Your Perfect Holiday Beauty Look Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We may have spent the last couple of holiday seasons toasting over Zoom and mailing out gifts from virtual white elephant exchanges, but just as fashion has come back big and bold this year (via Glimpse), so has the world of beauty. Skin and beauty care has skyrocketed in 2022, and while the "skinimalism trend" that focuses on skincare for natural beauty looks is at the forefront of sales, per CosmeticsDesign-Europe, the holidays could be a great way to break away from the minimal routine and spice up more than just those scrumptious gingerbread cookies.

The holidays only come once a year, so it's only natural for us to want to reach for heavier products and steer toward more glam-focused looks right now. Not only that, but we can't think of a single cosmetics brand that doesn't release a signature winter collection. (We simply have to test them all out, right?) But one of the trickiest parts of exploring all these fun new releases and products is deciding exactly where to begin for such a special look, and since many of us turn to the stars for guidance on just about everything, it's actually a great idea to do the same for beauty looks.

We've gone ahead and broken down the very best ideas for your perfect holiday beauty look based on your sun sign, and while these looks are glam-focused for holiday festivities like get-togethers and parties, always remember you can tone down shades and go in with a lighter hand if yuletide drama isn't your thing.

Aries: bold eyes and lips

It just so happens that the power color of an Aries is red, à la Clare, so the holidays are your time to shine, dear Aries friends. Instagrammer delivers a deliciously daring and bold look with a dramatic focus on the eyes and lips. Since Aries is a fiery, perfectly gift-wrapped combination of passion and flames, striking red-lip looks with a statement eye are the way to go — just don't forget to bring your lipstick along in your clutch for any needed post-mistletoe re-applying.

Taurus: earth-toned glam

As an earth sign, Taurus will always dominate earth-toned glam any time of year. Instagram influencer Nazanin Kavari seamlessly melts chocolate tones more flawlessly than your hot cocoa while balancing the look with a neutral beige glossy lip — hello holiday shine in photos! Because Taurus has an affinity to the finer things in life, topping the look off with the TikTok-approved Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Pearl Choker adds a timeless holiday glamor that we just can't say no to.

Gemini: two-toned dimension

Who says you need only to stick with one color shadow during the holidays? Certainly not a Gemini. This multi-tonal red and gold balancing act by Instagrammer @Alina.popa.atelier11 marries two holiday shades together, which is perfect for the multi-faceted Gemini. Sealing everything together with a glossy red lip completes all the stunning seasonal vibes we could ever ask for.

Cancer: Silver moon-inspired

According to The Qi, one of the most interesting parts of the Cancer sign is that instead of being ruled by a planet, it's in fact ruled by the moon. So, let's really play up that "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" theme this year, Cancer. Instagram photographer Kendra Storm Rae shows us the dreamiest silver eyes that capture all of the wonder and excitement of a chilly and moonlit Christmas Eve at midnight.

Leo: regal golds

Always regal and in the command of attention, Leo shines brighter than the star atop the tree. Playing with the glistening and gilded golds of the season, just as Instagram photographer Franciska Pinter does, lets everyone feel the electricity of Leo's warmth even more — something everyone could use as the skies turn bleak and the temperatures drop. Try enhancing the look with some fierce and thematic gold jewelry for that extra step of added royalty, Leo.

Virgo: meticulous greens

As an earth sign, greens compliment a Virgo in ways that highlight your affinity towards nature. And because Virgo is just such a diehard perfectionist and human calculator, crafting up a holiday look that is tidy and meticulous is exactly what you may need. South African Instagram makeup artist Nthabiseng Sebola captures this green and red holiday look with ease and nails the subtle pops of details only a Virgo could replicate.

Libra: light-catching highlights

Libra is the envy of every other member of the 8 a.m. Zoom meeting, as your hair seems to cascade perfectly into place as shimmers of sunlight bounce off your cheekbones to highlight your camera-ready natural skin. Because you're known for your minimal effort to look flawless, highlighting what you already have is the name of the game for you, Libra. As shared on Instagram by makeup company Inglot, a striking highlight for a true 'tis-the-season glow has Libra's name all over it.

Scorpio: black dress approved

While they may try their best to end up on the nice list, Scorpio just finds the naughtier side of everything oh-so-jolly. A captivating Pinterest look instills visions of sugar plums dancing in our beauty-obsessed heads — with a mysterious Scorpio-inspired dark twist. And, of course, this look is approved for all your holiday get-togethers, Scorpio. (It pairs perfectly with little black dresses.)

Sagittarius: pop of purple explains that Sagittarius' power color is lush purple, and since Sagittarius season begins right before Thanksgiving and ends right before Christmas, it's your due right to feel a bit empowered this time of year, Sagittarius. Instagram influencer Amrezy intertwines the unique combination of red and purple here and reminds us that, yes, the two actually do look great together.

Capricorn: sophisticated grace

Boss babe Capricorn steals the spotlight this time of year by ending another turn around the sun and by being the sun sign of all of those born on Christmas and New Year (and that time in between the two when none of us have any idea what day it is). Capricorns tend to have an affinity towards all things classic, timeless, and vintage. One stellar Pinterest look plays with memories of Christmases gone by — something that makes a Capricorn's old soul flutter with mirthful nostalgia.

Aquarius: quirky and festive

We adore a step away from the mundane, and who better to give us that other than an Aquarius? Pinterest showcases a look only someone unafraid, eccentric, quirky, and enviously risky could pull off — someone like Aquarius. Stickers, spunky accessories, and a messy updo come together breathlessly for an artistic but Santa-approved look.

Pisces: aquatic icy frost

It's no secret that Pisces is a water sign and gravitates towards any body of H2O, so taking this concept and freezing it with a bit of icy winter frost will give Pisces all the aqua they need. Instagram makeup artist Dashayla Timothy couldn't have delivered this look any better — we can almost sense the frigid temperatures passing through our screens.