Lauren Cahn

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New York, NY
NYU School Of Law, Tufts University
Fashion History, Health And Beauty, Aging Gracefully
  • Lauren never sold Girl Scout Cookies, but she did sell Avon (when she wasn't busy trying on all the yummy color-drenched samples). See, that was the best way she knew how to nourish her friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Not gonna lie, girl's had a lot of work done. So she gets it. More importantly, she writes about it from experience. Perhaps surprisingly, however, Lauren has quit Botox, and frankly, all injectables, but she's here to remind you it's okay if you wanna do that stuff and to explain how it all works and what really works best.
  • If you've got short-hair envy, come sit by Lauren, and she'll talk you into the big-chop in 20 minutes tops. And you'll thank her later.


Lauren's blog Yoga Chickie (2004-2008) was pretty much what it sounds like, the ramblings of a modern New York City-dwelling yoga-obsessed chickie with a penchant for Sephora, French bistro fare, and really fabulous shoes. But then Arianna Huffington's eponymous Post asked her to start blogging about all the stuff for its readers, so from 2008, she expanded her reach and her subject matter to include reports on social media trends like the #WokeUpLikeThis selfie trend as it unfolded, relationships, parenting, partying, polyamory, and privacy (haha). Since then, Lauren's expanded into the royal family, rock music, style, lifestyle, home entertaining, and etiquette, with a few mysteries and oddities tossed in for good measure. Lauren has had bylines at Taste of Home, Naturally Savvy, Eat This Not That, Reader's Digest, Just Great Lawyers, Grown and Flown, MSN, Fox News, Insider, and in the print version of Reader's Digest, where several of her stories have been featured on the cover. Lauren joined Static Media in 2020 as a news and features writer for Mashed and Health Digest and has since expanded to Tasting Table and The List, in addition to Glam.


Lauren earned a bachelor's degree in English from Tufts University, Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude; she graduated from NYU Law School and worked as a lawyer in New York City for more than a decade before her nose for news led her to the life of a journalist.

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