Disco Beauty Is In - Here's How To Sparkle This Fall And Winter

The glitz and glam of disco beauty is currently trending, and it is here to stay. Many people are fully embracing the look with a variety of hair and makeup styles inspired by everything disco. Think disco balls, bright makeup, sequins, light-up floors, and bouncy, voluminous hair of all types. It was an era where men and women could freely express themselves, their values, or their beliefs, especially through the liberation of beauty and fashion representation (via The Ultimate History Project). As the '70s make their way into this modern world, many people are interpreting disco beauty in their own ways, leaving it open for anyone and everyone to rock the look.

While disco fashion and beauty may have been more popular in the past with icons like Donna Summer or disco group ABBA, many people are beginning to get just as excited about it today. The hashtag #discofashion has over 2.4 million views on TikTok, where many users are displaying their disco-inspired outfits, makeup looks, accessories, and hairstyles. The influence can also be seen on celebrities as well as the runways. So if you're all about the '70s disco resurgence, there are plenty of ways to don the look yourself.

Creative makeup

Disco makeup styles varied by person when it was most popular in the '70s, but a common theme was definitely the use of bright colors and shimmers. There was a sense of drama in the looks, and today that hasn't changed as it trends again. Sequins, colors, and disco balls are a big part of disco beauty. 

Try a bedazzled eyeshadow look using glitter, metallic eyeshadow, or gemstone accents. Don't be afraid to use bright, neon colors of your choice, whether it is for your eyes, your lips, or even your blush. Be inspired by the likes of Twiggy, and make sure to use voluminous, dramatic eyelashes to really make the look pop (via L'Oréal Paris).

Big hair

Disco hair is all about volume. The best thing about it is that it can work for any hair type. "People began shedding the bouffant of the '60s and going for more fluffy and flirty looks, like lots of picked-out curls, blowouts, or wearing your hair smooth and long with minimal layers and sometimes a fringe to match," hairstylist Serina Battaglini tells Byrdie. "Frizz and fluff were welcomed and encouraged within hairstyles instead of trying to smooth them away."

Today, there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from that you can make work for you. Farah Fawcett is a big inspiration for many people today, featuring face-framing layers curled away from the face. The hashtag #farahfawcetthair has over 3.7 million views. And, of course, you can't forget the impact of Diana Ross or Donna Summer with their voluminous coiled hair displaying an important cultural representation.

Accessories to pop

Disco beauty is all about the drama, and what better way to add to that other than the perfect accessories? With disco beauty, just about every accessory adds that extra accent. Big hoops or other big earrings like large studs or dangles are an absolute must-have for the look, just as it was in the '70s. In fact, chunky jewelry like statement rings, bangles, and layered necklaces were also part of the look. Today, you can get creative with it, using as much or as little jewelry as you'd like. For a subtle disco look, wear one statement piece at a time. For a louder look, utilize multiple pieces in different colors. For that extra pop, try glittery and shiny bedazzled pieces (via Love You Tomorrow).

Shimmery nails

A simple way to embrace a disco look can also be done through your nails. Just like your makeup, your nails give you the perfect canvas to get creative with a variety of colors, and shimmery shines. "Disco nails to me are long and fabulous," director of service operations for MiniLuxe, Donna Charloff tells Byrdie. Charloff says that neutral nails, as well as French tips, became popular in the '70s. Today, some of the nail trends that are perfect for a disco beauty look include metallics, glitter, foil, and colored French manicures.

Fashion statements

You can't have disco beauty without disco fashion, in which there are a lot of options for you to try. These looks can be anything from casual to elevated, as it's easy to find a way to make any element of it work for you. When it comes to clothing, A-line dresses in a variety of colors and prints are a popular choice. Groovy jumpsuits or bell bottoms were especially popular in disco clubs as well. For something more celestial, you can opt for a bell-sleeve wrap dress with the perfect flare for the look. Try the disco look by using platform shoes, especially boots or heels, to complete the look. Any and all of these pieces can also be found with sequin, glitter, or gemstone accents to give it the perfect disco-esque touch (via Who What Wear).