35 Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner That You're Pregnant

You pee on a stick, and you see two lines. But maybe you should take another test, just to be sure? A tall glass of water and another stealth trip to the bathroom later, and look at that! You're pregnant! It's really happening. You may be so giddy you can hardly contain yourself, but maybe take a beat to process, advises couples counselor Shane Birkel to MindBodyGreen. "You'll have the ability to experience all those emotions without there being any pressure," explains Birkel. 


But assuming this pregnancy is something you and your partner both want — or even if you consider it a happy accident — it's perfectly understandable if you're feeling so giddy right about now that you can barely contain your excitement. In fact, you're already grabbing for your phone. But what's the proper etiquette? Should you call? Or should you text? Or should you wait until you're in the same room? Does it matter if it's just the two of you when you deliver the news? 

Now, it's time to focus. What you do know for certain is you want the moment you deliver the news to your partner to be memorable, joyous, and sweet. But also, fun! If so, you've come to the right place. Here are 35 of the most memorable, joyous, sweet, and, yes, fun ways to tell your partner you're pregnant.


Make an appointment

Let's say it's the middle of the workday, and you've stolen off to the bathroom to pee on a stick. It's not like you haven't done that before ever since you and your partner started "trying," but this time, it's go-time. You're having a baby. But how do you tell your partner without letting your coworkers in on the news before you're ready to let them know? 


Turns out, your calendar app isn't just handy for making dinner plans and cut-and-color appointments. You can also use it to, apropos seemingly of nothing, send a calendar request to your partner for a date that's probably around eight-and-a-half to nine calendar months from now — i.e., your due date. If you and your partner have been affirmatively trying to get pregnant, then you can probably get away with sending the calendar request with no explanation, and its meaning should be understood. But depending on the circumstances, you can always use your words: "Save the date," you could say, or perhaps, "Meeting with ... ?" Then busy your mind by getting back to work while you wait for the response.


Nail your Scrabble game

Assuming you were able to contain your excitement and not blurt the news out to your partner the first chance you got — not that there's anything wrong with that if that's how you roll — then you may have what it takes to pull off a good old fashioned Scrabble reveal. This one works best if you and your partner are fans of playing Scrabble, but it could also work even if you've never played the game before. In fact, your sudden interest in Scrabble might help to build the suspense for the big reveal. 


One way to do this is to use your tiles exclusively to spell out words relating to babies and pregnancy and wait for your partner to figure it out. But given the randomness of a tile draw, this could be harder than it sounds, even for seasoned Scrabble players. If you don't relish the thought of what could end up being a painstakingly long process through no fault of your own or your partner's, then we recommend the following cheat: While your partner's not watching, pull out the letters you'll need to spell out "we are pregnant," "having a baby," or what have you. Then make sure you get to take the first turn. 

Literally put a bun in the oven

As you can see, the bun-in-the-oven pregnancy reveal can be as simple as taking a bun, putting it in the oven, and waiting for your partner to realize what's happening. And it is your choice whether or not to include any one or more of the pregnancy tests that you just aced. Same with the explanatory note. Arguably, you shouldn't need more than the bun in the oven to get your message across to your partner, but we can also see how it might be fun to send your message in triplicate. Alternatively, you can pick up some refrigerated bread dough at the supermarket, bake it in a round cake pan so that it comes out looking bun-shaped, and time it so that when your partner walks through the door, the scent of the bun draws their attention. They'll undoubtedly catch the hint, and you'll have something to nibble on, too!


You've got a pea in the pod, so give your partner the same gift

A "pea in the pod" is a well-known idiom that is often used to refer to a relationship in which the people in it are so close, they're "like a couple of peas in the pod." However, it is also a well-known idiom that refers to pregnancy. Either way, the underlying message is a sweet one, not to mention easy to discern. But you can make it a literally sweet message if you can get your hands on some peas in the pod made of sweet moldable candy, such as the marzipan peas in the pod shown above. You could even make your own candy pea pods if you're feeling ambitious. 


Of course, there's an easier way, and that is to go to the supermarket and pick up some quantity of actual peas in the pod, prep them as you see fit (raw or steamed will work best), and set them out prominently for your partner to see. 

Serve up a baby-themed dinner for your partner

Picture your partner walking through the door and calling out something along the lines of, "Something smells amazing! What are you cooking?" Now, imagine your answer being something along the lines of, "We've got grilled baby lamb chops, sauteed baby spinach, and roasted new potatoes, but sit down and enjoy some baby carrots while I set the table." 


If you're an enthusiastic home cook with the time and budget to plan a fancy dinner party for two, and assuming that you've had no signs of morning sickness (so-called, despite that it can set in at any time of day or night), at least not yet, then whipping up a baby-themed dinner might be the perfect fun way of letting your partner know you're pregnant, while also satisfying some of your own pregnancy cravings. First, you were going to make dinner anyway, right? So, why not curate the menu in such a way that when you're asked what's for dinner, you have no choice but to say "baby" multiple times in a single sentence? 

Make a baby-themed playlist for your partner

Back in the days of yore, when Gen X and Boomers still dominated the earth, if you wanted to tell your partner something meaningful and romantic, all you had to do was make a mixtape. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could jot down and present your partner with a list of all the songs you included, and maybe even assign some cute titles to your compilation. Somewhere along the line, however, the tape became a CD, but the name "mixtape" persisted — and so did the heart of the idea, which was the sweetness of saying it with song. It's still just as sweet, not to mention fun; it's just not called a mixtape anymore. Instead, it's a playlist.


Some of the more classic choices might include Justin Bieber's "Baby," Huey Lewis and the News' "Doing It All for My Baby," Paul Anka's "Having My Baby," and The Supremes' "Baby Love." That disparate selection alone is probably enough to get your point across. But to level up on the fun, you can also throw in Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way," The Beatles' "Baby You're a Rich Man," and Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby," as well as any others that suit you and your partner.

Plan a baby-themed movie night

You and your partner have a baby on the way, and it's nothing short of thrilling. Heck, it may even be nothing short of surprising when you look back and consider that it all started with an invitation by text to "Netflix and chill." But even if that's not how the ball got rolling in your relationship, you can still have fun telling your partner you're pregnant if you both happen to be movie lovers.  To do so, queue up a baby-themed movie night. 


Just tell your partner it's movie night and that they have four choices: "Baby Boom," "Knocked Up," "Three Men and a Baby," and "Nine Months." Or substitute your own favorite baby-themed movie (e.g. "Bridget Jones' Baby" or "Juno"). In truth, of course, it probably doesn't matter all that much which movie you settle on because chances are, you're probably not going to be in the mood to watch once your partner realizes what it actually is that you're trying to tell them. Note: this one will work even more effectively and potentially more rapidly if your partner has zero interest in baby-themed movies. 

For movie lovers who happen to have a dark sense of humor

We're assuming that if your partner's taste in movies can be located somewhere along the intersection of horror and dark humor, then there's a pretty decent chance that they're at least passingly familiar with the horrifying and yet somehow hilarious cinematic masterpiece that is Roman Polanski's 1968 cult classic, "Rosemary's Baby," which was based on the popular mid-20th century novel of the same name by Ira Levin thriller (via IMDb). If so, then we've got a riff on the baby-themed movie night idea that could be just perfect for you. 


It starts the same way, with you suggesting movie night and giving your partner a number of choices consisting of the usual, mainstream, feel-good baby-themed movies that people think of as comprising the genre. Since your partner and you have probably already navigated their somewhat noirish taste in movies, chances are that your partner will pick up on what you're putting out. That's when it's time for you to press play on the movie that you've actually already set up to stream. But that would, of course, be "Rosemary's Baby," as opposed to one of the aforementioned light comedies. Bonus points if you live in a gothic-looking New York City apartment building.

Do it Burma Shave-style

More than a century ago, the erstwhile brushless shaving cream manufacturer Burma-Shave built its brand awareness on an ad campaign that consisted of sets of six billboards, placed a couple of car lengths from each other, along various long, flat stretches of what was then the glorious, newly-constructed U.S. highway system. Together, these signs comprised a message, often humorous and sometimes rhyming, and always name-checking Burma-Shave's brushless shaving cream, according to Legends of America and Skypoint. Examples include "Within this vale / Of toil and sin / Your head Grows Bald / But not your chin / Use / Burma-Shave" and "Your shaving brush/ Has had its day / So why not / Shave the modern way / With / Burma Shave).


Unless you're a Boomer, you've probably never encountered the Burma-Shave phenomenon in person, but it has become embossed in our culture in a variety of ways. And that includes any time you see a video in which someone displays a series of signs, one after the other, to convey a cohesive message. Or, say, if you were to leave a series of handmade signs for your partner that lead to an even bigger reveal, which could be you, holding your positive pregnancy test, or something to that effect in your own personal couple vernacular.

Say it with a glass of Champagne?

Another fun way of telling your partner that you're pregnant involves a bottle of Champagne, although you will need only one glass because only one of you two should be planning on drinking any.  Accordingly, the photo above should be interpreted not as what you will actually be doing as you tell your partner the big news but rather as what you're going to be intentionally misleading your partner into thinking is about to happen. After all, they don't yet have any idea what it is you're celebrating, or, for that matter, that you're expecting. 


And given that pregnancy and alcohol consumption don't go together, when you ask your partner to bring home a bottle of the celebratory bubbly, they're going to assume that what it is you have to celebrate has nothing to do with pregnancy. That, of course, will change as your pregnancy reveal unfolds. 

It may go without saying, but this one won't work if you don't drink alcohol, since your partner might not notice. Or to put it another way, this one will go over even more dramatically if your partner would be surprised to see you eschewing imbibing.

Make your partner their favorite cocktail

At first blush, this one might seem similar to the one involving a Champagne bottle and a single glass. But this one also happens to have one distinct advantage in particular, which is that it delivers much more immediate gratification. Some of us do happen to enjoy a bit of that, and there's nothing wrong with that. What's more important is knowing your own sensibilities and those of your partner. Further, the one with the Champagne requires you to maintain your composure from the moment you ask your partner to bring home a bottle of bubbly, which could take a bit of effort on your part, especially if your partner starts asking you what it is you're celebrating. By contrast, this one begins and ends in the time it takes for you to whip up a dry martini. 


Here's how it goes: At the end of a workday, or whenever it might seem appropriate, mix your partner their favorite cocktail, and present it with an elegant flourish. If your partner is of the mind that you would never let them drink alone, then you have probably already made it clear where this is going. But what if they do end up having to ask, "Where's yours?" Well, now you have your perfect opening. 

Set a table for three

If you're not up for any sort of elaborate planning, then this could be the perfect way to tell your partner you're pregnant. It's literally as easy as one, two, three — the number of places for which you'll be setting your dinner table. Plus, takeout is highly encouraged.


But that's really just the end of the story. Where it starts is that it's date night, and your partner assumes that you'll be going out to dinner at a restaurant because that's one of your favorite things to do as a couple. In other words, you'll be catching your partner off guard by saying that you'd like to stay home and enjoy some alone time together. Make sure to work that into the conversation a couple more times, and then all that will be left is to set the dinner table for three. 

As soon as your partner sees it, they'll be like, "But, what about all that just us stuff." And to that, you will respond with your best Cheshire Cat grin. Hopefully, at that point, a look of recognition will wash over their face. But if not, you're certainly set up well to skip right to your big reveal.


Throw your partner a surprise party

We all know that one textbook extrovert — someone who'd be more than happy to include all of their best friends and family in literally all their happiest moments, if only it were always somehow appropriate to do so. If that describes your partner, and especially if your partner is also a Sagittarius, then you already know that they simply love their people. Plus, it's something you love about them. Accordingly, you just know in your heart — and also from the fact that they proposed to you in front of their parents, their siblings, and their Aunt Clarice — that if you have wonderful life-changing news to deliver to your partner, then there's no better way to do so than in a literal roomful of people they love most. 


So, make up some sort of ruse to keep your partner out of the apartment while you get busy gathering up all the usual suspects for what will be an impromptu surprise party. When your partner arrives back home, everyone should yell "surprise!" And then you, alone, will yell, "Also, we're pregnant!" or something that feels right for you at the moment.  

Channel the B-52s

At the end of the song "Love Shack" by the B-52s, a female singer sings/screams, "Tin roof ... rusted!" A male voice replies, "You're what?" Taken in the context of all the free love that a love shack implies and the male singer's incredulous response, it's easy to see why a fan might believe that "tin roof ... rusted" is a way of announcing an unintended pregnancy, as Pop Culture Dictionary says many fans do. Never mind that Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, who came up with that line, has made it abundantly clear that she was, in fact, referring to an actual tin roof that she'd once seen in Athens, Georgia (via MLIve).


The fact is that whatever the B-52s may or may not have intended with that line may forever be culturally adjacent to pregnancy. And that's what makes this song such a fun one with which to serenade your partner if you're looking for a fun way to say, "We're pregnant!" Just make sure that when you get to the "tin roof" line you look at your partner meaningfully. If they don't get it, you can explain later about the tin roof meaning dichotomy. For couples who enjoy a bit of exhibitionism, this is totally doable at a karaoke bar.

Show, don't tell

"Use your words," they told us when we were just small children who were first learning how to work with them. Indeed, it seemed like a great idea, and, indeed, ever since we began honing our verbal communication skills, words have comprised our go-to tool when it comes to making an important point both clearly and concisely. Nevertheless, it's hard to resist the pull of a game of charades, especially when you have a bit of amazing and life-changing news to convey. 


If miming "we're pregnant" sounds appealing, then you may already be an avid charades fan. And that means that you may already know that the internet is thick with random word generators, which enable the playing of charades when just two people are present. When it's your turn to be the hint-giver, have your partner generate a word (like the woman is doing in the photo above). But then completely ignore the word that it generated. Instead, here's your chance to mime that "we" (pointing back and forth between the two of you) are "pregnant" (use your hands to shape an imaginary nine-months-pregnant stomach).

Say it with a succulent

Your partner never misses an opportunity to present you with flowers, and even if they do, can you think of a better way to teach by example than by delivering your pregnancy news in the form of poetically meaningful foliage? There are a number of plants that are known for spawning what are sometimes referred to as "babies." These include the spider plant, which is a lovely stripey-looking trailing plant that propagates itself by throwing off tiny replicas of itself, according to Gardening KnowHow. Unfortunately, its name seems less than auspicious for this purpose. For completely different reasons, so too does Mother of Thousands, a succulent that produces at the edges of its leaves, hundreds of tiny plantlets that can grow into new mothers of thousands, per Balcony Garden Web.


But our favorite for this purpose is the succulent you see above, which is popularly known as Hens and Chicks. Present a container of these as a gift to your partner as a fun way of telling them you're pregnant. If they don't immediately catch your drift, it may take your telling them the plant is called Hens and Chicks. Ahem. Hens & Chicks can be transplanted to the garden if you live in an appropriate zone, but even if you keep them in a container, if you take proper care of them, you'll have these babies as a keepsake for years to come.

Pip, Pip, hooray!

Lovers of literature don't just love a great story; they also love how those stories relate to real life, no matter how far-flung the setting. And sometimes, they just love how it feels to hold a really weighty piece of classic literature in their hands, knowing that it holds a whole other world within its pages. That's true even if they're a fan of e-books and audiobooks. There's just something about an actual book though. And there's one book in particular that lovers of literature, and especially lovers of great classic literature, will understand to mean, "Hello, book lover, we're pregnant." 


We're talking about "Great Expectations," by prolific 19th-century British author Charles Dickens. There are lots of books you might give to your partner as a way of saying, "I'm having our baby," but it doesn't get more highbrow than this. Just try not to think about the fact that the main character, Pip, is a Victorian-age orphan, or that he grows up to be rich but kind of a jerk. None of that matters for this purpose, and besides, the story arguably ends well. In any event, all you need to do is present the book to your partner with a meaningful glance, and your message will have been received.

Replace the message in their fortune cookie

Perhaps you already know that you can actually order fortune cookies made with a custom fortune. You can even order fortune cookies with more than one custom fortune per batch (via Amazon). But to make that work for your partner-to-partner pregnancy reveal, you'll have to have the patience of a saint because even the fastest delivery won't get to you for anywhere from several days to a week after you order them. But did you know that you don't actually have to wait? Not if you pick up some pre-packaged fortune cookies and know the trick to swapping their fortunes. 


Kari, the home crafter at U-CreateCrafts, says that her dollar store carries them. Yours may, too. To swap out the pre-printed fortune, simply place the cookies in a steamer basket, and place the steamer basket high above a thin layer of water. After anywhere from five to 10 minutes, the edges of each of the cookies should separate. Carefully transfer the cookies to a plate, and using a tweezer, pull out the pre-existing fortune and replace it with a fortune of your own. What it says is up to you, but "We're having a baby!" is an enduring favorite.

For a partner who already appreciates dad jokes

Back in the day, dad jokes were already so old that if you hadn't heard 'em all by the time you were tall enough to ride your first dinosaur, then the only question is what were you doing during the whole Mesozoic era? Of course, that doesn't mean that dad jokes are ready for retirement, least of all the one where you say, "My so-and-so went to such-and-such, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." According to Ars Technica, archeologists managed to dig up a stylus (an ancient writing utensil) dating to the first century A.D. and inscribed it with the following words: "I have come from the City. I bring you a welcome gift with a sharp point that you may remember me. I ask, if fortune allowed that I might be able [to give] as generously as the way is long [and] as my purse is empty." 


What all that means, apparently, is "Someone went to Rome, so here's a pen." And now, it is in your hands whether or not to keep that old chestnut going. But if you support your partner's penchant for dad jokes, then, by all means, give them a head start with a t-shirt printed with something to the effect that "my partner is pregnant, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." If you can't wait to have a t-shirt made, you can do it yourself with a clean white t-shirt and fabric markers. 

Draw your lines in the sand

If you happen to be near a beach when you're planning on telling your partner you're pregnant and the weather permits, you can make use of this fun and beachy way of telling your partner your news. If you want it to be a complete surprise, then you'll have to wait until your partner excuses themself, say, to take a dip in the water. Alternatively, you can ask your partner at a strategic moment to please go to the snack bar to pick you up a burger (or any other food that has to be cooked to order).


While they're off doing your bidding, you'll need to get to work digging right away, particularly if you're spelling out "we're pregnant," which seems to have a lot more letters when you're writing it in the sand than when you're writing it on paper. Alternatively, it might be more efficient to simply draw a baby-type face in the sand. Or maybe just the word "baby." You get the idea. In any case, a shovel is your friend, but your hands will do in a pinch. Also, this task is a lot easier if the sand is thoroughly moist, so you'll probably want to get set up pretty close, but not too close, to the water.

Present your partner with a sympathy baby bump

If you haven't heard already, you'll surely hear it at some point during your pregnancy that sympathy weight gain during pregnancy can be a real phenomenon for partners of pregnant people. It even has a sciencey name: Couvade syndrome, according to SelectHealth. If your partner is someone who has a good sense of humor about minor and temporary weight gain, then a really fun way of telling your partner you're pregnant could involve presenting your partner with a t-shirt that uses an arrow to draw attention to the wearer's belly, along with the words "sympathy bump" or "sympathy baby bump."  


For a twist on this partner-to-partner pregnancy reveal, you could go in another direction, which is to say you can get your hands on a prosthetic pregnancy belly, which you can find on Amazon, for example, or at Empathy Belly. Both can make you look heavily pregnant, which could add a humorous touch to your telling your partner you just found out you're pregnant. But whereas Amazon's version is focused on the humor, the Empathy Belly is something your partner may be able to actually wear from time to time in an effort to understand what it's like carrying a baby to term.

For those with no spending limit: Skywriting

Telling your partner that the two of you are going to have a baby is a momentous occasion. Making the momentous occasion fun doesn't have to be logistically complicated or mind-bogglingly expensive. But it could be! And maybe when it comes to you and your partner, the context seemingly demands that it should be. If so, and assuming that money is no object, then how about revealing your pregnancy to your partner via skywriting? 


Skywriting involves a pilot who is highly skilled and capable of maneuvering their plane so that its exhaust spells out a message — usually an advertisement, but not always, according to the Library of Congress. A single plane can usually generate up to six letters, which isn't enough to do much more than spell out "BABY," or, possibly, to create a baby face out of smoke. But you can always hire more than one plane to spell out a longer message, like, "Hi baby! We're having a baby!" or something equally adorable. Just bear in mind putting this together may cost upwards of $8,000, per FlySigns. For those slightly more fiscally conservative, hiring a plane to fly a banner overhead may cost no more than $1,000. 


If you happen to be traveling by plane, this one's always fun

If you never before thought about how to involve the TSA in your pregnancy reveal but are now completely obsessed with it — and also bummed out because you don't have $10,000 to spend on skywriting — have no fear. We've got another possibility involving air travel, and it probably won't set you back more than the cost of your plane tickets. We're talking about doing something along the lines of what a Tampa woman did on a flight she was taking with her unsuspecting husband to Chicago.


As The Points Guy reports, the woman wrote a note to the flight crew in which she politely asked if someone on the crew might make an announcement — after the plane boarded but before takeoff — addressed directly to her husband, by name and seat number, to the effect that he's going to be a daddy. "I have a big favor to ask," the woman began the note. "If you can give me a quick cue that you are about to announce it, I will get my video camera ready." It all went off seamlessly. 

If you'd like to give this a try, please be aware that your success will depend upon a number of unknowns, including the mood of the flight crew, the weather, and other things that people whose jobs don't revolve around airports might not think of. So, by all means, be flexible.


For dyed-in-the-wool fur parents

If you and your partner consider your first child to be of the four-legged and furry variety, then it could be fun to engage the services of said fur child in engineering your pregnancy reveal. After all, your family planning has a direct effect on your existing fur child, who will, after all, be gaining a new sibling. So, how about a doggie t-shirt emblazoned with "I'm going to be a sibling!" You could make it yourself, or you could have one made using AmazonEtsy, or any number of other retailers of custom-lettered dog clothing. 


Of course, if you've got a really small dog, you may have to abbreviate your message, unless you want your partner to have to put on their reading glasses to read what it says. And let's be frank here: no one wants to have to do that because it makes everyone feel old. Still, you can do the same thing if you have a cat or, theoretically, any small animal that you're absolutely certain would not mind wearing a custom-lettered t-shirt.

For those who genuinely love to bake

Some of us genuinely love to bake and take actual pleasure in decorating baked goods. If you can check off even one of those boxes, we can't think of a more fun and appropriate way to tell your partner you're pregnant than by baking up something you know your partner will love to eat and then decorating it with either a straightforward "we're pregnant" message or designing your own baby-themed design. 


Ideas along this line include making a batch of cupcakes and decorating the top of each with a letter, which results in the letters spelling out your message. Keep in mind that if you're going for one character per cupcake, you'll need at least 14 cupcakes to spell out "we're pregnant!" If your partner is also a Wordle or Spelling Bee lover, might we suggest arranging the cupcakes out of order and letting your partner crack the puzzle?

Spell it out in chocolate chips

Look, you either relish the opportunity to roll fondant over a perfectly symmetrically buttercream-frosted three-layer cake, or you don't. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy some lighthearted time in the kitchen, especially when you're searching for a fun way to let your partner know you guys are expecting. 


So, if the whole cupcake decorating plan described above seems like just a little too much for your plate right now, then come along with us as we peruse the baking aisle for a bag of chocolate chips. Or, if we're feeling particularly adventurous, perhaps a tube of decorative frosting that comes with a selection of tips. You won't need the whole selection of tips, but you may find it useful to use the tip intended for drawing letters with icing. From here, you'll want to head over to the baked goods section of your grocery store and pick up either a sheet cake, a sheet of brownies, or a cookie cake. Or make your own cookie cake using refrigerated cookie dough and an 8-inch cast iron pan. 

Then, use your chips or your icing to spell out your "we're pregnant" message — and don't forget to lick the spoon.


Arrange for a special delivery

While we're on the topic of using food to tell your story, this one, which involves pizza, is perfect if your strengths lie not so much in making your meals but rather in making reservations and ordering takeout. Moreover, it's pretty much foolproof because no matter how your pregnancy reveal goes, you're still going to have an extra-large pizza to enjoy for your trouble. And pizza never disappoints; even when it's bad, it's good, as somebody famous supposedly said, per Cracked.


So, here's how we see this one going: First, make an arrangement in advance with your favorite pizza joint. Tell them you want to convey your pregnancy reveal using pizza toppings — as shown above, or some version of that. If they're game, that's great. If not, see if they'll be willing to just go ahead and write your message on the inside of the pizza box's lid so that it will be revealed when your partner opens the box. Either way, tell your partner you're ordering pizza. Set the table, and then sit back and wait for your special delivery. 

Stage a fake stork delivery

Is your partner one of those adorably delusional and vaguely retro types who still, to this day, marches faithfully to the mailbox every single afternoon, hoping against hope that this day will finally be the day that something — anything — turns up in the mailbox that isn't a bill, a solicitation, a political message, or some other form of pure annoyance? If so, then we've got an idea for a partner-to-partner pregnancy reveal that could be exactly the fun reveal you've been looking for. Moreover, if you decide to go with this kind of reveal, you'll actually be doing something of a good deed — i.e., restoring your partner's faith in the U.S. mail system, at least for one brief moment.


To make this happen, you'll need to handwrite a formal note and an equally formal-looking envelope that you will hand-address to your partner from the stork. The note should say something to the effect that this a courtesy notification that a delivery — via stork — is scheduled for X date — i.e., your due date. Place the envelope inside your mailbox, wait for your partner to go on their daily mailbox quest, and smile radiantly as they absorb the news and its wonderfully nostalgic mode of delivery.

Put it on their honey-do list

This is one of the few fun ways that we've identified for telling your partner that you're pregnant that could actually have the effect of supporting your quest to nest. That's actually a thing, by the way, that happens to many pregnant people per Healthline – and their partners, per Owlet. Nesting refers to an instinct or a drive, as some may experience it, to get your home and lives ready for the baby you're expecting. And it doesn't only happen at the end of pregnancy either. As BabyCenter explains, the nesting instinct can kick in as early as the second trimester. Maybe even sooner. Whenever the nesting instinct does happen to kick in, you'll want to already have established a system with your partner by which things that need to be done around the house get indexed on a handy "honey-do" list.


If you and your partner already have a honey-do list, then your current task is made all the simpler: just add to the list something along the lines of "please buy diapers in about eight months" or "meet your baby," etc. The only catch is you might have to ask your partner to please have a look at their list because you've recently made some new additions. You might have to ask again. Or maybe even a third time. But, hey, it's good practice for how things often play out over time. 

Present your evidence

We're guessing that you're already aware that a popular partner-to-partner pregnancy reveal involves the elaborately wrapped gifting of the pregnancy test that displays your positive test result. Of course, there's a lovely simplicity in that. However, if you're interested in amping up the fun in the hopes of staging a reveal that you and your partner will be talking about for years to come, then your positive pregnancy test is a great start. However, you'll also want to have other forms of "evidence" to make your case, and you'll want to set up a time with your partner during which you can present the evidence, piece by piece, using dramatic pauses to add suspense.


On the other hand, perhaps it is still too soon in your pregnancy for you to have discovered your craving for, say, white chocolate-dipped carrots, or to have busted the button on your high-waisted jeans (the latter will happen, the former, not necessarily). In that case, you may not have much evidence, but you can always employ some visual aids like a pair of baby shoes or socks, and/or a baby rattle or spoon. Assemble your visual aids on a whiteboard or chalkboard with the words "coming soon" or "coming attractions," and watch your partner's eyes light up.

Say it with a gift basket

A slight variation on delivering your pregnancy news by "presenting your evidence" is to deliver it in the form of a gift basket. And who doesn't love getting a gift basket, especially if it's hand-curated by one's partner to include lots of their favorite things? The idea here is to assemble a basket filled with comfort items that your partner appreciates, whether it's a bottle of wine, flowers, or other gifts, or whether it's other stuff entirely (e.g., a bag of pistachios, a luxury chocolate bar, a mug with his school's name on it, etc.).


Now for the reveal-aspect: You can place a note at the bottom of the basket so that it's the last thing they will see, and when they open it, it will say something along the lines of "Pampering the dad-to-be" or something like that, but in your own words. Or you can wait for your pleased but incredulous partner to ask you something to the effect of "what's the occasion?" Then you can tell him the good news in whatever words you wish.

Pregnancy acrostic

One of the aforementioned ideas for making your pregnancy reveal fun involves building a sweet three-dimensional acrostic built out of home-baked cupcakes bearing hand-lettered frosting. But what if you have a partner who frets daily over his Wordle stats? Well, you can always make your own sweet acrostic out of words alone. Of course, you'll also need paper and a writing utensil.


You can design your puzzle to be as simple or as complicated as you choose. The one you see in the photo above came from a YouTube video in which an Air Force man films himself learning, while stationed away from home, that his wife is expecting their baby. The man opens a package containing the puzzle and his wife's instructions; by the end, he's completed the puzzle, and the glow-up is complete. However, a far simpler version could involve your spelling out "we are having a baby" (or something in your own words to that effect) but in a mixed-up order that your partner will have to untangle in order to catch its meaning.

Send a love note

The world needs more love letters, according to The World Needs More Love Letters, which puts its money where its mouth is, making a mission of sending actual love letters by mail to people all over the world who happen to be in need. Who wouldn't want a world with more love letters? Even better if you don't have to put yours through the USPS, and why would you bother if your partner is sitting right next to you on the sofa? If the idea appeals, then why not be the change?


Get the ball rolling with a love letter to your partner that does the double duty of revealing your pregnancy. Write it by hand or type it. It doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece. It just needs to say "I love you" and "We're pregnant." Of course, if you find yourself struggling with your prose, how about a four-line poem that begins with "roses are red" and ends with "we're having a baby!" or something along those lines? You could also do a haiku — which, doesn't come with the expectation of rhyming, making it potentially easier to craft. You could try something like "Honey, I'm pregnant / Our due date is on May 4 / I'm so excited!"  Incidentally, your love letter can be as lascivious as you wish, but hold the thought as we explore the naughty limerick option.


The value of a naughty limerick

There's one really good reason why you might want to deliver the news to your partner that you're pregnant in the form of a naughty limerick. Well, two, really, but they're related. The first is that relationship experts tend to emphasize how important it is to continue cultivating intimacy with your partner — as a matter of course, but especially when you're expecting a baby, per Aila Birth Village. The second is that cultivating intimacy isn't just about what happens in the bedroom. It's also about developing a repertoire of shared experiences, secrets, and private jokes. Ideally, of course, there will be a lot of overlap. 


The thing is, however, that few couples comprise a perfect match in terms of respective romantic sensibilities (per "The 5 Love Languages"). If that's true in your coupledom, then a naughty limerick does just about everything that a love letter can do, but cleverly framed in goofy rhymes rather than flowery prose, not to mention a bawdy promise of sexy time the next time you're both in the mood. To put it another way, surprising your partner with a naughty rhyming poem can enhance both physical and emotional intimacy, while, at the same time, conveying the joyous news that you're expecting. It's kind of like saying, "Yeah, we're going to be parents. But yeah, we're still us." 

It might also be fun to just use ordinary words

Most people can appreciate the sweetness of a happy pregnancy reveal story. But not everyone relishes the idea of actually living through one. Just like you might want to take a beat to absorb the enormous news before skipping right to the reveal, you might want to consider your partner, their sensibilities, and whether they could potentially benefit from having a moment to process before being expected to react. If you conclude that could be the case, then you might want to consider something as simple as just sitting down with your partner at a time when both of you are relaxed, well-rested, and well-fed, and calmly relaying that you're pregnant in the most straightforward words possible (e.g., "We're pregnant" or "We're having a baby" or "You're going to be a dad"). 


For you and your partner, the big news is the baby on the way. For everyone else in your lives, you've got greater leeway to give them other things to focus on as well. Saving the fun reveal for your friends and/or family means that your partner can react to the news without also having to react to its delivery. And if you follow up with a big hug, you'll afford your partner a modicum of space to process their first thoughts on what they've just heard.