Going Out Fashion Inspo To Look Chic Even When It's Chilly

It's that time of year again when the seasons are changing, and inevitably our wardrobes end up evolving too. The winter of 2022 is just weeks away, and switching up your clothing choices to stay warm during the chillier months is a must. As REI Co-op wrote on their site, when building wintry outfits, it's pertinent to include layers suitable for the cold so that one can always be at a comfortable temperature.


But, if you're in the midst of trading in your favorite summer sun dresses or lightweight blouses for thick, protective fall and winter gear, this process doesn't have to be a difficult one. In fact, your wardrobe doesn't have to suffer at all in the cold; you can really be just as trendy while getting ready for going out in the chillier seasons. From stylish and functional dresses to clothing items with festive accents to accessories with vivid colors, there really is a plethora of cold-weather attire that will satisfy even the most choosy fashion-forward audiences. 

Rock a cute sweater dress

If you're ready for a dress-up day but still need to keep cozy and warm, look no further than the sweater dress! This clothing item is just as cute as a spring or summer dress, and it has the thickness necessary for a chilly day or evening. Similar to other dress types, there are many styles of sweater dresses to choose from. You could go for a comfy and cute wardrobe piece, such as this Lulus' turtleneck sweater dress, which is available in either ivory or a soft pink shade. The dress has a mini hemline, as well as long sleeves and a loose fit, so you get the best of both worlds -– a frock that's chic and practical.


Or, if you are on the hunt for a sweater dress that's slightly more formal, a bodycon fit is a great choice. Forever 21 offers one that's now available for less than $25 and has features like a stretchy fabric and leg slit. Whatever fashion route you decide to take with it, you can't go wrong with this wearable option!

Try on a glittering getup

You don't have to wait until New Year's Eve to bring some shimmer into your closet. An article of clothing with glittering accents livens up a look, which is especially necessary while going out in the icy fall and winter months. Sequins incorporated into outerwear, sweaters, or even pants will make a strong fashion statement. Take a blazer adorned with sequins, such as this black Macy's INC blazer, which is bound to make its wearer shine. Such shimmery blazers offer a wardrobe addition that dresses up an outfit and quickly makes anyone's attire party-ready. 


Furthermore, glitter pants demonstrate a style upgrade that is just the right ingredient for a fierce ensemble amid a freezing atmosphere. Black high-waisted sequin leggings, per Express, are a classic way to go. However, if you want to don apparel that more boldly shows off the sequin trend, JCPenney's pull-on silver sequin pants display the versatility of the style. These glittering garments have loose-fitting comfort and are also a steal at their current $35.99 sale price.

A colorful jacket can make your look stand out

There's no doubt that you'll have to rotate between wearing a few of your favorite jackets and coats throughout the coldest time of the year. Why not make this fun while you're at it? A puffer coat, for example, is a classic accessory to throw on before heading out when the temperature is dropping outside. While traditionally, these zip-ups might be considered basic, an accessory like this baby blue puffer from Old Navy is an outer layer that has eye-catching color. Selecting a jacket or coat that is muted enough to match with a go-to pair of jeans or a basic top but also stands alone with its unique hue is a great investment for your attire. 


For something a little more daring, a pop of color like this bubblegum pink Fashion Nova faux leather jacket will do the trick. Clothing pieces of this style have a cute fit and a shade that's not typical for the cold, but it will still serve its functional purpose. If it's suitable for vegan fashion fans, all the better.

Fall in love with a maxi skirt

Whereas a mini skirt is commonly worn when the summery temperatures are still upon us, the cold weather signals that it's time for a new style. Maxi skirts definitely fit the bill. Bundling up with these floor-length bottoms can create a throwback moment –– take, for example, this form-fitting corduroy belted maxi skirt from Cider. A corduroy maxi skirt has coverage that's great for the cold and is reminiscent of an '80s or '90s skirt. It also goes great with either basic or dressy tops, so the corduroy maxi is a timeless look for the chilliest days of the year that anyone can sport while out and about.


Another trendy option that'll make you look like you just stepped off the runway is a pleated maxi skirt. If comfy, elegant, and understated mixed into one textile, the pleated maxi would be the result. To try it for yourself, go for a jewel-toned number. In addition to being pleated, this green maxi skirt from Nasty Gal has texture for some extra flair.

Knee high boots will start your cold weather closet on the right foot

A staple fashion accessory that will always be in when it's time for stepping out in the cold is the knee-high boot. Whether they're heeled, flat, colorful, muted, printed, or solid, knee-high boots scream cold-weather chic. White knee-high boots are a sophisticated pair of shoes for an outing, and the Jeffrey Campbell heeled pair from Nordstrom is an example of this. The classic shade will match with most other colors in an outfit, but it also stands out just enough on its own. Plus, one reviewer who purchased these shoes noted that they are "VERY comfortable."


Understated slouchy knee-high boots bring an effortless touch to this fashion statement. You could combine a pair like these black ones from ASOS with several getups: a sleek dress, dress pants and a matching biker jacket, and more. Simply put, these shoes provide adaptability and will make the whole outfit come together.

Test out sheer accents for an unexpected cold weather look

One trend that people don't always anticipate seeing when it's a wintry occasion is a sheer article of clothing. Nonetheless, sporting this look creates a unique outfit that people won't soon forget. One such find is Anthropologie's Meave sheer mini dress, which has subtle sheerness around the dress collar and along its long sleeves. This sheer style is both appropriate for the cold weather and has a classy, elegant vibe to it. To add a finishing touch, color coordinating with black heels and simple jewelry would fit right in.


Sheer fashion can also be shown off through more daring outfits. For example, the mesh mockneck bodysuit by Parade in the style "mirrorball" is covered in rhinestones and is sheer throughout. Underneath a sheer bodysuit, a tank top can be worn, and either pants or a skirt can be put on over a bold item like this one.