15 Of The Best Winter Nail Trends To Try This Season

The changing seasons not only dictate wardrobe trends but also have a huge impact on what nail trends will be popular. Whether it be different colors, shapes, or lengths, nail art has become hugely popular over the last few years. Social media sites like TikTok have allowed nail artists to share their amazing creations and tutorials while also inspiring their followers to break out of their everyday manicure routines. Neons, bright colors, and stark whites were popular polish choices this summer, but now that the weather is getting cooler we're seeing other trends emerge.

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, who has created some of the most iconic manicures for stars like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, wants you to know that "nails are the ultimate accessory" for any outfit (via E! News). Regardless of the occasion or event, nails have become a huge part of fashion trends. "With the perfect set of nails, it doesn't matter what you're wearing," Bachik told the outlet. "Sweats and sneakers with a fresh mani and you look chic and put together."

If you're looking for some inspiration for your next trip to the nail salon, we've gathered 15 of the best winter nail trends to try this season for an amazing manicure.

The French manicure

The classic French manicure has made a triumphant return to the scene over the last year and is still a hot look going into the winter months. This is perfect for those who love a crisp, clean manicure. Nail artists have also gotten creative with this style, adding colorful tips, and negative space lines while experimenting with barely-there tips and long stilettos. However you wear it, this trend is back.

Winter white

There's nothing like a winter white manicure to ring in the winter season. This is a softer, cooler shade of white than those blinding, bright whites worn in the summer. Think more gray and blue undertones for this stylish hue. "A clean, soft white that gives a sense of simplicity and inner peace will be big in 2022," celebrity manicurist Sigourney Nuñez shared with Who What Wear.

Silver chrome

This is one trend that isn't going away any time soon. Although a chrome finish looks amazing over any polish color, silver will be popular this winter. "This is a trend that I see making it all the way into the new year," Rachel Apfel Glass, the founder of GLOSSLAB, told Harper's Bazaar. "It is perfect when you want to get into the holiday spirit in a unique way, and is a color I always get compliments on!"

Squoval nails

Shorter nails have become increasingly popular thanks to their practicality and classic appeal. Although the square tip has seen a resurgence, this winter we're seeing the squoval shape — a combination of a square and oval tip — becoming the shape of the moment. It looks amazing on natural nails and is easy to maintain. "When nails are short, they look good with round tips," celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce explained to Byrdie.

Glazed donut nails

Hailey Bieber popularized the glazed donut manicure early in the year, wearing a pale, neutral polish with a glazed top coat. This look is still going strong for the winter season, we're just seeing a change in the base color. We're seeing a lot of this look using chocolate browns, nudes, and wines as the base color, creating a stunning, cool-weather manicure.

Let's get minimal

Your minimalist manicure doesn't have to be boring. Whether you choose tiny nail art accents like gems, cuffs, or abstract art in neutral tones, this is one trend that is super-hot right now. "We've seen so much over-the-top nail art this autumn, but sometimes less is more. It's nice to turn down the volume while also making a statement," Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator, told Bustle.


The holidays are coming and everything looks better when it sparkles. From cuffs to gradient hues, all that glitters is trending this winter. You don't have to wear a full nail of glitter to get in on this trend, either. "Instead of glitter all over, an ombré glitter is more chic, especially when it's on a very sheer and neutral base," Boyce explained to The Zoe Report. "It's a good trend for both longer and shorter nails."

French ombré

Combine two of this year's hottest trends and you have a stunning manicure that is on fire this winter. A French ombré is exactly as it sounds. Instead of having that defined line between your neutral base and white tip, your nail artist will make the transition gradual, creating an ombré effect. The finished result is a classic manicure that works for everyone.

Brown nail art

Chocolate browns and brown nail art are having a moment this season, as are animal prints, and color combinations that incorporate brown polishes. "The chocolate nail trend is a '90s revival mani meets the on-trend color of the season," Olivia Van Iderstine of Olive & June explained to Byrdie. "Chocolate brown is a trendy shade, and it's a super wearable way to wear a darker mani for fall and winter."

Emerald green

There's something about those deep, dark jewel tones that just hit differently during the winter season. Emerald green is a classic shade that instantly elevates any outfit. Ideal for the holidays, this is a color that looks amazing on any nail shape and length. This is a perfect alternative for those who want to make a bold statement but are looking for something other than the typical red or burgundy that is seen often in the winter.

Pearl nails

Pinterest called pearlcore one of the hottest trends of 2022, saying that iridescence was not only popular for nails this year but also jewelry and interior design. While pearls have long had a big impact on wedding manicures, they're also a hot trend for this winter season. Whether you choose a little or a lot, pearls will definitely get people talking.

Half-moon manicure

The half-moon manicure trend is back and nail artists are creating endless variations of this hot look. "This is the perfect 'out-of-the-box' design for those who like to keep their nails neutral," celebrity nail artist Tammy Taylor told InStyle. "The half-moon design is perfect for elevating a set of simple nails." You can experiment with different colors, outlines, and shapes with this trend and truly make it your own.

Velvet nails

Velvet nails are very hot right now and are another trend that doesn't limit what color polish you want on your nails. Celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen explained to Ipsy why this trend is so popular right now, saying, "What I love the most about this look is how chic and subtle it is," before adding, "I also like that it's very versatile where the look can be worn by itself or with additional nail art over it."

Less-is-more nail art

If the outrageous (yet completely amazing) nail art you see on some of your favorite celebrities isn't really practical for your daily life, don't worry. Less-is-more nail art is one trend we can all embrace. "A lot of our clients gravitate towards subtle designs such as a black heart or small dots on the ring finger," Rachel Apfel Glass explained to Harper's Bazaar. "It's a fun way to play with nail art without it looking too overbearing."

Tonal nails

Skittle nails in neons and pastels were popular during the spring and summer, but for the winter months, we've seen the colors used shift to neutrals and grays with the same stunning effect. This is the perfect trend for those who have trouble choosing just one color for their manicure. Select five different polishes in the same color family and create a gorgeous winter manicure.