Headbands Will Be Your Chicest Fall Accessory - Here's How To Rock One

Fall's hottest accessory is most likely one you wore plenty in elementary school to grow out your bangs. With the resurgence of many '90s and early 2000s trends, headbands were bound to make a comeback. As you grew up, so did your headbands. Now, headbands are just as popular for today's adults as they are for kids.

Headbands date all the way back to ancient Greece but didn't start gaining popularity as a fashion accessory until the 1920s when flappers used them to help their hair stay put during dances (via Sheep & Stitch). Since the '20s, the headband has stuck around as a staple fashion accessory, and though variations of the headband changed in popularity, there is no doubt it is an everlasting accessory.

This fall, however, headbands are extra trendy and popping up all over our social media feeds. From street-style star Matilda Djerf to model Bella Hadid, all the fashion "it-girls” are rocking a variety of headbands (via Instagram). If you want to hop on the headband train, all aboard! Here are five chic ways to rock a headband this fall.

The wide athletic headband

Many people credit the resurrection of the wide athletic headband to influencer Matilda Djerf, who is now a designer and creates these wide headbands herself for her brand, Djerf Avenue. Since Djerf first began posting in these headbands, it seems to have become a cult classic with many other influencers and celebrities following suit. Most people are styling the wide athletic headbands with their hair down and in everyday attire, not just with traditional athletic wear.

The padded headband

Padded headbands have been trending since 2019 when Prada sent its models strutting down the runway dolled up in the hair accessory. Since then, we have seen almost every brand create its own version of the puffy headband. The puffed-up headbands give off a more luxurious feel, which is why we have seen everyone from Kate Middleton to Hillary Clinton wearing the trend (via Instagram). These headbands are often styled with business casual attire, such as dresses and suits.

The skinny headband

The traditional skinny headband is perhaps the most classic, especially for a simple look. The plain plastic or cardboard headband comes in a variety of colors and pairs well with almost any outfit. A prep staple, skinny headbands were even seen throughout many episodes as an accessory on the 2000s hit "Gossip Girl" (via The Vulture). Today, we still see skinny headbands being used as a core accessory for the preppy aesthetic, along with other more bohemian aesthetics. 

The zig-zag headband

An early 2000s favorite of Beyoncé's was the zig-zag headband (via Instagram). Today, we have seen the same trend on shows like "Euphoria" and even on Bella Hadid. This headband causes a unique zig-zag pattern in the hair as it pushes it back. Most people choose to leave their hair down with this style, though it can also be cute to use this headband when your hair is in a bun. With Y2K fashion once again making its rounds, this is a headband style we can only expect to see grow. The hairstyle pairs perfectly with a Y2K aesthetic outfit or your everyday clothes.

The knotted headband

Whether done on elastic headbands or hard, classic ones, the knot on top of the headband is a trendy style. These knots add an extra flair to a classic headband, so you look put together even on a no-makeup and sweatpants day. The knotted headband is usually made with a printed fabric that is knotted on top of the headband. Some common prints include leopard, plaid, and floral. We often see these styled with business casual and preppy outfits (via Instagram).