The Love Language Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely To Have

You and your partner are coming home from a splendid night-long rendezvous on the town — dinner at that new Italian restaurant down the block, martinis at the local speakeasy, crème brûlée à la mode — and your partner planned every aspect of it. But the details of your date didn't even seem to matter, it was spending quality time together that was the main focus.


You're beyond impressed with your partner's planning and attention to detail. How do they know you and what you love so well? It's very likely that your significant other honed in on your love language, which, in this case, would be quality time. In fact, it's been proven that understanding your partner's love language can improve your overall relationship, per Healthline. "Discovering you and your partner's primary love language and speaking that language regularly may [create] a better understanding of each other's needs and support each other's growth," marriage and family therapist Sunny Motamedi shares with MindBodyGreen.

So, how do you figure out your partner's love language? The key to that may lie in their zodiac sign. Since our star signs define the root and core of our main personality points, it's only natural that the way we express and receive love directly correlates with this. Let's dive a bit further into which specific love language your partner's sign is most likely to have.


Capricorn: words of affirmation

Capricorns are notorious for their hard-working nature, according to Co-Star. They value their work ethic and independence above all else. Moreover, The Times of India explains that Capricorns are grounded and seek value in their drive for success. Because of this, a Capricorn will push their drive even further by being cheered on — in other words, hearing positive words of affirmation. Tell a Capricorn that their work on their latest project is the best you've ever seen and you'll have their motivation skyrocketing while giving their work the appreciation it deserves.


The best date ideas to slide share some affirming words with your Capricorn? "Driven Capricorns don't have a lot of time to spare and will only go on a date with someone worth their precious time," senior astrologer Narayana Montufar tells The Zoe Report. "The classic and traditional dates, like dinner and a movie or a stroll around a historic town, do apply here. But to impress them, help them unwind from their busy life by booking a duo spa day, or take them away for a wine-tasting weekend."

Be sure to incorporate their love language here; telling them how their diligence and willpower are inspirational to you will definitely earn you some brownie points with this earth sign.

Aquarius: acts of service

Co-Star states that the main aspects of an Aquarius personality are centered around being "archetypical outcasts." Anything "normal" to them is boring, and they find art and beauty in the mundane. Love is just a simple concept or theory. Instead, Aquarians adore science, philosophy, and humanitarianism. Because of their passions for changing the world and turning "the system" upside down, Aquarians are likely to view acts of service as their love language — mostly due to the fact that they want to help others more than themselves.


If you tell them that you would love to join them in their Wednesday night conspiracy theory volunteer meeting at the local beatnik cafe, you'll have their free-spirited heart fluttering. "Are you ready to get weird? You better be if you want to date cool kid Aquarius," senior astrologer Narayana Montufar shares with The Zoe Report. "This intellectual air sign is a communication wizard who enjoys quirky and eccentric scenes like indie rock concerts, science-fiction movies, and comic book and vinyl shops. Because it's hard to get to their heart, appealing to their inner Einstein with science or tech-y museums takes you halfway down the road to alien land!"

These intellectual outings are perfect places for you to show off and communicate your humanitarian side to your Aquarius love interest — all while giving you the chance to do some good deeds while you're out and about with them.


Pisces: quality time

Pisces are notably the most empathetic zodiac sign of all (via Horoscope). They are in tune with their emotions — as well as others — and their greatest pleasures come from expression through creativity. According to, love is what drives a Pisces. Though love is something that may also terrify them, their quest for finding their soulmate is what keeps this water sign in check. Pisces just want to give and give while expecting nothing in return; therefore, spending quality time with them is going to drive their sensitive heart wild.


The best date ideas to give a Pisces their ideal version of quality time? "Romance-obsessed Pisces is easy to please as long as you're ready to be in the moment. Mystical and intuitive, they love to indulge in imaginative and expressive activities like movies, musical concerts, magic shows, and even poetry or stargazing nights. When the weather allows it, being nearby or in the water is also a safe bet when wooing this dreamy sign," senior astrologer Narayana Montufar explains to The Zoe Report.

Being able to spend time with your Pisces lover while also honing into their creative and artistic side is going to really speak their love language.

Aries: words of affirmation

Just like the bold and daring ram that symbolizes this fire sign, Aries signs are competitive, sometimes aggressive, and strive to always come in first, per Allure. They tend to bore easily and can turn anything into a game — which is probably where their desire to compete comes in. In fact, according to Co-Star, Aries are fearless in almost everything they do, and that includes love. Naturally, winning an Aries over with words confirming their status and filling their head with compliments is going to get you the farthest out of any other love language.


So, what are the best date opportunities with an Aries? "Get physical! Not like that," astrologer Lisa Stardust writes for Cosmopolitan. "If you're an Aries, you'll want to show off your fiery and fun side by letting your date see the physical activities you excel at. (Again, not like that). Consider an evening at the batting cages to let your date know that you are Fierce! Sporty! Fabulous!"

When your Aries wins, let them know how impressed you are with their competitive skills and remind them that they're number one — both at the game as well as in your heart.

Taurus: receiving gifts

As noted by, Taurus are stubborn, materialistic, and practical. They know the difference between a cheap watch and one that was constructed to withstand the test of time — no pun intended. A $400 cashmere robe is the outfit of choice for their Netflix binge-watching. Furthermore, they crave stability in relationships just as much as they do in other aspects of their life, per MindBodyGreen. By showering your Taurus with luxurious and quality gifts, you're showing them you understand the finer things in life and can appreciate standards as a Taurus would.


After presenting your Taurus lover with the piece of diamond jewelry of their dreams? "You already know: dinner at the latest cool-guy restaurant. On the menu: an extremely decadent and scrumptious meal," astrologer Lisa Stardust explains (via Cosmopolitan). "If you're not hungry, then you will totally settle for a trendy high-end bar to show off your innate knowledge of fine aperitifs and the social scene in your 'hood."

In other words, trying to impress is the name of the game for a Taurus' love language. If their habits may be a bit out of your budget, always remember that a Taurus can appreciate ways that you might get creative.

Gemini: words of affirmation

"[Geminis] know how to say what they need to say, and they mean what they say," astrology author Colin Bedell tells Well + Good. In fact, this is likely because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication (via This means that communication is at the forefront of a Gemini's needs, especially in love. There is no better way to communicate with your Gemini than with words of affirmation, and because Geminis know all the tricks in the game, try to get a little creative with your flirting skills. This goes for anyone involved with a Gemini — whether you've been with them for five weeks or five years — always keep things spicy with this air sign.


The best way to lay down all the smooth-talking with a Gemini lover? "You'll want to chat endlessly with your date, so it's important that you find a quiet spot for you to talk and connect with each other," astrologer Lisa Stardust shares with Cosmopolitan. "A picnic in the park will allow you both to bond while being active outside (in case you need to burn off some of that nervous energy)."

Whispering sweet nothings will go a long way as well — getting a Gemini to blush is no easy task!

Cancer: quality time

The Times of India describes Cancer as being highly protective of themselves and their relationships. Cancer is symbolized by the crab for a reason: they tend to hermit deep inside in order to keep themselves safe. They are devoted, sensitive, and like their fellow water sign Pisces, extremely empathetic. They're shy and reserved but are often noted as being the most romantic of the signs, per Co-Star. Their caring and hopeless-romantic nature mean that nothing will mean more to a Cancer than spending quality time with them.


What are some ways you can spend the most meaningful time with your Cancer boo? "Netflix and chill, anyone? A walk along the beach or a romantic boat ride followed by a home-cooked meal is what the watery and sensitive Cancer truly appreciates," senior astrologer Narayana Montufar discloses to The Zoe Report. "Picnics, antique fairs, and cuddling at drive-in movie theaters are other ways of appealing to their romantic and vintage side. The best you can do for this sign is take care of them, as you can be sure they will know how to reciprocate."

A Cancer, empathetic by nature, will be able to sense the time and energy you spent planning your time together.

Leo: words of affirmation

Leo is known throughout the zodiac as being the confident and charismatic star, Today explains. Leos live to be the center of attention, but their unique power is that they can make others feel just as special, too. Celebrity Leos, such as Kylie Jenner, Madonna, and JLO, are perfect examples of the bright star power that this fire sign burns and radiates. As such, Leos absolutely love to relish in compliments and praise — in fact, this is how they thrive (via The Times of India).


Where are the best places to feed your Leo compliments all night long? "Lights, camera, action! When dating this sun-ruled sign, dress up to attend the ballet or opera, followed by dinner at a sexy lounge or the most-talked-about restaurant in town," senior astrologer Narayana Montufar tells The Zoe Report. "A pool party with fancy cocktails or a karaoke night that puts them in the spotlight might also do wonders. Dating a Leo is never boring, of course — as long as you can keep up with them."

Make sure to dish out the words of affirmation all night long. Talking about how good they look, how much fun you're having with them, and how there's no one else you'd rather be there with will have your fiery Leo gushing.


Virgo: acts of service

According to USA Today, a Virgo will stop at nothing to achieve perfection. They are the ones that notice tiny and minuscule details that others tend to skim over — this makes them susceptible to finding imperfections, which drives them mad. Moreover, Virgos take great pride in helping others to achieve the greatest versions of themselves. They are the teachers, life coaches, motivators, scientists, data engineers, and editors that we all need. Sometimes, however, a Virgo likes to have the favor returned. By helping your Virgo out with simple tasks — or even doing small things like giving them a back massage at the end of a long day of crunching numbers — you're taking a great weight off their shoulders.


How can you find yourself answering your Virgo's call to action on a date? "Skip all that fluffy, over-the-top, cheesy, romantic [stuff] and take a cooking class," says astrologer Lisa Stardust (via Cosmopolitan). "It's a great way to cut through the BS of small talk by actually doing a practical activity together. Plus, you'll get to see their cooking skills early on."

However, because Virgos are perfectionists, be sure to have backup plans in order. Any chance that a Virgo can take to even further perfect their skills is a win, and seeing you being able to keep up with their passion for action is a major plus in their eyes.

Libra: receiving gifts

Libras are rather infamous for their inability to make a decision, per This is mostly just because they are deep thinkers, so if they make a wrong decision, they'll be left thinking about it and mulling it over again and again. On the other hand, Libras are diplomatic, gentle, social butterflies — they'll do just about anything to avoid confrontation. Being particularly drawn to the arts and performance world, Libras are known to appreciate nice things — aka nice gifts!


The best way to present your Libra with a gift they'll melt over? Start the date off with an activity that will soothe their desire for nice or artsy things. "They're quite clever, are our Libran friends, and they appreciate the finer things in life," tarot educator Kerry Ward writes for Cosmopolitan. "So — shows, exhibitions, live music, performance art, can all pique their interest and show you've put some consideration into this (which is what they'll most appreciate)."

While at their favorite museum or show, pull out a shiny gift to bestow on your Libra lover — they are wildly attracted to bright and glistening objects.

Scorpio: physical touch

ZodiacFire describes Scorpio as mysterious, full of passion, and unafraid of anything on the darker side. Their gaze is both mesmerizing and terrifying — usually because staring into your soul in order to read you is their motive (via Co-Star). They're very independent and don't let others in easily, so they aren't likely to be wooed with shiny gifts or positive affirmations. Rather, Scorpios are known for being linked to all things intense, including their sexual nature. Thus, your physical touch is going to be what sends shivers down this misunderstood water sign's back.


"What a Scorpio likes more than anything is to peer intently and analytically at stuff that others find shocking, morbid or disgusting," tarot educator Kerry Ward says (via Cosmopolitan). "The darker side of the planet draws their gaze; they are fearless. Put this to the test (and score big points) by taking them someplace horrific, I'm thinking: zombie shoot-out, horror walk-through, Crown Court gallery, live sex show, live autopsy... you get the idea, yes?"

Basically, anything intense is the best date idea for a Scorpio. Follow up the date with some steamy and passionate physical moves — you'll be reading your Scorpio's love language like a dark book.

Sagittarius: quality time

Sagittarians are the adventure-loving, jet-setting travelers we all wish we could be, per Co-Star. They lust after exploration and finding the deeper meaning to life — all while trying to make themselves better people. Always friendly and curious, Sagittarians are highly open to love and tend to fall quickly when they find it. You'll find them continuously searching — for the next adventure, the next exciting or great, new thing. According to Co-Star, finding someone to go out and have the time of their life with is very important to a Sag. So, of course, no other love language would pair as well with this fire sign the way quality time does.


Which date activities will show a Sagittarius you're down for spending these important moments with them? "Sagittarians LOVE the great outdoors, and LOVE doing love in it! But, for a first date, that might be a bit much," tarot educator Kerry Ward shares with Cosmopolitan. "You can keep the theme, though, and plan something sporty, nature-y, relaxing-y or even animal-y. Sunrises and sunsets also send them dizzy. Sagittarians adore animals (especially horses and dogs), so a wander in a zoo, shelter, reserve or park will give them plenty to look at. They'll think you're a kindred spirit."

Any Sagittarius sign will fall head over heels for someone who will accompany them on their life adventures and who makes the effort to go along for the ride.