Easy Hair Hacks That Anyone Can Master

Women spend approximately 55 minutes a day on their appearance, which amounts to about two full weeks per year (via Today). Most of that is spent on one task: hair care. Taking care of your hair is most likely the hardest part of your daily hygiene routine. Your hairstyle can make or break your look, and, unfortunately, most of us don't wake up with perfect hair. In a perfect world, we would wake up with beautiful tousled waves, but it's a knotted mess that can take an hour to fix instead. Other factors, like the weather and your hair type, can also cause hair struggles. Whether you are looking to get a cute hairstyle or keep your hair healthy, it can be hard to make the time. We have busy schedules and don't have the time to spend hours perfecting our hair.

Luckily, simplicity can be key, with hacks proving to be quite essential. Frizzy, short hair, or long, thin hair, we have your back! No matter your hair type and struggles, these stylist-approved hacks are guaranteed to save you time and sanity when fixing your hair.

Voluminous ponytail

Tired of flat, boring ponytails? You aren't alone! Luckily, there is a simple trick that can make your ponytail more voluminous in less than five minutes. To begin, separate your hair into a top layer and a bottom layer. Tie up your hair as you would in a normal ponytail using only hair in the top layer. Then, secure this hair away using a clip, while you create another ponytail with the lower section of hair (via TikTok). Let down the first ponytail and this hack will create the illusion that you have one long and thick ponytail on your head.

Tame flyaways

Flyaways hairs are those unruly short strands that stick up all over the head, rather than laying flat. These tiny hairs are pesky and can truly ruin an otherwise good hair day. Luckily, there is an easy hack using an unusual tool to tame these annoying flyaways. Usually used for makeup, a kabuki brush will be used for this hack. Simply spritz a kabuki brush with a tiny bit of hairspray then rub the brush over flyaways to smooth them down (via YouTube).

Easy updos

If you are looking for an easy updo for those days you need your hair out of the way, look no further! Stylist Chris Appleton went viral on TikTok for this easy two-step updo. It only takes about 30 seconds to recreate this cute look. First, pull your hair up into a tight ponytail. Then, split your ponytail into two sections, and tie them into a knot. Pin any excess hair sticking out back into the bun with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray to secure the look. This leaves you with a put-together updo with minimal effort.

Headband curls

Want tight curls that last all day without heat damage or the effort of using a curling iron? Sounds like headband curls are the hack for you! To get beautiful curls, simply start with an elastic headband around your crown of damp hair. Begin wrapping strands of hair around the headband until all of your hair is wrapped in the headband (via YouTube). Leave your hair in this position for several hours or sleep in the headband overnight before letting your locks loose. Voila! When you let your hair down, it will be curly and beautiful.

Quick waves

Hairstylist David Lopez shares with PopSugar that one of his favorite blowout hacks provides beach waves in under five minutes. Creating waves with your straightener or a curling wand can take upwards of 30 minutes, while this look is fast and requires much less manual work. To ensure that the hair stays wavy throughout the day, Lopez recommends using a texturizing spray before beginning this process. Simply spin your hair into two tight twist sections while it's damp, and blow dry them in that position. When the hair is totally dry, let go and tousle it.