Why Scorpio Season Is So Important In 2022

Scorpios are one of the most intense signs in the zodiac. They represent death, rebirth, and transformation because of their ability to delve into the underworld (via Zodiac Arts). It's no surprise then that the stinging scorpion's birth dates are during Halloween and Samhain, a time when the veil thins between worlds and "spooky" energy is at an all-time high. Scorpio season always brings with it a pivotal time of deep inner work and evolution if you decide to work with it consciously. This year the metamorphosis energy is even more heightened than usual because of two major eclipses crossing the sky.


Eclipse season is always a doozy and can kick off significant changes in your life with an expedited force. They are the universe playing its wild card and are not for the faint of heart if you're not prepared. Luckily, they can be a personal trick up your sleeve if you're clever enough to harness their energies. It's a potent time for manifesting and can be a portal of massive change. This year while the moon does elliptical cartwheels and the sun dives into Scorpio, we're being challenged to surrender to transformation and become exactly who we've always wanted to be. Just hold on tight for any cosmic turbulence on your way there.

You could experience sudden change that transforms your life

On October 23, the Sun entered Scorpio, immediately setting the backdrop for transformational healing and emotional deep dive. According to expert astrologers at Café Astrology, the new moon solar eclipse will occur on October 25th at 6:50 eastern time. Solar eclipses are particularly powerful because the moon is passing directly between the sun and the earth, giving them the power to literally eclipse something right out of your life (via Space). This eclipse is also paired with the new moon in Scorpio, carrying with it intense energies to begin anew, to reinvent oneself, and to deeply transmute any karma or ancestral trauma. Sound a little dramatic? Drama is Scorpio's first name, and headlining is the eclipse. If you decide to consciously work with the energies at play, you have the potential to magically upgrade and upshift your life.


According to astrologer Lisa Stardust from Today, eclipses also activate the lunar nodes or the nodes of destiny. This is why eclipses tend to bring sudden change or turn the dial up on time. While we have free will, this is the one chance the universe has to realign our paths to better walk towards a greater destiny. During this transit, the south node of destiny will be housing Scorpio, urging us to release what we no longer need. We are being asked to let go of old baggage and initiate shadow work in order to cleanse before we ascend. 

Trust the change and stay grounded

After the new moon eclipse on the 25th, the Scorpio energies heighten when Mercury enters the water sign on October 29th (via Café Astrology). We're deep in the eclipse trenches and in between portals, while Mercury deepens our understanding on a subconscious level of the transformations at play. According to the Astro Twins, Mars, the planet of action, is also working its way backward in Gemini at this time, possibly resurfacing chaotic ideas, projects, and romantic restlessness. The eclipses, however, will still position Scorpio at the south node and Taurus at the north node. Taurus, in particular, is helping us to stay grounded, stabilize, and create foundational success for ourselves. 


On November 8th, we will experience a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. After leaving Scorpio's tumultuous waters, this full moon is allowing for positive change that encourages structural abundance. Taurus wants you to know that your dreams are possible and to stay committed to the vision you have for yourself. If the eclipse moved people, things, or living situations out of your reality, it's because the universe is granting you a clean slate to build a better life. Use this full moon to release fears about yourself and the future you are creating. This is the beginning of something beautiful but start laying the bricks of your new world sooner than later.