How To Achieve The Trendy Octopus Haircut

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First, there was Farrah Fawcett with the shag, and then the mullet came raging in. Then the wolf cut went viral on social media, a hairstyle Hair Adviser describes as a new combo of the shag from the '70s and the mullet from the '80s. These hairstyles, along with Rachel Green's iconic haircut from "Friends," have now led us to the octopus haircut, a haircut with a mix of choppy layers, bangs, and a lot of edge. 


If you're wondering why this style is called an octopus haircut, it's because of the shape. As hairstylist and artistic director Fabio Scalia explains, the octopus haircut is done by creating a top layer of hair that gives a round shape (like a mullet, but not quite) while thinning out the rest of the hair that hangs down (via Fabioscalia). This round shape up top makes the "head" of the octopus look disconnected from the rest of the hair, which contains layers that form the "tentacles."

As explains, the top of this style is also where we see the difference between the wolf cut and the octopus haircut. The wolf cut is voluminous all over while the octopus has more volume around the head and thins out as it goes lower. According to Latest Hairstyles, the haircut is great for several face types, as the bangs flatter any face shape. But you might need a blowout if you have curly or kinky hair, as the octopus is best done on straight or wavy hair.


How to get the octopus hairstyle

For an intricately layered hairstyle like the octopus haircut, it's best to skip the DIY and get it done at a professional salon. To get the best results, L'Oréal Paris says to always take along pictures as inspo for your stylist. Screenshots of the look on a celebrity or from a hairstylist's page are great ways to represent what you're going for and lessen the chance of getting something different. According to Mane Addicts, this haircut involves lots of shaping around the face. So be sure to ask your hairstylist questions about where the bangs will end, how thinned out the tentacle section of the hair will be, and how rounded or disconnected the top layer will look. 


Different stylists have different techniques when it comes to the octopus haircut. Some hairstylists like to start the octopus haircut by creating the fringe or bangs and use it as a guide to creating the disconnected or rounded part (per Modern Salon). Others like to start by pulling the lower sections of hair into a ponytail, trimming the top section to your nape, and shaping from there (per Associated Hair Professionals). Either way, be sure to discuss with your stylist and watch the magic happen.

How to maintain and style your octopus haircut

With layers and a shag-adjacent style, the octopus haircut has a slightly messy, edgy feel to it. This is why it's perfect for anyone seeking a break from conventional, put-together hairstyles. Since it's slightly disheveled by the nature of its layers, the octopus haircut is pretty low maintenance and does not take much to style in the morning (per All Things Hair). To maintain the look, Aveda says to leave the hot tools, opt for air drying instead, and use a styling or volumizing product to preserve the texture of your layers. For instance, the Kérastase Densifique Densimorphose Hair Mousse is a fan-favorite thickening product that uses hyaluronic acid to support thin hair.


Of course, your hair will grow out, and that might ruin the haircut. To keep the octopus head-and-tentacles silhouette, Shampoo Lounge recommends getting regular trims done at the salon. And for some extra character, Latest Hairstyles says you can add flipped ends, color or add some highlights to your bangs, and even make your layers tousled or textured. With the octopus hairstyle, the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours.