What Does It Mean If Someone Is In Their Healing Era?

Heartbreak, grief, burnout –- there are many reasons why a season of healing may be needed in life. Our bodies and spirits often let us know when it's time to retreat, go inward, and feel what needs to be felt. Nurturing ourselves and fostering a bit of healthy solitude after a traumatic event or period of turmoil is what allows us to recover and truly move forward. Sometimes life doesn't slow down as much as we may need it to in order to heal. Responsibilities will still knock. But where there's a will there's a way.


You may have seen the trending hashtag #healingera on TikTok, and therapists everywhere are likely rejoicing. It can be tempting to veer into recklessness after a big breakup or a major loss. But choosing a healing era instead is just what the heart needs. "You will notice yourself starting to feel freer, happier, more empowered, and like you are beginning to move on or get your sense of yourself back," says therapist and dating coach Lauren Korshak, via POPSUGAR.

How to have a healing era

Healing looks different for everyone, but a healing era likely involves, first and foremost, self-compassion (via Berkley Well-being Institute). Being gentle with yourself for what you've been through is the foundation for healing to be possible. You may feel the desire to pull back from your social life for a time, and as long as you don't drift into a habit of isolation, this could be a healthy way to get in touch with your intuition and true self.


On the flip side, connection can also be healing (via Sunshine Community Health Center). Maybe you have a friend who is also in a healing era and is ready to forego the bars and parties for a while, opting instead for a healing hike in nature or a cup of tea at your favorite local coffee shop. As you make these shifts in your daily life with more nurturing choices versus ones that might welcome chaos or unease, you'll likely feel safe enough to do some real healing.

Reading books on self-healing and wellness is also a great way to keep your focus on your inner journey. If you've gone through a breakup, reading a book on breakups might bring you the clarity you need (via Psychology Today).

A healing era can become a lifestyle

If you've had a healing era, you likely know firsthand that you don't exactly just reach the finish line one day. Healing is an ongoing process, and the healthy emotional and physical habits we implement during a more intensive period of healing are often so effective and nurturing that we want to continue practicing them after we've emotionally healed from a breakup or loss (via Ilene Smith).


During a healing era, you might start prioritizing a better sleep schedule for yourself, eating more nourishing foods, incorporating movement into your day, journaling, investing in healing services like massage or acupuncture, limiting time around people who disrupt your peace, or dedicating time to a hobby. Taking adaptogens, plants and herbs that help the body manage stress, is another supportive path to healing and wellness (via Berkley Wellbeing Institute). These all check the box for a healthy lifestyle and if we care for ourselves in this way consistently, we may be better equipped to handle the next curveball life throws at us.