V-Cut French Manicures Are On Trend And Here To Stay

A French manicure is a classic option for a sophisticated, elegant appearance. While you may have mixed feelings about this traditional, minimalistic manicure, we can all agree that it's come back with a bang in the 2020s and won't go away anytime soon. After all, more than a million posts popped up when we searched #frenchmanicure on Instagram. While we've seen a lot of the classic white French tip, we've also noticed that people are getting creative with modern spins on the iconic look.

For instance, black French manicure outlines with negative space are sleek and edgy, French manicures with pops of gold are ultra-glamorous, and green French manicures are bold and creative. Another trendy variation of the French manicure is the V-cut French manicure, which features a V-shaped tip rather than the traditional curved line. "Instead of creating a smile line, you create a deep V, also described as a chevron. This can be negative space or filled in with your favorite color," celebrity nail artist Tammy Taylor tells PopSugar. We know a plethora of ways to rock the V-cut French manicure trend.

Pink and girly

Nostalgia is having a moment with the Barbiecore fashion trend, so why not try a Barbie-inspired V-cut French manicure? An ultra-girly spin on the V-cut manicure should feature a pink V-shaped tip instead of white for a pop of beautiful color. For a glamorous look, try filling the V-tip with a light pink polish and outlining it with a glittery pink (via Instagram).

Bright bold blue

A bright blue V–Cut French manicure is a fun way to get in on the dopamine nail trend. The blue hue is a brighter, more exciting option than a subtle neutral, adding to the trendiness of the chevron shape. With neon blue V-tips, you'll be rocking two trends — a V-cut French manicure and a dopamine manicure — all in one look.

Edgy black

There's nothing as sleek and timeless as a black manicure. So, of course, we've seen many black French tips. While there's nothing wrong with using black nail polish to create an edgier spin on a classic French manicure, a V-cut black tip is trendier and cooler and will help your nails stand out in a sea of black manicures and French tips.

Sunset vibes

We've seen so many creative variations of sunset-inspired nails, and a lot of those beautiful designs feature blends of oranges and pinks to mimic a stunning sunset. While there are endless ways to create sunset-like manicures, one of the trendiest spins on the concept is a sunset V-Cut French manicure, where you see a sunset-inspired blend of pinks and oranges on the V-shaped tip.

Rainbow color blocking

Rainbow-inspired nails are always so much fun. Whether you rock a rainbow manicure to add pops of color to a monochromatic neutral outfit, show support for the LGBTQIA+ community, or just flaunt a bold look, there's so much you can do with these colorful nail designs. A rainbow chevron manicure is super stylish, and you should try taking it an extra step further by adding bright polka dots for a daring color-blocking effect, per Instagram.

Traditional white

While the V-tips are an unconventional twist on a classic French manicure, you can still nod to the iconic original style with a white V-tip. By showing off a white V-cut French manicure, you'll get to combine aspects of the beloved traditional French manicure and the trendier chevron tip manicure. Thus, you'll get the best of both worlds.