Is A Moisture Sandwich Just What Your Skin Needs?

As we head into cooler months, one thing that happens to many of us is a dry skin takeover. There are many things that can cause your skin to dry out. If you live in a dry, windy climate; if your house is heated by fireplaces or furnaces; or if you strip away your face's own natural oils by taking long, hot showers. You can even strip away moisture by drying or rubbing your face too much after washing (via Mayo Clinic). No matter the cause, dry skin is a problem that plagues many this time of year.


However, there may be a new approach worth trying when it comes to combatting dry skin. This new trend emerging on social media is called a "moisture sandwich." This idea first began on Reddit and seems to be growing like wildfire. Now, Instagrammers like Charlotte Parler and sharing the benefits of the sandwich method. So, if you struggle with dry skin and lips, perhaps a moisture sandwich is the remedy you need.

How to achieve a moisture sandwich

To achieve a proper moisture sandwich, you must work to trap moisture in your skin during your skincare routine. First, dampen your skin with a light mist or splash water on your face. Next, apply the product with the most liquid-like consistency, like a serum or oil (via Martha Stewart). Finally, lock in that moisture with a thick occlusive like Vaseline or a night cream (via Good Housekeeping). The reason this process is such a game changer is that it locks moisture in by trapping the liquid-like substance on your skin with a thicker balm.


To achieve hydrated lips, the process is the same. After applying water to your lips, apply some moisturizer. Although we normally apply moisturizer to the skin on our face, it works well to hydrate lips, too. Any face cream will work as long as the cream doesn't carry any retinol or hard chemicals (via Systeme 41). Finally, top everything off with the thicker balm that does not include ingredients such as camphor or menthol, which can actually dry out your lips.

Things to consider regarding your skin

Applying a moisture sandwich to your skin could be exactly what your skin needs to stay healthy and rejuvenated. According to Martha Stewart, "this method improves the complexion's barrier by decreasing the rate of water loss and providing additional ingredients to support overall skin health." If you are prone to dry skin, experts recommend repeating this routine daily to improve hydration and overall complexion.


Although most skin types can benefit from a moisture sandwich, beware if you are acne prone or have oily skin. Some occlusives can clog pores and can leave skin with a shiny exterior. If this is the case, try to substitute your occlusive product for a lighter balm (via Good Housekeeping).

The moisture sandwich is growing in popularity because of its dry skin healing ability. As winter makes its way in, our skin must fight many elements to stay hydrated. By locking in moisture and combatting dry skin in this way, a moisture sandwich could be just what your skin needs.