All Of The Chic Bookshelf Inspo You'll Ever Need

Bookshelves are a great way to elevate the look of spaces in your home, whether you are an avid reader, more of a decor connoisseur, or both. They often pull double duty, being both a functional storage space and a display case to showcase some of your favorite knick-knacks and treasures. What you read and what items you display speak volumes about you without you ever needing to say a word. It's no wonder that celebrities, such as Oprah, have large bookshelves in their homes, as seen on Instagram.

Between built-ins, ladder shelves, and floating pieces of wood on your walls, it may be difficult to figure out how you can fill all of the space on a bookshelf. They are easy to over-stuff or under-fill, which is why it takes more careful planning than it may initially appear. 

We have rounded up six styles that will make your bookshelf stand out as a statement design piece, while still remaining a functional piece of furniture that makes your home uniquely yours. And best of all, no interior designer is needed!

Plants as decor

Plants add a serene feel to any space, so why not display a few in your home? Bookshelves are the perfect place to do this. Flowy, draping greenery perfectly contrasts with books and pots are multi-purpose as they can also be used as bookends. "Pop in a few potted plants for a lively look," Mimi Meham, founder and principal designer of Marian Louise Designs, tells The Zoe Report. Pro-tip: If you are a first-time plant parent, succulents are a great option as they require less care.

Minimalist chic

Minimalist bookshelves can be eye-catching as long as they are styled correctly. Minimalists often prefer neutral colors with minimal clutter. Consider getting neutral book jackets for your favorite reads to make the shelves look more uniform and put together. Fill in large empty gaps with empty, neutral vessels or small decorative pieces, such as a wooden figurine, as seen on @thesoftflair's Instagram page. And never over-fill a bookshelf just because you think it is too empty. Instead, try rearranging the pieces you already have.

Vessels everywhere

Luckily, not everything on your bookshelf has to be a book or even sentimental. There is always room to add height and texture with vessels, such as bowls, vases, and candlestick holders. They add contrast to books and your other treasures sitting on the shelves. The vessels should be uniquely yours and match the overall feel you want to achieve. For example, if you are going for a rainbow-inspired bookcase, you should find lively colorful vessels. If you are looking to achieve an earthy and eclectic feel, you may want to find rustic vessels as Gabrielle Union-Wade showcases in her home (via Instagram).

Treasures galore

The whole point of having treasures is so you can share them with those you love most. A great way to do this is to display them on your bookshelf where guests can see them in passing. Plus, showcasing your unique treasures will make your bookcase more personal. Choose pieces you love that correlate with the aesthetic of your choice. For example, if you love traveling, you may choose to display your favorite souvenirs from all of your trips, as seen on @jetsettingjen's Instagram page.

Books in every direction

Who said all books should be placed on your shelf vertically? Take inspo from @novelsnerd on Instagram and change it up by placing books vertically, horizontally, and even backward, as you please. One common way to shift up the look of a traditional bookshelf is starting the shelf placing boots vertically and then using a stack of horizontal books as a bookend. You can even place a plant or small figurine on top of the stack for extra flare. Another way to spice up the look is interchanging books with one spine facing out and the next facing inwards, creating a pattern.

Sort by color

If your personality is very fun and vibrant, a rainbow bookshelf may be a great option for you! Display your books sorted by color, creating a giant rainbow. This is a great option for people with more books than they know what to do with, according to the Posh Pennies YouTube channel. You can even add your fun knick-knacks to the mix by displaying them in the same section that matches their color. This can be a bold look for almost any room in the house, whether it be the kid's playroom or an office.