Hot Yoga May Be A Great Workout, But How Does It Affect Your Skin?

The mental and physical advantages of hot yoga are astounding. Most hot yoga classes consist of 90 minutes of meditation and physical exertion in rooms heated to anywhere between 92 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, per Inspired Living. Proponents of hot yoga will tell you that the benefits are endless. The yoga poses tone our bodies, the quiet space adds clarity, and the endurance required for each pose supplies us with mental strength. With all of the moisture coming off our bodies via sweat, you would think that this practice would be incredible for our skin's hydration. 


Even though the glow of our skin after a hot yoga class is wonderful, there could be problems brewing under the surface. Our faces have a flush of color and our skin is moist and vibrant looking, but inflammation could be sneaking in to negatively affect our complexions (via Evolation Yoga). Some people claim that the heat from a hot yoga class works wonders for their skin, but for others, this very exercise is the reason their face is breaking out now more than ever.

How hot yoga affects the skin

Because hot yoga detoxifies, increases circulation, and helps our bodies to become flexible, it seems like the perfect workout. However, because it heats up the body, inflammation works its way into our skin. Excessive inflammation can cause collagen to break down, allowing for our skin to become irritated more easily, per Healthline. According to L'Oréal's beauty blog, this exposure to heat often leads to sweat, which can then clog pores. 


A common result of clogged pores is the skin breaking out. Surrounding yourself with extreme heat for long periods of time can also account for any dark brown spots or age spots that start to appear. Additionally, Healthline explains that exposure to heat can make your veins more visible by growing your existing blood vessels and creating new ones. If you are attending hot yoga and experiencing any of these skin issues, there are things you can do to help your skin maintain its natural, healthy glow.

Protecting your skin during hot yoga

In order to set your skin up for success, make sure to show up to your yoga class with a clean face free from makeup, per Evolation Yoga. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your yoga practice, and definitely exfoliate your face after your practice is over (via Zwivel). Add a topical moisturizer for further hydration, and your skin should respond well to this care. In addition, explains that you don't have to wait until you get home to clean your face. Instead, bring along your skincare products to the yoga studio and clean your face as soon as you finish your workout. 


If you have fallen in love with hot yoga, but you do not want to sacrifice your glowing, healthy skin, there are ways to have your cake and eat it too. Just make sure to show up to yoga hydrated, and work to keep your face fresh and clean before and after your class.