The Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Judge You

Carl Jung said, "Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge." It's true that thinking requires more reasoning, logic, and even compassion. Judging people bypasses deep understanding and tends to operate from a surface-level or materialistic plane. So why do some people resort to criticizing rather than open-mindedness? Well, astrologers believe the answers could be in the stars, with the twelve zodiac signs representing the twelve different personality archetypes making up humanity (via Complete Horoscope). Being hypercritical is a trait found in several zodiac signs that function as different identities in the wheel of astrology. 


We're not giving these judgmental signs a pass for their critical ways. It's also not a green light to practice ignorance or insensitivity to others. Judgmental energy can, in fact, be used in good and is necessary for certain aspects of life. However, when out of balance, it feels very low vibrational and unnecessarily fault-finding. Keep reading to find out which signs have been blessed or cursed with the gift of judgment.

Analytical Virgos

Virgos are the analytics of the zodiac, according to astrologers at Astro. They have a keen eye for organization, order, and refinement. As an Earth sign, they are extremely disciplined, responsible, and committed to anything they put their mind to (via Tarot). They tend to operate in service to others and are great gift givers, incredibly nurturing and are constantly thinking of others. Their obsession with perfectionism, however, can be their greatest detriment. They have the uncanny ability to see everyone and everything at their greatest potential, landing them an unwavering critical eye. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they can't help but notice the five things that need improving about you.


A Virgo's purpose is always linked to perfectionism, as they are always seeking a higher organizational structure. Unfortunately, this lends them to be highly judgmental, though astrologers at Co-Star claim it's always with good intentions. If you want an honest opinion on something, ask a Virgo. They will tell you the truth and then some. Their precision eye is constantly sifting and sorting through good and bad. They simply can't help but judge others and their surroundings for the sake of idealism.

Determined Capricorns

Like Virgos, Capricorns are also an Earth sign, gifting them the energy of stability, practicality, and perseverance, per Tarot. They are depicted as a goat climbing a mountain, symbolizing their determination for success and willpower to reach new heights (via Café Astrology). Because of their motivation to work hard and responsible diligence, Capricorns have a no-nonsense capability about them and do not tolerate laziness or idleness. They're turned off by those lacking direction and tend to judge those who don't have goals or incentives. As one of the most learned signs of the zodiac, they see right through incompetence and have a low tolerance for carelessness.


As the climbers of the zodiac, according to Astro, Capricorn's determination to reach the top of the mountain also turns assessments internal. They are constantly evaluating whether they are working hard enough, making them their own worst critic. Their mission is to overcome their workaholic mentality and return to a state of balance and acceptance to free themselves of constantly setting new goals and benchmarks. 

Indulgent Taurus

Like Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is also an Earth sign, exemplifying how the Earth element lends itself to judgmental energy because of its obsession with practicality. According to astrology experts at Astro, Earth signs when out of balance can lack imagination, become too rigid, and even be narrow-minded. Taurus, which is depicted as the stubborn bull, is the sign of strength, stability, and sensuality. This Earth sign operates from its senses and loves to indulge in good food, sex, and cozy surroundings. 


Their love of material things, however, can lead to short-sightedness that is motivated by money and pragmatism. If not careful, astrologers at Co-Star assert that they can be driven by greed and materialism, making them extremely critical of those who have without. As a fixed sign, they are stubborn and obstinate, making it hard to change their mind. When judging others, they may only perceive them one way, failing to look at the complexity of gray areas of life. Their mission is to overcome shallow behavior and to balance any overindulging.

Balanced Libras

Represented as the scales, Libras are the justice system of the zodiac (via Café Astrology). They operate deeply from a place of judgment that seeks out fairness, diplomacy, and kindness. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, romance, and partnership, per Co-Star. Libras are constantly seeking balance and assessing who they are in relationship to others. If things feel out of wack, halfhearted, or out of balance, they will quickly float on to the next lover. 


As an air sign, they are incredibly intellectual and social, with a constant need to interact with others (via Tarot). However, as the shameless flirt who seeks balance at all costs, Libras can automatically detect what others are missing and will simultaneously tell you what you need to hear. Unfortunately, this gains them the stereotype of being "fake," as reported by Vice, who claims these charmers will smile in your face and judge you behind your back, representing the dualistic nature of the scales. Their mission is to create balance from a place of authenticity rather than performance and to use their built-in judgment for more peace instead of hate.