5 Signs That Your Friendships Are Healthy And Built To Last

There is nothing better in life than a best friend. We know keeping strong friendships is good for our minds, our bodies, and our souls. According to the Mayo Clinic, friends have a big role in our overall health, and adults who have strong social bonds have fewer risks of any significant ailments, including things like depression and obesity. If you've ever lost track of time talking, laughing, and enjoying your friend's company, you can see how true this is.

However, there have been recent studies explaining that friendships are on the decline. American Survey Center says that people have been showing more interest in the friendship topic lately but haven't been playing a role in the social life that once kept friendships alive and opened us up to making new friends. Because friendships are so important to our overall well-being, it's important to keep the ones that are deep and true. Here are five signs that your friendship is healthy.

1. You love to share

One way to tell if you have a solid friendship is if you are wanting to share things with this person. Sharing anything from food to memes to seemingly pointless stories or events throughout your day is an important impulse that can tell you if your friendship is going to last (via Psychology Today). If you feel yourself holding back in any way, it may be an indication that your relationship with this friend isn't sitting on solid ground, and it may not be the truest connection you can have.

2. You cheer each other on

The best sign of a healthy friendship is if this friend supports you in your success. There is no competition in a friendship that is built to last. According to Better Help, " Whether you live together or are thousands of miles apart, a truly supportive friendship will feel secure and overall just good, with both of you knowing that you are appreciated, validated, and loved by the other whether you talk often or not." With a good friend, you should feel like they cheer you on when you are succeeding and are there to comfort you when things aren't so good.

3. You think of them fondly

It may sound simple, but a good indication that you have good friends is if your initial thought of them is positive. If you think of calling or texting your friend and have any sort of dread, it could be a sign that this isn't a healthy friendship. There will be times when you and your friend have a disagreement or your relationship has some faults, but a healthy friendship makes room for positive thoughts about getting together with your friend (via Psychology Today). If thinking of getting together with your friend gives you pause, consider what is causing you to feel this way, and proceed with caution with your trust and time.

4. You speak the truth

It's most beneficial if you can find a friendship where each person is allowed to speak the truth, no matter how hard it may be to hear or speak. Of course, the person speaking the truth should be gentle and respectful with their friend, but an open form of communication is vital for a friendship to be honest and thrive (via The New York Times). Although it won't be easy all of the time, feeling comfortable with sharing the truth with your friend will keep your relationship and your friend in a healthy place.

5. You respect and trust them

Finally, there cannot be a solid friendship built if only one person in the relationship trusts and respects the other. If both you and your friend trust each other, the quality of your friendship will be incredible (via New York Post). If you respect each other enough to know when you need space, when you need advice, and when you just need to be quiet and present, your connection will continue to grow throughout the ages.

If you pour into your friendships with your time, energy, and trust, you will benefit in countless ways. In order to determine whether or not your friendship is built to last, evaluate how you feel when you think of them, commit to being present and supportive, and speak the truth when you can. A friendship with these qualities is irreplaceable, and life with a person by your side, no matter what, is second to none.