly dark ensemble. If you're all about a form-fitting silhouette and showing some skin, go for fitted jeans, a cropped tank, and a blazer. If you prefer a looser fit and more coverage, reach for a structured skirt and oversized sweater. Consider textures like lace or mixing grays in with black if you're not a fan of a purely monochromatic look.

Pair a long flowy dress with combat boots

Opposites attract, right? That is definitely the case when a long, flowy, feminine dress meets a rugged utilitarian combat boot. The best of both worlds, really. The more delicate the patterns and colors of the dress and the more rigid and masculine the boots, the better. You can also match the structured vibe of the boots with a jacket or blazer, then match semi-formal jewelry and accessories to the dress. This style is all about contrast, so maximize it wherever and however you can (via Instagram).

Confuse all the cliques by combining an ultra-preppy outfit with punk boots

If you've ever seen a teen movie, you know that everyone is supposed to fit nicely into a convenient box built by society to make it easy to separate people into neat piles. Even if you've long left your high school years behind, it can be fun to buck that system. Reach for the nearest schoolgirl skirt or plaid pants. Pair with a turtleneck, tank, or crisp uniform button-down. Maybe add a varsity or bomber jacket like TikToker Then, just step into your favorite black platform boots. 

Go full glam with a semi-formal gown and sky-high platforms

For your next event, try playing down your gown and playing up your new footwear. Allow your sleek, show-stopping platform boots to steal the stage by pairing them with a beautiful but understated dress. Keep your jewelry, accessories, hair, and makeup simple and low-key to let the boots really have their moment to shine. Not only will you make a splash in the party photos and with the other guests but you'll also avoid the next-day stiletto foot pain too (via Instagram).