How Do You Determine Your Destiny Number And What Does It Mean?

Astrology isn't the only system out there that gives the cosmic lowdown on personality traits and life paths. In fact, numerology will give you an exact number detailing your deepest desires, motivation, life chapters, and destiny (via Numerology). According to occultists at Ganesha Speaks, numerology has roots in ancient Babylon, China, and even Rome. It's the idea that one's name and birth date can be reduced to numbers that act as the mystical blueprint of one's life. 


Numbers, as we understand them today, have an incredibly different meaning than the ancient world, which viewed them as sacred, holy, and deeply magical (via Egyptian Wisdom Center). Even scientist Nikola Tesla had a deep obsession with numbers and believed the numbers 3, 6, and 9 held the keys to unlocking the universe, per All That's Interesting. One of the most interesting numbers in numerology is one's destiny number. This one digit could lay out your deepest star-fated truths.

You find it using your name

According to numerologists, your destiny number, also known as the expression number, is one of your core identifying digits in numerology. Unlike the life number, which reveals your purpose and what you came here to do, your destiny number, according to numerologist Matt Beech, reveals how you're going to do it. The life path number also focuses on your birth date, while the destiny number uses your name to find your personal strengths and weaknesses. 


To find your destiny number, simply write out your first, middle, and last name. It's important to write your full-length name given at birth, including any second middle names or additional last names. Numerology then assigns a number to each letter. To find the number for each letter, use Astro Numero's numerology chart and write the corresponding number to each letter in your name. Then you simply add all the numbers together until you reach a single digit. For example, if you first end up with 48, then you would add 4 + 8, which equals 12. Then you would add 1+2 and end up with 3 as your destiny number. If you first end up with 11, 22, or 33, however, there's no need to reduce further as these are considered master numbers and are revered for their unique influence over your life (via Your Tango). 


What the numbers mean

Those with a destiny number of 1 are leaders, per Numerology. They're go-getters and venture into the unknown. Embodying the one energy, they kick-start projects, create opportunities, and are extremely self-sufficient. 


According to numerologist Matt Beech, those with destiny number 2 are the diplomats. They are cooperative, supportive, and level-headed. They do well under pressure and stay level-headed.

Three is the energy of creation. Those with destiny number 3 are great communicators, optimistic, and inspire others with their words.

If you have destiny number 4, you are likely practical, hardworking, and have a vision for the future, per Astrology K. These individuals are honest, calculated, and create foundations for the future.

Destiny number 5 represents those blessed with fortune, luck, and wisdom, according to award-winning numerologist J C Chaudhry. They are meant to be teachers and share their wisdom with the world.


Chaudhry asserts that 6, like 3, is also the energy of creativity. These people are extremely independent, love to socialize, and are bursting with inspiration. They love to travel, tell stories, and live life to the fullest. 

The number 7, according to The Secrets of The Tarot, is highly spiritual, and those with this destiny number are meant to study, research, and develop a philosophy of life. They could experience life crises that lead to mental breakthroughs and profound spiritual beliefs.

Eight in numerology represents power, and those with a destiny number 8 are excellent with money and are able to achieve many goals at once (via The Secrets of the Tarot). These individuals should be aware of their capacities and do well in positions of leadership.

Destiny number 9 individuals are the humanitarians of the world. They help us to build a better future by giving back to the community, being charitable, and seeing beauty in all things (via Matt Beech). It can be easy to be impatient, but it's important for you to be an example to everyone else.

According to expert numerologists at Numerology, 11 marks the first master number. Having this destiny number blesses you with extraordinary visions of the future and an immense gift for creativity. It's important with this number to stay focused and organized and be wary of letting dreams become fantasy. These individuals are also born to be in the spotlight.


Like destiny number 11, 22 individuals attract attention naturally because of their magnetic energy (via Matt Beech). They are friendly and charismatic but can become lazy. It's important not to take notice of any untapped potential.

Those with master number 33 as their destiny number are artists at heart (via Matt Beech). They are born to be vessels of creativity and need an outlet to express themselves at all costs. They're incredibly compassionate, and their heart could even be a form of healing to others.