What To Know About Your Personal Numerology

Have you noticed that certain numbers tend to show up in your life more often than others? Maybe you see certain sequences of digits appear frequently, or make wishes at 11:11 that always come true. Perhaps you find good things happen to you at certain times of the day. It could be a coincidence, or it could be the universe sending you signs or important messages.

According to followers of numerology, nothing happens by coincidence (via The Cut). They believe everything — your address, phone number, and the letters of your name — can be calculated into numbers. When added up and parsed into single digit numbers, they tell a unique story about you and your life. Some numbers are symbolic of personality traits or the best career choice for you, while others may help illuminate certain challenges or obstacles you will need to overcome.

Although personal numerology has its opponents, aspects of it have been used for thousands of years in different religions and cultures, per The Isbourne. These roots have grown into modern understanding of numerology, which is considered a divinatory art based in number theory. Whether you're a fan, a skeptic, or somewhere in between, personal numerology is a fascinating topic of study. Here is everything you need to know about how to figure out your personal numerology and the meaning behind each number.

What is numerology?

At its core, numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic influence (via Hidden Numerology). It views the universe as a system that can be divided into basic numeric elements. Numerology focuses on single-digit numbers one through nine, as well as 11, 22, and 33. Numerology practitioners believe that all of these numbers have a unique, cosmic-level significance in relation to a person's name and birthday.

The study of numerology has grown in popularity in recent years, but it is actually an ancient practice. Since early times, cultures all over the world have used numbers to gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves. According to Ganesha Speaks, numerology as an idea derives from ancient Babylonia and Egypt. Different forms have also been practiced in Greece, China, Japan, and Rome.

Numerology is a powerful system that offers insight into your life's purpose, personality, and future events. Numerology principles analyze the mystical and divine relationship between numbers to give you a deeper understanding of yourself. In this way, it is similar to astrology, tarot readings, and other divinatory arts. Numerology is often used as a companion to astrological readings to help clarify the nuances of an individual's life. It is a great tool for guiding human behavior, understanding aspirations and motivations, and providing insight into the future.

How does numerology work?

Newcomers to numerology are often intimidated by the complexities and mathematics involved with each number. However, once you understand the basics, it is easy to uncover your own personal numerology.

According to HowStuffWorks, numerology theory states that when applied to a person's life, each individual number can tell powerful stories about everything from romantic compatibility to life goals. The central tenet of numerology involves translating numbers into words and letters for divination purposes, similar to the ancient Hebrew practice of gematria (via Britannica).

To complete a reading, numerologists will start by breaking down the letters in a person's full name, utilizing a simple chart to translate each letter into a number. Then a numerologist will add the numbers together. If the number is a double-digit number, most numerology systems require the numerologist to add the two digits in that number together to get down to a single digit. If a person's name total equaled 88, the numerologist would add eight plus eight for a total of 16, and then add one plus six to get seven. This same principle can be applied to a person's birthdate. Once these central numbers have been found, numerologists can make predictions about a person's life and help guide them toward their best path.

The different numerology styles

Modern numerology practices are primarily based on the teachings of Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, musician, and mathematician. Pythagoras and his followers believed in the mystical abilities of numbers. During their mathematical studies, the Pythagoreans categorized numbers under 10 in terms of shapes and other characteristics (via HowStuffWorks). They assigned masculine and feminine features to certain numbers, giving meaning to others on an individual basis, and when paired with other numbers. They allocated different letters of the alphabet to numbers one through nine, while creating master numbers 11 and 22. This practice was previously referred to as mathematical mysticism, but is now known as Pythagorean numerology.

The Chaldean system of numerology is an extremely precise form of numerology that derives from India and looks at 108 numbers, per Astrotalk. Chaldean believers live according to fate and destiny. They also look at the compatibility of certain numbers and positive or negative vibrations that can affect a person's life.

Meanwhile, Kabbalah has been used by celebrities like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, with roots in Hebrew divination. Like the other numerology styles, Kabbalah assigns one number to each letter of the alphabet. A person using Kabbalah looks at their first, middle, and last name and adds all of the numbers together. According to The Law of Attraction, they then divide the number by nine and add one to find the final figure. The meanings of each digit in Kabbalah differ from the meanings found in Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology.

How to find your life path number

Some numbers in personal numerology have a stronger influence on your life than others. Thought to be the most significant number — and the simplest to figure out in numerology — your life path number aligns with your highest energetic self, per Token Rock. This number is also often referred to as a destiny number.

Your life path number is a representation of who you are at your core. "Life path numbers help us to understand the physical world and where we're going in life," numerologist and astrologist Tai Soleil tells Bustle. If you feel lost or discouraged, identifying your life path number and its meaning can help redirect you and put you back on the right path. This number is similar to your sun sign in astrology. However, where astrology focuses more on personality, your life path number is a stronger reflection of your values and life purpose. It also identifies who you are meant to be and potential obstacles you may be faced with (via Numerology).

Life path numbers are represented by numbers one through nine, each of which carries a different energy and embodies a particular archetype. To calculate your life path number, simply add up the numbers in your birthdate.

Other core numbers in numerology

According to World Numerology, the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are the most meaningful numbers found in personal numerology charts. The two identical digits allow for the powerful numbers of one, two, and three to be amplified. Although they are generally considered to be positive numbers to have in your chart, they are also highly charged and difficult numbers that can amplify the negative aspects of each number.

Soul numbers uncover what you want most, per Horoscope. This numeral is needed to understand not only what will make you happy, but what will fulfill you on a deeper level. To calculate your soul number, add up the vowels of your name until you arrive at a single-digit figure.

Angel numbers are a repeating sequence of three or four numbers. These digits often show up in random places, including coffee order receipts, addresses, and phone numbers. In numerology, these patterns are considered to be powerful messages from a higher spiritual power. The more you see them, the more powerful the message becomes. There is no way to calculate an angel number, they simply appear. For example, 111 is a sign of prosperity and manifesting dreams, while 999 can be a sign that you could lose a job or your relationship may be over (via Willow Soul).

The numbers one through three in numerology

In numerology, the number one is the leader and original power from which all other numbers follow (via World Numerology). It signifies a bold, prideful, vivacious person who has the ability to take charge of any given situation. Ones are strong and determined individuals that follow their dreams and pursue their goals with unwavering focus. People with a life path number of one are also highly independent, intelligent, and pragmatic. They make loyal friends and have a strong moral compass, but they can be jealous and confrontational at times.

According to Seventh Life Path, people with the life path number two are focused on balance and tranquility. Twos are mediators that embody cooperation, consideration, and grace. They have a high level of empathy for their fellow man, and will often sacrifice their own needs and desires to meet the needs of others. This can lead to resentment and unresolved anger issues if twos aren't careful. Twos are also seen as shy, sensitive, indecisive people who dislike conflict.

The number three in numerology is all about creativity and entertainment. People with life path number three are excellent communicators that have a powerful sense of self-expression. They are often artists, musicians, or actors who use their natural charisma and optimism to lead exciting — if a bit dramatic — lives. Threes aren't happy if they're not always the centre of attention. They can also be somewhat superficial, unpredictable, and without direction, per Horoscope.

The numbers four through six in numerology

The number four is all about strong structure and centered, per Affinity Numerology. Fours are conscientious, detail-oriented individuals who often succeed at accomplishing tasks and meeting their goals. They are generally described as patient and pragmatic people, although they can sometimes come off as a bit intense. Fours are the hardest workers you will ever meet, mainly because they are so focused on building a secure future for themselves.

The number five is associated with joy, charm, and fun (via Ganesha Speaks). Fives are extremely positive, outgoing people that can adapt quickly to whatever situation they are in. They attract others with their sense of adventure and desire to have a good time. That being said, fives are known to be a bit temperamental and impulsive. Their relentless pursuit of fun can make them appear unreliable, and they often have a hard time committing to other people.

Life path number six is considered to be the responsible parent of the numerology world. Sixes are nurturing people with an endless capacity for compassion and care. According to Hidden Numerology, sixes are highly reliable and devoted individuals with a strong sense of integrity. They are typically generous, understanding, and overprotective people who make excellent caretakers both at home and professionally. Sixes sometimes overthink things and worry a lot, and they have a lazy streak that can keep them from following their true passions.

The numbers seven through nine in numerology

Seven in numerology symbolizes intuition, introspection, and studiousness. Sevens are often shy people who prefer academic pursuits and privacy over social gatherings (via Sheelaa). This can give them an air of mystery and intrigue, but it can also make them seem aloof or purposefully secretive. Their analytical minds devour books and puzzles, but they also seek perfection in the things they do. Sevens are often spiritual people that find harmony in nature, through meditation, or prayer.

According to Bernadette King of Building Beautiful Souls, a strong sense of determination and tolerance correlate with the life path number eight. People with this number have a knack for making people in their lives feel secure and safe. They are typically financial or business-minded individuals with an abundance of drive and career focus. This allows them to achieve great success and accomplish their goals.

In personal numerology, nine is associated with the ability to forgive, generosity, contemplation, diversity, and self-awareness, per Moon Organizer. People with the life path number nine possess great wisdom, strength, and charisma, but they are also subtle with their selflessness. Nines prefer to work alone to get a way from the worries of the world, but they have a hunger for growth and new experiences. They are also life-long learners who seek depth in their relationships.

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 in numerology

The master numbers of 11, 22, and 33, which have a mirroring effect of their single digit components, also have their own unique meanings in numerology. According to Numerology Nation, having these master numbers in your numerology chart can mean you'll have excitement in life with lots of ups and downs.

As a life path number, 11 indicates a higher level of spiritual insight and wisdom than the average person. It is associated with responsibility, empathy, maturity, and intelligence. People with 11 in their birth chart are often creative people with big dreams and big emotions they have to learn how to keep in check. Master number 22 embodies the life path number four, which indicates a practical, productive, hardworking person. However, the double nature of this number also means that a person with the life path number 22 is rational, works well with others, and possesses more potential than others, per Numerology. People with 22 in their birth chart also aim to be of service to others and often give back to society.

In numerology, the number 33 is a combination of the master numbers 11 and 22. This means it contains the energetic properties of these numbers in addition to its own meaning, making it the most important of the master numbers (via Hidden Numerology). People with 33 in their chart are often creative, wise, positive, ambitious, and self-reliant. They are also compassionate and courageous people that focus on self improvement.

Understanding the personal year cycle

Calculating your personal year number is a powerful tool for understanding what you can expect in the coming calendar year. According to Adrienne Beyta, the personal year is a year-long cycle of energy that starts and ends on your birthday. Personal years run sequentially from one through nine before starting over, with specific characteristics, themes, and major stages of human life attributed to each. For example, your personal year number may reveal experiences like starting a business, moving to a new city, or ending a long-term relationship. A personal year of one indicates new beginnings, independence, and achievement and is a great time to start over. A personal year of four may help you zero in on your long-term goals, while a nine would indicate a phase of letting go of things that no longer serve you and manifesting new dreams.

To calculate your personal year number, simply add together your birth month, your day of birth, and the current year (via Felicia Bender). For example, if you were born on September 1, you would add together 9+1. The current year must be broken down into individual integers and added together. For example, 2023 would become 2+0+2+3, equaling 7. In this instance, the total personal year calculation would be 9+1+7=17. Add together the 1 and 7 from 17 to get a personal year of 8 for 2023, which is all about empowerment and finances and may see you focusing on your financial health. 

Why does your personal numerology matter?

Skeptics of numerology argue that it is pseudoscience and that numbers are just numbers. They believe it doesn't matter what your life path number is or what your personal numerology chart indicates. Although no divinatory art can thoroughly predict a person's future, numerology has been used for centuries to help guide human beings. According to the BBC, knowing your personal numerology can help you plan your life and understand your personal characteristics. Maybe you're good with money, whereas your partner is not. Knowing these aspects of your personal numerology can help guide you in delegating tasks that will assist you and your partner in making smart financial decisions.

It is certainly not a precise science, as various cultures and numerology styles attribute different meaning to the numbers in a chart. However, in any of its forms, numerology can tell you where your boundaries and obstacles are in achieving success (via The Law of Attraction). It can shed light on why you make certain decisions, and it can even inspire you to change the direction of your life. At the very least, personal numerology is a method of discovery best used to help you grow as an individual.