Cowgirl Couture Season Is Officially Here

If you think you have been seeing cowboy boots everywhere, you are witnessing a new, traditional trend coming to life. Cowgirl couture, or western wear, has been making its rounds all across celebrities, influencers, and runways. Long before it became a fashion statement, western wear started as functional wear for tough terrains and conditions a working cowboy had to face on a daily basis. After the Civil War in the mid-to-late 1800s, American and European settlers ventured west, where their clothing was inspired by Mexican Vaqueros (cowboys) at the time. Their get-up included everything from sombreros and leather chaps to tall boots made for utility (via Stages West).

Leatherwear, boots, denim pants or tops, long-sleeve shirts, vests, jackets, bandanas, wide-brimmed hats, and more encapsulated the look for the work and protection of a cowboy (via Horse Racing Sense). What once started as functional wear has now become more of a fashion trend as many people embrace the look for themselves in a variety of ways. Beyond its traditional look, western wear fashion has a modern twist for everyday wear. Cowboy couture, as it's called, gives western style a whole new meaning.

What is cowgirl couture?

Cowgirl couture brings the chic into western wear fashion. In fact, it's one where multiple accessories or garments within the style can be mixed and matched without sacrificing the core of the look. It opens up the option to your individual interpretation. "Looking at ready-to-wear, we're seeing more shoppers looking to adopt Western-influenced fashion as well," senior fashion lead at The RealReal, Noelle Sciacca tells Harper's Bazaar. Additionally, the trend is one that is just taking off and is expected to only grow bigger.

Women's western wear can be dated back to the 20th century, during a time when women rodeo stars altered their outfits to fit their needs. As it evolved, celebrities like Dale Evans sported the look, even if they themselves were not cowboys or cowgirls. What was once only for men in the cowboy scene quickly became something women could be a part of in whatever way they chose. Doing so became a form of empowerment as more women embraced the look with their own feminine, glammed twist, as seen on Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and Madonna, to name a few. Beyond that is perhaps one of the most overlooked influences: Indigenous and Mexican populations' western style. CharrerĂ­a, a cowboy sport in Mexican culture, consisted of Escaramuza Charra, where women competed on horses wearing bright striped skirts, long-sleeve shirts, and sombreros, similar to that of the Mexican Revolution. Women tapping into the scene made it work for them (via National Museum of American History).

How to wear cowgirl couture

Rocking cowgirl couture for yourself simply consists of finding ways to make any of the pieces of the clothing work for you and your style. As it becomes more popular, there are more options available to play around with. Of all the elements of cowgirl couture, cowboy boots are perhaps the most popular, especially as the seasons get colder. "Comparing this first half of this year versus last, we're seeing a 48 percent increase in searches for Western and riding boots," senior fashion lead at The RealReal, Noelle Sciacca tells Harper's Bazaar. Pair your cowboy boots with a cute prairie dress to keep the western vibe going, or wear it with a classic pair of denim jeans, whether flared or skinny. Today, you can find a variety of styles and colors of boots to choose from.

Fashion influencer Nena Evans shows her followers on TikTok how to style cowboy boots with a modern take. In her video, she elevates a pair of long black cowboy boots with elements like a blazer, white button-up tops, denim shorts, and a short white, puff-sleeve dress in several different outfit iterations. She shows a variety of ways to give that western touch without the full commitment. Other popular garments to consider if you want to try the look are fringed leather jackets, statement belt buckles, a western-style button-up, and of course, the cowboy hat. The key is to not be afraid to mix and match to create a whole new look or to make it work with your existing style.