How To Navigate Someone Flirting With Your Partner

We all have different boundaries in our relationships. Some couples are relaxed and don't mind their significant others chatting with their exes on social media or hanging out with co-workers who seem extra interested in their partners. While others get frustrated if their significant others even look sideways at another person while walking passed or insist on sharing email addresses and social media handles. No matter our level of tolerance when it comes to our loved ones, dealing with someone outwardly flirting with our partner is tricky.

Whether the flirtation happens while you are present, over text message, or over email, it's an uncomfortable issue to address. When you notice the flirtation, it may bring feelings of insecurity to a boiling point. Healthline mentions that approaching this issue the wrong way could cause lasting damage between you and the person you've chosen to partner with, and it could lead to an issue that might be irreparable after the smoke clears. 

Assess the situation calmly

Depending on the situation when the flirting takes place, there may not be a need for strong emotions. If you are on a dance floor, in a crowded bar, or somewhere where it isn't clear your partner has a significant other, there may not be a need for a response. Power of Positivity suggests that another person flirting with your partner may just be caught up in what first drew you to your significant other. They recommend noticing how your partner responds and staying calm. If your partner acknowledges it but still turns to you, it's a normal event, and there is no need for concern.

This type of behavior, if under control and small, is actually quite normal for humans. CNN mentions that it's actually normal to show flirtatious behavior, and it could actually benefit your relationship. If both partners feel secure in the relationship, flirtation may be a harmless way to fuel the fire between the two of you. Elite Daily maintains that a little flirtation is actually normal. Human beings are sexual creatures, and just because we feel a small connection to another person does not mean that it can match up to the deep connectedness of our partners. In addition, if we feel confined in our relationships, it could be quite damaging to the overall connection with our partners. If the flirtation isn't continuous and your partner seems unaffected by it, there may not be a need for extreme concern.

How to address the behavior

If your partner seems to enjoy the attention but doesn't encourage it, it may be human nature at play. However, if your partner stays in the conversation longer than you're comfortable with or tunes you out to talk with the flirty friend, you may need to state your feelings sooner rather than later. Romper recommends staying poised and waiting until you're alone to address it. You may just need to set clear boundaries and explain how the behavior is hurtful to you. If your partner understands how it's making you feel, they are more likely not to engage in the flirtatious behavior again. Global News says that you should know your own limits. Simple flirtation is normal, but it could blossom into something else if the flirtatious partner isn't acknowledging your feelings or your concerns.

By understanding that a little flirtation is normal, you can give yourself some peace when flirtation with your partner happens. However, if it goes beyond the boundary you have set, communicate your feelings to your partner. If they do not respect you enough to stop the behavior in its tracks, there may be a bigger issue at play. By knowing your feelings are worth respecting, you can better manage someone flirting with your partner.