The Zodiac Signs That Have The Most Growing Up To Do

There are several factors that contribute to one's maturity. Many of us were forced to grow up early, while others have a built-in childlike perspective on life. In astrology, there are certain signs that definitely are considered more mature or wise in comparison to those that are more youthful, eager, or juvenile. Sure sage sensibility comes with age, time, and life lessons, but even those in full bloom can have more to learn in life. According to expert astrologers at Astro, the twelve zodiacs function as the twelve archetypes of the hero's journey, each representing a different form of consciousness traveling through personal development. As the evolutionary path progresses, each sign learns more and progresses further on its journey to enlightenment.


It's no wonder, then, why so many youngsters can feel like old souls and some seniors have youthful vitality. Immaturity can manifest in a variety of ways, including egocentrism or negligence, and does not discriminate by age. Many astrologers, like Emily Newman, told Bustle that certain element groups show maturity more than others, asserting that "earth elements are super mature" because of their grounded nature. If the hero's journey theory of the twelve signs is correct, however, ideas like Newman's based purely on element groups may not be entirely correct.

Brave Aries

Aries is the first sign out of the gate, and with that comes a fiery boldness and determination to live life to the fullest. As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries represents action, forward movement, and fearlessness, per Zodiac Signs. Their determination stems from a need to move quickly, act fast, and feel at the top of the competition. Unfortunately, their motivation to take life by the horns can sometimes lead to recklessness and an inability to think things through thoroughly. Their childlike bravery can lead to rash decisions, a short temper, and a constant need for validation or attention (via The Times of India). 


Not only are Aries the first sign of the entire zodiac, but they're also the first fire sign, representing the first level of consciousness within the element. They've yet to work through other fire sign characteristics like heart-centered compassion, higher knowledge, and open-mindedness. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, according to Café Astrology, Aries individuals have a tendency to "act out" or negatively assert themselves when they don't get what they want. As fast as they can go from zero to one hundred, they can also go from hot to cold. 

Stubborn Taurus

As the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus represents a coolness after traveling through a fast-paced and chaotic Aries energy. As an Earth sign, according to Tarot, they know how to stay grounded, work hard, and persevere with strength. Despite these down-to-earth characteristics, Taurus individuals are the very first emergence of Earth energy in the zodiac, and with that comes a lack of evolution. 


They are incredibly stubborn, and once having their mind made up, there's no changing it. As a fixed sign, they can have tunnel vision and can become short-sighted when overly focused on being right (via Astrology Zone). Ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, love, and money, they can also become motivated by material possessions and sensual indulgence, making them obsessed with finding love that is connected to wealth and replacing compassion with opulence (via Café Astrology). At their worst, they are shallow and materialistic, having become too stuck in their ways.

Youthful Gemini

In astrology, after fire and earth comes air. Gemini is the very first air sign to appear in the zodiac and brings with it a youthful curiosity that wants to try everything at once (via FIYAH). According to Café Astrology, Gemini is depicted as the twins, representing its need to communicate and bounce ideas off with others. Their constant need for interaction and socialization makes them overly adaptable and chameleon-like, easily turning them two-faced or with multiple personalities. 


Geminis tend to have several friend groups with different personalities and will quickly move from one to the next, seamlessly blending in and conforming to their surroundings. When out of balance, Geminis aren't able to develop their own personality and can act as a soundboard to others around them, being the second twin to the person they're with. As an air sign, they are constantly gone with the wind and lack any secure footing to stabilize their lives. 

Caring Cancer

Given their caring nature, many wouldn't think of Cancer as immature. Yet behind their protective exterior, Cancers can be jam-packed with pent-up energy, frustration, and resentment. As the first water sign, these baby crabs are highly emotional and even insecure on an unfounded level (via Café Astrology). Ruled by the moon, which represents the emotions, changing of tides, and cyclical lifestyles, according to astrologer Kellee Maize, Cancerians can be temperamental, quickly shifting gears and ready to cry at the drop of a hat if they read the room wrong. 


Their crabbiness is constantly in flux, and as much as they give to others, it is often done out of insecurity and naiveness in order to calm premature situations. This juvenile behavior can quickly lead to untold stories of resentment and passive aggressiveness, with Cancers harboring anger from years ago. Cancers are constantly hoping you can read their mind and often have a completely different version of a story than others, reading too deep into the lines and creating off-shoot narratives. It's important for those born under this star sign to speak their mind, let go of bitterness, and emotionally stabilize.