How To Make The Y2K Choker Necklace Chic For 2022

Your favorite necklace from 2006 may also become your favorite necklace today. The choker necklace is a Y2K staple accessory that has faded in and out of popularity over the years. Back in the late '90s and early aughts, chokers were all the rage, even being showcased on Lindsay Lohan in the fan-favorite movie "Freaky Friday." Today, the choker is back in a big way. Today's chokers are more targeted towards the cool girl rather than the velvet and scrunched ones we saw in the early 2000s. Today, they are made of cool beads, metals, and embellishments that were not even thought of back in the day.

Top celebrities and influencers have recently been spotted sharing photos in cool-girl chokers. Bella Hadid is just one of many recently seen rocking the trend (via Instagram). Not only is the necklace trending on social media, but even high-end designer brands are showcasing the accessory on their runways. For example, Fendi showcased the choker during its Fall 2022 runway show (via YouTube). If you are ready to rock this early 2000s trend, we have curated six ways to get the look while staying chic.

Pearls galore

Pearls truly never go out of style and what better way to incorporate them into your jewelry than with a choker? The pearl choker is nothing new, even being worn by Princess Diana back in 1994, perĀ The Irish Times. Some of the world's most notable fashion brands, such as Vivienne Westwood and Cult Gaia, know this is still the way to go today, which is why they have created their own versions of a pearl choker. Whether faux or real, tight pearls around the neck can elevate any look.

Layered with other necklaces

Layering is the key to a great jewelry look. "Making sure each necklace is laying stacked and not in one big clump is going to look the most flattering," explains fashion stylist Alyssa Sutter (via Byrdie). Chokers are a great way to begin your neck stack. Make the top of your neck stack the feature of your look with an embellished, decorative choker, or simply amplify other features of your stack with a simple, minimalist choker. For the ultimate cool-girl look, try mixing metals.

In full Y2K fashion

The choker is a Y2K icon, so why not wear it out in full Y2K fashion? The Y2K aesthetic is a trend that is fully dominating the fashion world, complete with low-rise jeans, baby t-shirts, crop tops, and micro-mini skirts. If you are already wearing these pieces, try throwing in a choker for the ultimate Y2K look. Notable Y2K aesthetic lover Charli D'amelio posed on her Instagram wearing a babydoll t-shirt reading "I love me" and a silver choker, looking like an early aughts dream.

With formal attire

The traditional grunge of the Y2K choker both complements and clashes just enough with formal wear to make for an amazing look. Chokers are great with strapless dresses and tops as they can help your top half look less bare, which is why it has become the necklace of choice for many who are attending red carpets. Hailey Bieber is one of the latest celebrities to hop on the formal choker train, as she wore a jeweled choker with a black strapless gown to the Academy Museum Gala in October 2022 (via Instagram).

Minimal and chic

If you are a minimalist at heart, you can still hop on the choker wave in a chic and simple way. Minimal metal chokers are a great way to add a bit of glam to your look, even if the look is casual. In fact, if you are choosing a minimalist choker look, we feel that it can look best with casual looks such as a gym outfit or a swimsuit (via Instagram). We recommend thin, chain-linked chokers or a seamless snake chain choker if you choose to wear one choker alone.

Bold and bulky

If your personality is quite the opposite of minimalist, a bold and bulky choker might be better suited for you. Luckily, beaded and bold chokers are easy to find in costume jewelry or real pieces. Some of our personal favorite bold and bulky chokers include EnRoute's The Nameplate Customized Choker, Cult Gaia's Fahima Choker, and The Holy Heart Choker from Vanessa Mooney. What's more, Olivia Rodrigo is a lover of the big choker and has even worn one on the cover of Variety (via Instagram).